TRUST : THE missing link

Trust is an invisible force that binds us. This is what that makes or breaks ANY relationship. Why do you think we have something called RECEIPT? Because nobody trusts nobody. Looks like each Man or Woman is an Island and living as such, isolated desolate and miserable. We are social beings wired to touch, feel, and express. Instead we have isolated ourselves away from everyone and trapped within our own bubble.

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Self isolation has become the norm. With social media we are all well connected to every nook and corner of this World, but in essence we are not connected at all. Many of us have tons of virtual friends but no real friends. In reality, virtual friends will stay virtual for life and beyond. We may never see them or even get to know them. They will stay as strangers in reality but only in numbers they are friends. On the other hand we may or may not have real friends. In short only TRUST gets the final say on who stays and who goes out. Rarely will someone stay as our true friend. Friendship by itself does not sustain a relationship. It’s how both parties nurture it that counts. What matters the most is for any relationship to sustain and grow, there need to be an open mindset, an open trust and a two way of everything. Trust is also a two way street.

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Keeping the doorway for trust to pass through into our homes says a lot about the friends we have. We do not invite everyone whom we meet on the street into our homes. We only allow a select few to become part of our lives. We allow them to come into our lives with open arms. This happens only by way of 100 % trust. The question we need to ask each other is : Are we trustworthy to each other and of each other?  Will you uphold my trust or betray that trust? Trust is very sacred. Once it is broken, NOTHING can bring it back. So we need to safeguard it throughout our lives if we intend to carry it throughout our lives.

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Life throws a lot at us. One of which is very rare, sacred and is very hard to capture it genuinely. People do fake friendships. Many of us have got burnt by it. We have second thoughts about jumping into any new relationships as a result of this. This is what it takes to be Human. It takes guts, years of experience, and the mindset to go through it all. Once we get hurt by someone whom we have known for many years and had trusted, Once that trust has been breached or broken, that hurts, oh my , it hurts. We get deeply hurt deep inside. It’s unexplainable. Then we think how is it that someone can do that to us in spite of us being honest, genuine, ethical and open to that person. Now all trust is lost. Moving forward, Anyone whom we see or meet we are highly reluctant to move into their deeper circle to create a friendship. People are know to changes friends just like they change their clothes- DAILY.

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Being a TRUE friend is a unique and sacred title we give to someone whom we trust based on their true trust for us. It’s mutual and will need to stay mutual for it to work. BFF ( best friends for life) does not mean a thing. People do break or form new friendships based on their circumstances. In that process many have got hurt emotionally and physically.  Anyone can be our friend. Many will stay in our life superficially as our friend. BUT a true friend will stay by our side no matter what and in all circumstances, both good and bad, whether we are rich or poor. Money does bring in new friends from every corner of the Globe. Many will suck the energy and money out of us. Many will use us when they need us and many will dump us when they have no need for us. Backstabbing, cheating and saying things behind our backs have become a common occurrence. This is reality and this is what it means to be HUMAN and function as a HUMAN in this Artificially created World of ours.  Only TRUE Friends remain with us for eternity by our side. Having a friend for the sake of having a friend is meaningless and does not serve any moral purpose. Trust and friendships go together. Just like an interview we need to have a set of criteria to consider someone a true friend. Just because someone connects with us does not mean a thing. IT’S THE TRUTH IN ANY FRIENDSHIP THAT MATTERS THE MOST. The rest fall into the category of strangers or acquaintances.

Do you have what it takes to be my friend? This is THE question each of us must be asking ourselves before we jump in.






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