RELATED by Blood.

Underneath our skin we are all the same. The skin is the largest organ in our body. Anatomically also we are all configured with the exact same cloned sequence, of course with the exception of the male and female sexes. Our blood is still red in color with all its specialized cells. Our nerves fire the same way. The miles of plumbing that run inside us is configured the exact same way. Our heart, lungs and all vital organs that support our very lives perform the same functions within you and me. So on the social and political front why have we divided ourselves based on color, caste, creed, class, religious beliefs, ideology, status and wealth? We all know fully well and can accept the fact that it is our doing. It IS Artificial. We can only blame ourselves for it. We also know that we are only renting this space on this Planet for a limited time and we will be six feet under at any moment of our lives. Why is it that we still stick to our artificially created notions which are in fact destroying each of us from within. Instead of filling ourselves with peace and inner happiness, as history shows we have been filling it with anger, hatred, rage and what not. We have been in fact dividing ourselves and are continuing to do so each and every day.

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Does not matter what our beliefs are we have all started our individual journey the same way and we all will end up at the same place. The only time that we have got is from 0-100 and this is that set time we have got to work with. Once we are gone we are gone. The myth of rebirth, reincarnation and what not may stand as fantasies unsupported by Science. In reality as Science puts it we all will end up as matter back to Earth. We once again will become part of the soil. Our time on this Earth is finite. Just like how many of our ancestors have perished before our time, many will follow us. How many of us know or will ever know about our great great great grandparents. Not many. WE WILL never know. They are the forgotten souls. They had lived and passed on. Soon we will be doing the same and we will soon be forgotten like billions before us. So all the time that we have is NOW.

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We have all boarded this train. We did not have a chance to pick our choices nor did someone ask us if we wished to board it. It just happened as nature intended. Many did not even get a chance to get on it. But we have been given this chance to board this train. So it is wise to use the time on it wisely and live frugally. We never know when it will be our turn to get off this train. The secret is to enjoy this journey of life along with fellow passengers in peace and harmony.  The destination is not at all important BUT the journey is. This will make everyone’s ride a little smoother. It will also make our lives a lot easier. There is strength in numbers. We are a population of 7 billion strong. If each of us chip in $1 a day and then split it among everyone after 10 years. This accumulated compound interest alone will sustain many generations. Who said numbers don’t count? So collectively we all can win, but individually it will be a constant struggle to be on the rat race. All we may have in life is to work, spend and pay bills. Then once when our time comes, it will be time to go. This will be the end of the line for us.

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All of us are born as individuals categorized by society as families when we are grouped together and considered blood relatives. This is a simple term coined by someone and it had stuck with us since. Our kids are individuals themselves who may eventually create their own families and thus new individuals are born who will become one of the 7 Billion people on this Planet. In the end each Man is for himself or herself. Today our financial system has wrecked the lives of many and many more to come. It is designed specifically to enslave and exploit. Each day we toil our blood, sweat and tears to put food on our table. This system is designed to benefit an Elite few and keep the rest 99 % running on this race called the rat race from birth to death with a so called retirement. Families are split as a result of money, divorce rate is an all time high, consumer spending is off the charts and debt unbelievable. Many relationships are broken for a few pennies. It has come down to money. This is because we value money over a sacred and delicately formed relationship that had been years in the making. Everything is lost in a second.

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Relationship just by blood is just that-a relationship. It does not mean a thing. In fact it is quite frankly meaningless to be born into a family where one is unappreciated, and not respected. We have been given this starting point to work with. We have been born into this family by blood, NOW WHAT ? We were not given a choice of family to be born into. Some are born into wealthy families while others are born into poor families. So it is what it is . We need to accept this fact before we move on. Just like plants, this relationship need to be watered, tended to, nurtured and fed for it to grow and prosper. It’s what we do with that relationship that counts. Just being in the relationship means nothing. Family comes first because this forms and conforms within our immediate inner circle. We are as individuals the center of this circle. The next outer circle is formed by friends, then the outer circle are acquaintances and then the outer ones are reserved for strangers and everyone else. Any and every relationship is based on mutual respect, trust, openness and a two way street. It can never be one way. All these are essential to sustaining any relationship either by blood or otherwise. Anyone of them, if absent, the whole relationship will crumble. The key word is TWO WAY STREET. Both parties have to put their effort into that relationship for it to grow. To sustain it is a whole other ballgame. If we don’t shower it with love, respect, trust, etc, just like a plant it WILL wither and die out. After the fact, it may never regain its full glory of life, even if we water it and fertilize it soon thereafter.

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So let’s start fertilizing our relationships with love, hugs and kisses. Let’s put disagreements and misunderstandings aside. Let’s build relationships based on true respect for each other, building upon Trust and keeping our openness. As long as this street is marked TWO WAY and it is build on AUTHENTICITY, it may bloom based on the individual efforts we put in for it to work. If not, it may stay superficial for eternity. We cannot change the past, but we can always change the future. Times do change just as priorities in life. But we need to prioritize ourselves first, then immediate family followed by friends and in the end the outermost circle which holds the rest of the 7 Billion fellow Humans. Let’s be Human. It all starts from within us, like ripples in a pond extending outwards. Warning: It could be contagious in a good way. Being HUMAN. So please pass it on.



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