Living VS merely existing?

Life has a purpose. We have an obligation to it and it has too. We have allowed it to dwell within us for a reason that is deep seated and is to be found within each of us. Our job is to decipher the code  and to find the purpose of its existence inside us. It did not need our permission to be our tenant. Because we were born with it. We are in fact its host. It is our obligation to safeguard it with our life. Both of us have formed a symbiotic relationship for life . They have thus become our life long friend, whether we like it or not. They are here to stay.

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Merely living for the sake of living has no purpose in it.  Work for a living, but don’t live to work. Most of us seem to be following the latter. All of  us alive today have beaten all the odds to be born into this World and survive. We have also survived so far in the long journey. This in itself is a fantastic achievement. We need to be proud of our self in reaching this milestone. Considering that many haven’t made it. So what are we complaining about? Family comes first. Without family we may soon lose our identity and our presence in society. People fight over money and in that process are willing to lose that precious and sacred relationship. This leads to loss of trust. Once trust is lost all is lost. It’s sad to note that this is being played out in society each and every day. Just for mere pennies a relationship is lost.

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Our life starts at 0 and ends in 100 or less. This is all we have got. Once we feel self satisfied and self sufficient within ourselves, we have lived a full live and having lived life to the fullest in our terms is in fact a truly well lived life. When the time comes, we can depart in peace. Our limited lifetime is very miniscule in geological time scale. 0-100 goes by fast. Many don’t even make it. So each day must be lived to the fullest to reap the inner harvest of peace, fulfillment and happiness.  8 hours allotted to sleep, 8 Hours allotted to work and 8 Hours allocated to family is all that is needed to be fulfilled in life. The rest are all excesses or what I call ” Excess baggage”.  Most of us carry these on our backs which may include negative emotions, and materialism. The love for products have taken over the World on purpose. People also have learned to love products over people and are using people rather than loving them as brother or a sister. Most crimes originate for reasons of land or material. When is this all going to end? When are people going to respect their indifference, relish the differences and start accepting people for who they are or what they look like? What someone looks like is none of our business. The creator has created all of us the same way with a little tweaks here and there, without which we all would look exactly the same. So we have been blessed to hsee many varieties of us all around us and we should be happy about this.

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Many of us pass through life just working from the cradle to the graved. The sad part is that many of us have started to believe that this is life. We work, make money, spend, pay bills and start the same cycle all over again the next day. This cycle may go on until we die. This rat race has no end to it. Afterall how much money do we need? $100000, $1 Million, $10 Million, $100 Million, $1 Billion? How much is sufficient? Our society has been designed to keep us running on this wheel for life with a promise of a so called golden egg or retirement. Why not live now? Why postpone it for later? What is the guarantee that the later time will arrive for us? As we head closer to that so called artificially created goal, forget about travelling to places, most of us cannot even make it to the bathroom alone. We may in diapers too. The promise of this far fetched goal have no meaning at all. Many of us have been conditioned to follow it blindly without even questioning it? Most of us have been following it as if we have been cast into a spell. We do what we are told. Never questioning anything. Let’s be logical and start thinking again. This is what our system do not want us to do. Time to think outside the box and start living. If we do not travel when we are young and healthy, when do we have the plan to do so. Many empty promises, finite remaining time and closing in FAST on to the finish line is the reality many are faced with today. This line is not far fetched by any means.

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Life is meant to be lived under our own terms. Society should not be the dictating factor. Starting the day before sunrise and winding up at sunset, doing what we love to do all day, everyday, creating new creations daily, sharing and caring are THE basics of TRUE living. Living for the sake of accumulating stuff and purchasing the latest gizmo may bring in short lived happiness at a cost. I mean artificial happiness. But living life true to our self and our inner self will help us pass this vast ocean of life with ease. Merely existing for the sake of others or doing work that we hate day in and day out will suck out the energy within us leading to ruin. So we have a choice to make: (1) Live life to the fullest the natural way  OR (2) to follow the artificial way of having our life sucked into materialism, unhappiness, ill health and financial ruin.




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