Are we FREE ?

The first question to ask ourselves is : FREE from whom? With the advent of so called civilization and since the turn of the century we as Humans are yet to become civilized. Is it Freedom from each other that we are talking about here? Yes. We are all born the same way and we go out the same way. No one is given the unique privilege of staying back for any reason. When the time is up, it’s up.  In our so called modern civilization, aren’t we supposed to be civilized enough to respect one another and learn from our past mistakes. We are still living the same as those dark days of Mankind where barbaric acts were done to fellow Humans. This exists to this day in a different form. We are still dehumanizing Human beings by way of Sex trafficking, discriminating, Human trafficking, child labor, exploitation, drugs, extortion, elder abuse and what not. We are in a situation where we have to fear another Human being. This applies when we travel , when we walk the streets, when we are in our own home and when we travel by means of car, bus, train, ship or plane. This is very sad and disheartening to see this happen in the 21st century. In short we have not changed at all. The past have not left us and we still have not learned from our past mistakes. In nature Animals fight with each other for territory, food and mate. This is perfectly natural. But as Humans we are a very much different and a very unpredictable species. Is this behavior here to stay? I think so. As History shows we have not changed much at all.

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Power, Money and Control sets the foundation to perform such acts of barbaric proportions. This is what a few people are after : Power, Money and control. Once they get it they enslave everyone else. Slavery still exists to this day but in a different form.  Some we see others we don’t. No one talks about it. Our media too is controlled by the rich and the powerful. The common man has no say in how any government spends the people’s money, has no say in who gets elected to power, has no say in what public works is needed and what is not. The ONLY so called right that he has been given to them is the privilege to vote. Nothing else. They need to vote and then step back, take the back seat. This common man is one who is barely living his or her day today life, living paycheck to paycheck, working very hard each day, paid miniscule when compared to a CEO, is classified as a Blue collared worker, has no time for his or her family, trying to put food on the table, looking forward to each weekend, goes home tired, and has been conditioned to work, spend, go into debt, pay taxes and await their retirement with a distant promise of pensions and other benefits. This is where all of us, the 99% fall in. You know the rest of the story of the remaining 1%. So where does the word FREE fit in. What does freedom mean when a common man cannot get to the top in the political arena? He or she needs a boatload of money to get to the top.

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Where is democracy when an Elite few, a handful get to control the rest? So are we FREE? Are you FREE? Trillions of dollars are spent on defense while half of the World is trying to get a daily meal in order to survive. Many die each and everyday due to hunger and starvation.  We are THE only species on this Planet who are trying to eradicate our own species. War helps achieve this. Why is there a defense budget and no peace budget? Mind you this is Annually. We see Homeless people in Major cities like New York, Mumbai, Chennai, Beijing, Sydney and Tokyo just to name a few. Poverty is rampant. Basic survival has become difficult for most Humans. People work round the clock to make a bare minimum just to survive. Exploiting people for low wages has become the norm. What freedom does these people have? We also have becomes slaves to our work, toiling day in and day out, slave to our lavish spending, and slaves to debt. The deeper we go into debt, there is no turning back.

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Poverty has stayed the same in many countries and has become much worse in some others. Fear does sell anything. For example Insurances sell their virtual product through fear by highlighting the scenario of “What if”. Extended warranty sold on the products which we purchase is also offered to us in the same format. So does the promise of food. One Human exploiting another for the sake of money through intimidation, threat, use of power and retaliation seem to be the norm of the day. So where does the word FREE fit in here. There is tons of free money being made by many in products such as rebates, Where we pay up front to get the lower price. Then we are required to fill complex forms, attach barcodes, receipts etc. This is a task by itself. Many forget to send these by the deadline. Many lose their receipt or packaging. In the end someone somewhere has made Free money out of nothing. We have become a society that is shackled to debt and have become a slave to it. Sometimes for a lifetime. Excessive spending have pumped it up to another level.

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As a society we have lost our morals and ethics while conducting business. We would Upsell, mislead, cheat, markup and do whatever it takes to cheat someone with their hard earned money, by hook or crook. There is no honesty, integrity and trust. Every Man or Woman is for himself or herself. What is wrong with this picture?  Does everything come down to Money? It seems it. Are we willing to lose our personal self for the sake of making money by any means possible by deceiving people and the like? We are enticing consumers to spend more, raking in huge profits year after year without even considering the plight of the common man. Haven’t we learned anything from the past Great recession? We are free to earn and free to spend. That’s it. It’s our money and we are free to do whatever we want with it. But at what cost? If we are doing our part to help the GDP of a nation, we can go ahead and bear the burden.

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Food wastage has become a growing problem in all countries and so had wasted produce. Each day millions of tons of food, fruits and vegetables are thrown out that are perfectly healthy and fit to eat. Instead of shipping them to fellow Humans in need, we have learned to look the other way and dump this entire stock of food, fruits and vegetable into our landfills. There is something wrong with this picture. This brings me to to question of : ARE WE HUMAN? Many containers, ships, trucks and cargo planes are flying around empty crisscrossing the Globe. Could they be put to use in delivering these to the needy instead of dumping them. Billions of Dollars are being pumped into charities each and everyday. But are these money going to the right people? Why not use the current infrastructure to bring this food to the needy and Homeless? This could help them survive another day. We are NOT free until each and every Human on this Planet is able to roam the World with their head held high, have to fear no one of exploiting them, not being treated as a commodity, not being taken advantage of in any way. We are NOT free until each and everyone is fed just like everyone else. We are NOT free until corruption, and bribery is extinct. We are NOT free until caste, creed, religion, color, social status and wealth takes the back seat. We are NOT free unless and until we treat each member of our species ” HUMANS” as HUMANS.



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