THE 80-20 rule !

What sort of rule is this? You would ask me how does it apply in my life. My answer would be this 80-20 rule applies to each and everyone with its innate application in our own individual lives. This is the law of the Universe so as to speak. It applies to us whether we are rich or poor, high or low status in society and what not. It applies to all of us, in all aspects of our daily lives in this artificially created World of ours. To clarify it with an example: 80% of the effort we put in gives us maybe 20% back as reward, just maybe. This may not be achievable in the stock market due to the fact that it may have been manipulated to benefit a just few, most likely but probably not. It is anyone’s guess. In real life 100% may be achieved only in theory.

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Similarly when a business is open to customers the chances of it being highly profitable is only 20%. The rest of it the 80% is sweat equity, which is mostly filled with stories of blood, sweat, tears and personal sacrifices. This is the part which most of us do not see nor care to know. When we open up the layers we see what the business owner has gone through to get to that point. As a customer we walk in and out without giving it any second thought. We consider it just a business like any other. Only 20% of customers in any business bring in the majority of the income needed for them to make a living out of it. We need to be supporting small local businesses for they give our local community the love it deserves. It helps in the growth of our local community, its citizens and the environment in which it is allowed to thrive in that locale by its citizens. If we do not support them, who will. If we don’t the big boxes will eat them alive. Support your local farmer so you get fresh produce from them and they in return get to give back to our communities.

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Next comes the subject of problems, a boatload of them. Everyone has them and no one likes them. But they are here to stay. They pop into our lives each and everyday giving us a challenge to face with each passing day, as if there is nothing better for us to do in our lives. We hate them to the core and there is nothing we can do about them because they are virtual. Sometimes it is better to keep our problems to ourselves. When we look at the problems that others face we feel that ours is nothing compared to theirs. In this case hen we put every ones problems on the table, we would definitely take ours back because ours is just a drop in the bucket when compared to others problems.

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Many times it is best to keep our own problems a secret, known only to us. This is what makes a secret a secret. Telling the Whole World about it on social media does not help us in any way. Social media may be helpful if people are ready to throw money at us blindly. As we all know this is pure fantasy. In reality, any problem is problem and not anyone Else’s. It is our job to fix it. It is we who have caused it and have got stuck in it. Unless our rich politicians are willing to help us out. In all seriousness, when we tell our personal problems to our family or friends, almost all of them (the 80%) are very glad that we have that problem and a few remaining ( the 20%) do not care. Remember this and Do not forget. This may help you gain all the support and strength that you need psychologically to stand alone and face all the problems all by yourself. Yes, Just you. No one else. This is reality and this is Life. No one will help us but US. If we do think otherwise we may be in for a big surprise.

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Image result for living paycheck to paycheck

In life we are just using 20% of it to classify it as Living. The rest 80% is devoted to sleep, making money, lavish spending and living paycheck to paycheck. This is called the Rat race to nowhere. It’s a habit that has sucked us all in knowingly or unknowingly. But we are here. Now What? Most of us will be spinning our wheels till our last breath. It’s the never ending earn and spend cycle. Why is a major portion of the GDP measured by consumer spending. If we don’t spend who will. We are the World’s largest consumers and THE World’s Largest SPENDERS.  No wonder the system is set up the way it is to keep spending like there is no tomorrow. This 20% is also wasted on social media, TV, entertainment and what not. So where does REAL or TRUE living come in. This may not even exist. Most of us seem to be merely existing rather than living life only a few could dream of. Most of us are forced to chase money in the name of making a living. But are we living life at all? We need to ask ourselves this question.

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Does the rule of 80-20 apply to you or have you faced it first hand? Blogs are meant to stimulate discussions and constructive criticisms. This is how we learn from each others REAL Life experiences. No one can know it all. We need to be lifelong learners and be students for life. In doing so 80% of our efforts may bring in the 20% return we are expecting based on our individual efforts and not from Wall Street as anyone would expect me to say. That’s wishful thinking.




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