We are who WE are.

Who are we?  Are we what we are? What are we made of? The answer to these three questions is very simple. We are basically MATTER.  We can change for no one. We cannot change colors like a chameleon for the sake of others and based on the circumstance which we are in. Therefore we are who we are. In essence we are just like any other artificial material, with the exception of it’s creator. Some call it God and some call it Nature. It all depends on our inner beliefs. We are literally made of flesh, blood, miles and miles of plumbing, and with wires stretching from our head to our feet. As we age, our plumbing breaks down, the wires have delayed conduction and our muscles gets flabby. We may have been bouncing and jumping as kids but now we are afraid to even stumble to a fall. Because it has far greater consequences to our self.

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So who are we? Can we change ourselves or transform ourselves into another dimension? Most likely not. Each of us have our own set morphology and our own set of traits. The way we walk to the way we look we are what we are. We are born that way. We did not have a way to pick and choose nor did we have an option to be not born into this World. It was what was intended for us. So we may not like someone because of the color of their skin or the way they walked, but they may be the best person in this World whom we can trust 100 %. Looks are very deceptive and it applies in the REAL world today. Most people have learned to assume and QUICKLY judge a book by its cover. A man driving an expensive car, wearing an expensive suit, travelling by private jet may look successful. But on the inside that person may be broke to the core. On the other hand a shabbily dressed man could be a multi-millionaire pursuing a frugal lifestyle which suits his needs.

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In short we should never ever make impulse judgements on anyone. They are also Human just like you and me. Nothing is permanent in this World. We may be supposedly rich one day and another day we may end up being poor. Life does throw a lot at us mostly when we least expect it. Only will our Experience and Wisdom come to our rescue during these uncertain times. Many may  like us maybe  based on our looks, the material possessions that we may have, a big house, a posh car, a Jet, a Yacht, a vacation home perhaps or even the money we have in our vaults. People do stick to where the money is. They will stick to us as long us we have the money. Once the money is gone, they are gone too. Some others may stick to us for various reasons such us to get their stuff done under our expense, getting their favors fulfilled under our effort and in some cases many stick to us for life. Sadly, Honesty and Trust have become a thing of the past.

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Each of us are uniquely created to stand out from the rest. This is what makes each of us unique. If all of us looked the same, spoke the same language, ate the same food and dressed the same way, life would be indeed very boring. The differences among us is what makes life interesting and worth travelling to all corners of the globe. Travelling is a great experience from which we learn to discover ourselves and others. It also opens up our minds. Back in the days, an educated or an intelligent man is address as well travelled. This has an innate meaning to it and it says a lot about that man. Today we are able to travel far and wide at a moments notice. Today we are so addicted to social media platforms from the minute we open our eyes at dawn to the time we close them at night. With so much information overload, we have literally cut ourselves out from our own lives. At this point do we know who we are? Not really.

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It would be nice to taste food from all over the World, hear music from different cultures, wear different dresses from various continents, smell different varieties of flowers from different ecologies that surround us. As a matter of fact we can accomplish all this just by leaving our house and travelling. Most people do not travel for various reasons mainly due to cost. But investing in experiences instead of spending on stuff makes travelling worthwhile. It also brings in new memories for us to keep until the end.

Thrissur Pooram Elephant Festival near our hip hotels in Kerala

By accepting ourselves for who we are and respecting others for who they are can make this World a sweeter place to live in. This will also help our inner self by filling it with peace and happiness instead of prejudice and hatred. Variety is the spice of life. It is upto us to make use of the variety and the beauty that surrounds at each turn.



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