Vertical Burial. Is it the REAL estate solution?

We can all agree on one thing that death is imminent for all of us.  Even though we disagree on everything when we are alive, we can come together at least on the topic of death. We are basically renting space on this Planet for a miniscule second in Geological time scale. This space belongs to no one. So why are we paying property taxes in the first place? I sometimes wonder. Do you? Are we also running out of space? As we head and make our way deeper and deeper into the Cosmos, there may come a time when we may even have a choice to pick which Planet, we choose ourselves to be buried in. New ideas will spring up and will brings in new business. On Earth it’s all about the money. And it seems that this thought process is here to stay.

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No one likes to talk about the topic of death. But it is REAL. We will need to discuss it at some point in our lives whether we like it or not. Death is also BIG business. Just like taxes we even have to pay for burial plots. With real estate prices at a premium, even after death there is a price attached to it. Many cities all across the World have been emphasizing on cremation versus burial. But this contributes to air pollution and what not. Let’s not even discuss it here. It could open another can of worms. Since historic times burial have been commonplace as seen within tombs, on cliffsides, in caves, deep underground and even in simple unmarked graves. There has been many instances where bodies were buried in tall clay pots standing 7 feet tall with the body found in sitting posture. So there was a time when people had practiced vertical burial.

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In today’s World this might still apply in many cases to minimize cost, reduce pollution and to maximize available real estate. This has many advantages over traditional burial. Small footprint is THE name of the game today and it applies here. After this type of burial 6 feet under a tree can be marked to mark the spot “X”. If the casket that holds the body is biodegradable, the roots of the tree may soak nutrients out of us and help it grow.  In short we have become part of Earth at this point and have thus contributed ourselves to the Environment. Second comes the cost. Third comes efficient use of space. I have classified this under identity because death brings in an end to our Living ID. We do not require it after that time. As long as our heart is pumping we are referred to as Mr. so and so or Mrs. so and so. Once we pass on to the stage of Biological death we are referred to as a BODY.  We have indeed lost our “personal ID”. After death we just become matter and we do pass on to the next stage and transition back to Earth as minerals. We could even become fertilizer for plants. This is in fact the cycle of life. We are in fact made up of all natural elements that are present in nature. No wonder we turn back to soil and are thus recycled.

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We need to respect Humans as Humans when they are alive and not after they are long dead and gone. As a society we seem to be doing exactly the opposite in our day to day lives. When alive people are treated like garbage or commodities, each one exploiting the other such as the exploitation that we see in sweatshops, brothels, organ trade, forced labor, child labor, elder abuse, domestic abuse, child abuse etc. This list goes on and on with no end in sight. This does not make us HUMAN at all. It makes us barbarians with no morality, ethics nor self respect. How can one sleep at night when he or she put their head on the pillow after committing such atrocities for the sake of profits. They are literally using someones life to make a living for themselves. Slavery does exist to this day but in a completely different way with it being disguised under modern and posh names. This is what I call it modern day slavery. No matter how much “make up”we put on it, it’s still slavery.

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No matter who we are, or how much material wealth we hold we all come together at death. Sadly this does not happen when we are alive. With many different man-made beliefs, different thoughts, and varied ideologies etc has indeed corrupted our minds leading to hate, anger, frustration, confusion, conspiracy, propaganda and what not, which are designed to and targeted at each other, while we are alive. All this comes to an end and bring us together at death. In the end we are all HUMAN. To live a long life has no meaning to it if it is ONLY measured by the growing amount of candles added in our birthday cake each year. But it matters if this number is put to good use by being Human, Staying Human and acting Human. But for our intellect, all of us would be barbaric animals just like all wild animals whose only purpose in life is to eat, sleep and mate. As Humans we are given this unique intellectual capability to stand out from the rest of the life forms on this Planet. But in many case we seem to be heading backward towards primitive days of murder, torture, extortion and many others which we cannot even fathom.

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Every Man may be for himself or herself in the dog days of today. As a result we are living day to day to exist and not to live life as nature has intended for us. The longer this lasts, the longer it sticks to us for generations to come. In the end we will be living our short lives on this Planet just to exist and by NOT living at all. After death it does not matter if we are buried in a casket made of gold, or wood or even cremated. We could be buried horizontally or vertically or even obliquely based on our beliefs. In some cultures we see hanging coffins, in others bodies are fed to vultures to carry them to afterlife and be reborn. It’s all a matter of belief. Belief in something brings about rituals of all sorts and this in turn transforms into a business of death. It does not matter what method is used for burial. Because after we are dead and gone, we are gone for eternity. Now nature takes us over to recycle us back to Earth. What matter here in all our lives is to ask ourselves-Have we lived our life to the fullest, to our satisfaction and with no regrets. Our hearts also have to be clean by having done no harm to anyone and having helped someone in need. Once we have done that we are now well prepared physically to depart in peace and live a virtual life in the hearts and minds of people whom we have touched.


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