OUR Destination!!!

All of us have started our journey on this beautiful Planet at different times. So we are in different cars moving on forward at different speeds on a one way street. Turning back is not an option. We can only move forward. While travelling on this driverless car, what are the activities that we are performing. All of us will end at our desired location at some point. Now on to REAL life, During our morning and evening commute to and from work we are literally wasting 1/4 of our entire lives, a vast majority to sleep, a bigger fraction at work, and only a miniscule portion dedicated to the so called life or living. So are we living our life or merely existing on this Planet?

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Since we are travelling at different speeds in our cars and are doing a multitude of tasks or activities during that time, our Human nature forces us to compare our progress with others. This could be an instinct instilled in us by nature or by society to be used as a reference as to our very progress when compared to others in that same rat race. This creates stress, envy, depression, hatred, jealousy etc etc. Remember we are running our own race at our desired speed. So there is no point copying others and putting ourselves down by means of comparing ourselves to others. By doing so we are drowning in our own negative thoughts and efforts. Let them do their thing and let us do our thing. After all it is our life. We are not living theirs. What they do is none of our business. Let us be us and they be them.

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If everyone on this Planet did mind their own business instead of sticking their head in others matters, it would be a very peaceful place to live in. There would be no keeping up with the Joneses, there would be no excess spending, there would be no need to impress anyone by hoarding expensive and meaningless material possessions which we cannot afford in the first place. There would be no need to get into debt at all. By living modestly and frugally we would all be happy. Materialism DOES NOT bring in happiness into our lives, but true friendship, helping each other by not expecting anything from anyone in return does. Materialism only brings in misery and stress. This in turn will wreak havoc in our bodies through poor health. Health cannot be bought with money. Our society is being poisoned by foods that are unfit for Human consumption. WE are consuming various chemicals with fancy names each and every day. They stick to us for life and beyond at our cellular level. We see coloring agents, flavoring agents, tons of preservatives used to increase shelf life, antifungals etc etc. No wonder we are seeing obesity spike, diseases rampant, new diseases emerging, the list of allergies growing. It is us Humans who are causing this to ourselves. This benefits only a handful of Elite, meanwhile the entire society suffers in silence.

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Consumer Debt is eating us alive as a society. Many of us have become massive spenders. We have been digging ourselves deeper into this massive hole. Once we are in, there need to be a miracle to get us out. It’s like a whirlpool. We should not be putting ourselves in a situation where we will be living just to pay off the debt one dollar at a time. We should have our ducks in order to move through life smoothly. We should also have an exit strategy to pay it off and start living life rather than merely existing to work and pay our bills.

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OUR journey will be cut much shorter by the way of us consuming processed foods, using chemicals in everything we do and by way of polluting our ecosystem and our entire Planet for the sake of Profits through excess manufacturing, polluting our waterways transporting them and by way of excess consumption and by throwing away anything and everything. We have become a disposable society. With pollution and manufacturing abound comes diseases of all types, shape and form. This triggers our downward spiral. This could be the end of us. Life as we know it is rigged with red tape, money, control and power. After 50 most of us have reached a plateau in our lives. From here on it’s downhill,  meaning we are living on borrowed time. Each day is a bonus. Make each day count by living life to the fullest. Remember those days when the life expectancy of a Human was just 45 years.

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We are running like rats with no destination in mind other than what society has conditioned us to do. WORK and MAKE MONEY. Then spend it all. Then repeat it day in and day out until we die. Society has been dictating and conditioning us to focus on the so called Golden age of retirement to enjoy life. Why not enjoy life today? When the time comes for us to enjoy this retirement, the retirement wheel may be rusted by then. We may have planned to travel the World after retirement. In many cases we cannot even go to the bathroom alone, let alone travel the World. Only today is for sure. Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow may never come. We may be gone. So we need to ask ourselves these questions rather than blindly following the crowd with a herd mentality and by running without a destination on the rat race wheel. The more we run on this wheel, the faster we will move. But where are we heading? What is our end goal? Why are we following the crowd blindly? Why aren’t we thinking for ourselves? What is our inner purpose in life?  Sometimes it may feel like a journey to nowhere and with no purpose. But we all know that when there is a start there will always be an end. Cryo preservation of bodies, that’s preservation through deep freeze at least looks good in theory but its practical application of bringing the dead back to life at a later date may be questionable, at least for now. Technology may do wonders for Humanity in terms of extending life, but at some point we may have to go back to Earth to get recycled.

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Based on Scientific evidence, once we are dead, we are gone forever. There is no coming back. Our body becomes recycled back to Earth. This may be our final destination as far as we know. Anything else could be mythical and open to discussion.




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