Can ONE HUMAN make a difference?

Each of us can individually help make change for the overall well being of everyone else. Helping someone in need is the greatest deed one can do. If done with authenticity, good will and from the bottom of our heart, MAGIC starts to happen in that person’s life. If ones heart is very clean and very clear while doing so, expecting nothing in return this is recorded in the good books. But can this one person make change and bring about it Worldwide. The answer is Yes. To do this (1)We need to think outside the box. (2) We do not follow the crowd (3) do what it takes (4)  Doing it for our self and for our inner happiness ( 5) Doing it behind the scenes anonymously.

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Many people donate, volunteer and sacrifice things to look good on camera, for publicity, to gain respect, fame or power. Posing for TV cameras is not new in the World of politics or business. This is seen Worldwide. But to work unseen, and in the darkness away from the sights and sounds is what sets us apart from the rest of them. Because this is authentic and it comes from within. This is genuinely TRUE. The real truth is true no matter what. Whichever way the truth get sliced, it remains the truth for eternity. Similarly doing good deeds does go a long way for inner peace and happiness, but only if done right. Of the 7 Billion people in the World why is it just a handful of people are committed while the rest of us are chasing money all our lives? Because this is the system that has been designed to put us in the loop of work, spend and pay our bills. This is an endless loop.

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Whatever we do, we need to do it with passion. If we do not enjoy something we will surely not be putting our 100% of the effort to it. This applies to any work we do. If we resent getting up in the mornings to go to work or dread Monday morning commute to work, it’s time to consider change for better or worse. Passion does not pay one’s bills but as Humans we need to contribute and give something back to this Planet to justify the purpose of our existence. Remember we are only renting this space. One fine day we will be gone and life will still move on for others. No one is going to stop for us. So during the little time we have, we need to find our own purpose in life and give meaning to it.

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Each one of us have the inner ability to make a difference. Similar to walking, we need to put one step in front of the other to set our objectives in motion. But it all starts with the first step. And usually THE first step is always the hardest. To make a difference in this World for the sake of others and for the sake of our inner self, we need to get ourselves set before we can help others. our foundation should be strong. This is the similar to the announcement we hear on the PAS system in all Airlines: When oxygen masks will drop, place the mask over your mouth and nose FIRST before helping others. There you go. So you come FIRST. Without you there is no others, so as to speak. If we are not fit, we cannot help others succeed too.

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Most of us have spent most of our lives chasing money. The faster we go, it seems to be running at a much faster pace away from us. This is the modern Rat race. All of us have got sucked into it. In that process we have always accounted to ourselves first. But even after we have achieved what we need, many of us are still pursuing the greed for more and more. $10 million is not enough, we want $100 Million. There is no end to it. Meanwhile just outside, on the street lies a homeless person on the lookout for his or her next meal or a public shelter to sleep in. It may even be a little child looking for a place to stay for the night away from the frozen streets, powerful winds and the chilling rain. If all that we are going to do is to concentrate on ourselves to have the biggest mansion, the fanciest cars, acres of land and the biggest bank balance, we may end up having all the material possessions in the World along with a very lonely and depressed life.  Of course none of us will want to be the richest person in the graveyard.

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As Humans all of us seem to be merely existing instead of living Life itself. Most of us have not even lived life until this point. To do this we need to know what Life is. For that we need to search with in us. For some Life is partying, for others its travelling and for some others its to be family and friends. So it varies greatly from person to person. Only you can answer it. There are many people in this World who are spending their lives feeding others, dedicated their lives to sharing, sacrificing their personal lives to keep others happy and provide for them. This is what gives them joy and happiness.

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Materials do not bring in happiness. It brings in misery doesn’t matter how you cut it. Right from spiking credit card debt, loan defaults, underwater mortgages, unhappy marriages, dysfunctional families, and multi-fold increase in student loans. On top of this we are massive consumers of anything and everything under the Sun. The problem is we are consuming more and more and giving out less and less. Most of us even do not know our neighbors. Families are seen drifting apart for decades. We have been conditioned by society to consume. They will do whatever it takes to part with your hard earned money. When was the last time you had spent time with your family? We spend countless hours on social media, TV and radio with NO family time. Communication and writing skills are soon to be extinct. Texting is the new communication. Eye to eye contact non existent.  Where are we heading? Are we on the wrong track? Will we ever be able to make a difference as a person?

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In short, Together we will win but individually we will sink for sure. So each of us must come together to do our part in shaping the future for all of us. There is strength in numbers. We are the 99 %. Even with this strength in numbers the top 1% has control over all of us and our individual lives. Together we can pick each and everyone up helping them success. Only when everyone succeeds can we consider ourselves successful. So let’s do our part.


We are 7 Billion people strong on this Planet. This is with a BIG “B”. Each of us are entitled to have all the basics in life, like food, clothing, shelter, respect and dignity covered. This is what most of us have learned to take for granted. So we need to ask ourselves: what can we do to make a difference in our lives and in the lives of all around us? If not,We also need to ask ourselves if we would drink the same contaminated water, live in those slums, hunt for food in the dumps and live without electricity, no running water or no sanitation. Now we can visualize the plight of our fellow Humans. Of course, they are also HUMANS just like us, just like you and me. The only reason they are there and we are here is because they happen to be the less fortunate.



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