Why are we using DISPOSABLES?

As we all know back then material things right from the refrigerator, the car, the house, the watch etc were built to last. Food was scarce but it was made by nature and by default it was organic. People ate to survive and stayed healthy. Today we are living to eat and thus indulge ourselves in a lavish buffet. No wonder the obesity rates have shot up through the roof in all countries, so have corporate profits to an all time high. This was because quality mattered most back then. Fast forward to today it’s all about rising corporate profits, satisfying the shareholders and ultimately raking in millions of dollars in yearly bonuses for the CEO’s & the executive board members. This is on top of their exorbitant perks, vacations, gifts and salaries. So as a society we have been conditioned to put up with it. Because it is WE who have caused this through excess consumption. We also have not been taught to think. We have been kept in the dark all this time because If we do start thinking we would know it’s consequences. You see where I am going with this, don’t you. We have also polluted each and every Island in the World with plastics and processed foods. I don’t think that there is any Island on this Planet that is left pristine, and untouched by plastics along with other disposables.

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The United States of America has been THE World’s largest Consumer for the past many decades. With quality decreasing, quantity increasing and with rising profits comes in confusion. Customers are now confused on what is good, and what is bad. With imports coming into this country at an alarming rate, quantity prevails over quality. This is because consumers want value. They look to paying the least for the best. In basic economics this interplay is not possible. With value over cost coming into the picture disposables take an upper hand. First of all because they are cheap to manufacture, distribute and to make a profit on. Secondly no one seems to care about nature, I mean the vast majority of the population. People look to convenience and cost. Disposables seem to cater to their expectations and wants. Thus we have entered into an USE and THROW society. With excess consumption comes excess manufacturing round the clock 24/7 across all timezones. No wonder the globe is warming as a result of it trapping the heat within this vast air bubble called atmosphere. Overfishing using massive ships equipped with the latest fish finder technology has been destroying mass marine ecosystems to extinction. We are in fact destroying our own home, OUR PLANET.

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Divorce rates are spiking and have been doing so ever since excess consumption have taken the reigns.  People are changing partners similar to changing their shirts. People are never happy with the one they have and are always looking to greener pastures far away. In reality it always seem to be greener on the other side of the river. Be happy with what we have which includes all material possessions that we may have. There is a story of a boy who was very sad and upset for not getting an expensive brand of shoes for his Birthday until he saw a boy with no feet. This simple scenario sure does open up our mind. Life is not a bed of roses. It’s what we make of them.

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Right from the razors we shave with to the clothes we wear, we have been taking them for granted. Ever since plastic was invented it has become a disposable World. This has led to increase in poverty, multiple varieties of diseases with fancy names and what not. The more diseases that are being created by our own mistakes, the more it is timed to the profits made by BIG pharmaceuticals. As a common man we have no go but to follow the crowd and indulge in massive excess consumption to satisfy our core wants than the basic needs. Back then all of us have used razor blades which was made of stainless steel and the housing was also made of stainless steel. Only when the blade did get dull did we replace it with another. So each blade lasted at least 3 months. Today we see disposable razors all over the World contributing massively to landfills on a daily basis. Sometimes it is good to look back to our roots to simplify our lives and live with what we have. Our ancestors did survive too just by living frugal and living a life filled with happiness and with family around them to support. Today all of us are surrounded by material possessions with each living on their own island on their own without ever meeting anyone. When was the last time you had met with your neighbor? Most of us do not know our neighbor.

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Disposables are constantly destroying our Planet. With each passing second microplastics are entering the body of seagulls, fish and all other marine life forms.  Microplastics are entering our bodies through the fish that we eat. It is a cycle. It’s also “Karma”. What we sow is what we reap. See all the destruction which we have been causing around us in the name of Money and massive profits. It has all come down to money. Many organizations are trying to clean up oceans with vast nets, but why don’t we nip the problem in the bud by curtailing our own consumption of plastics in the first place. It starts at home and it starts with you and me. Carry a reusable Canvas tote bag to do your groceries, or carry books to the library. It does cost us only the one time cost of the bag. It is wise to use All stainless steel razors such as the one which existed back then. Eat home grown food or support your local farmer. By doing so you know the source of the food, and the process by which it is grown. We also develop a business relationship with the farmer, help them support their family and their community. A person only needs 6 feet by 4 feet of space to sleep in, a palm sized measure of food to eat and a single room to live under. Maybe we only need a small wardrobe to clothe us. Anything in excess is wasteful excess consumption. After all how many rooms can we sleep in each day if we have a 10 bedroom mansion, how many toilets do we need, how many TV’s do we need. Notice that I have mentioned the word need and not the word want. Needs are food, clothing and shelter. Wants are everything else. More consumption equals more pollution. Pollution kills. Microplastics are everywhere. Guess who has caused this. We Humans.

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We need to look around our own homes. We use the basement to store our junk that we have been hoarding for decades. More stuff is stored in public storage. Time to declutter our homes from STUFF and free ourselves from them. They are holding us hostage and have been doing so throughout our lives. Time to live frugally and consume only if the need arises. Plasticas and food do not mix. Why do we have it in the kitchen? It has no place there. Maybe, it’s Time to replace it with unbreakable glass. Glass is inert, clean and safe, but it has the property to break and shatter. We need to truly live life from within us and not to live life for the sake of living it nor living it for the sake of others. Disposable have no place in our lives. Time to purchase the best at the right cost and hold it forever or until it breaks, whichever comes first. Use the BUY and HOLD strategy when it comes to consumption. This will save you a lot of money in the long run and also will free you of Stuff and all the headache that comes with it. Time to make our own lives Permanent without the use of disposables.



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