WE ARE temporary !!!

Nothing is permanent on this Planet. This includes us. Earth is a very dangerous place to live in. We may be living one minute and dead the next. This is life and this is reality. What are we living for? What is our purpose in Life? It is a continuous cycle of life and death. Billions upon Billions of life forms big and small call this Planet their Home. We are also one of them.  Evolution has takes us from a one celled organism to the multicellular creature that we are. This has taken an unfathomable time for this to happen, which we have been taking for granted. Just consider our brain for example. It is the most powerful computer on this Planet. Science has enabled Surgeons to diagnose and operate on every other part except the brain. The brain is too complex for us to understand and decode. Without the brain we are just nothing, just another life form.

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When we were kids, we think that life will go on forever and death is unlikely to cross our path. As we begin to age we feel our vulnerability to anything and everything. The most important to keep in mind is we are just like any other life form given a chance by nature to inhabit this Planet.  This artificial society /civilization which we have created for ourselves is just a facade. We are basically renters renting space on this Planet. We own nothing and we are indebted to no body. We have come into this World Naked and empty handed and we will leave naked and empty handed too. In short our entire lifetime on this Planet is Plain and simple, temporary existence. Once we die, we are recycled back to Earth and we depart for ever. The myth of reincarnation, afterlife so on and so forth is questionable on the basis of Science.

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People have been conditioned by society to work, make money, spend, go into debt and keep this cycle of income-expense and debt to go on, a process that takes us from cradle to the grave without even ever living Life. In the end we are shown the light at the other end of the tunnel called retirement with all its perks and what not. This is literally an empty promise that we are making to our self and cheating ourselves as a result of a promise to reach this distant paradise. Most of us may never even be able to reach this Oasis during our journey through life. Why not live Life today? Why Postpone it? Today is the day. We do not know if we will exist tomorrow. There are NO guarantees in life.

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Life is highly unpredictable but very precious. We have put our own life second and have given priority to material things. We have been chasing money since the beginning of Mankind. We are doing this to day. Multiple Religions have been created out of fear and have been functioning under the same context for centuries. Fear brings in money by creating a false sense of security. Under the veil of fear, the business thrives. Many of these businesses have created their own Empires, enriching those involved. The rest succumb to that fear and throw money at them with blind faith and belief. Many crimes are committed under the umbrella of religion and many make a living through this route. If Money is not a factor in the formation or propagation of any religion, NO religion would exist on this Planet. Money is THE reason for its existence.

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As a renter on this Planet, there are no landlords and no plot boundaries. All the political maps of countries that we see, all the outlines of states that we see, all the borders of counties that we see are Man made. We have in fact divided ourselves in multiple ways. Some of which we can see and some we cannot. Religion, discrimination etc are those we cannot see , but it is there and is put in place to divide and rule, benefiting a few and to bring in suffering to the masses. Why is there drastic income inequality? Where did discrimination come from? Who says someone is inferior and another one is superior? Why are some countries poor and some rich? Have the poor stolen from the rich and the poor have become richer or that the rich have stolen from the poor and got even richer through slavery,  exploitation, and intimidation? Why is some color perceived as superior and other inferior? It’s all our doing as Humans. Does not matter what we have created artificially for ourselves, all of us end up at the same place.

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The takeaway is to understand that each of us are very unique in our own ways. Each of us with our own set of skills and talents. Underneath the skin, we are all exactly the same. We have divided  ourselves based on caste, creed and color, just to name a few. Imagine, if everyone was the same color, ate the same food, everyone wore the same clothes, ate the same food, spoke the same language, it would be very boring indeed. secondly, there would be no reason to travel to another so called country to experience the sights, sounds and smells. In short our time on this Planet is very short. It is very short lived. Let’s not make it much shorter by committing violence against each other. Let’s eat from the same plate, Let’s cook in the same  kitchen and share that food among us. Lets respect each other for our differences and learn from each other . This is what makes us Human, our intellect. If we do not use it, we are not much different when compared to animals. Remember, we are only renting this space. After we are gone the next person takes our space. Do you remember your grandparents 2 generations back or 20 generations back. They are all dead and gone. We have never known them and will never will. They are complete strangers to us. We will be strangers to our following family and subsequent generations. We will in fact be joining the names of our ancestors for our names to be forgotten soon.

So let’s live for today, together as brothers and sisters, helping each other, watching each others back. Let’s live not for making and storing money, but to live Life TODAY? Living LIFE should never be postponed. For we will soon be forgotten just like our ancestors.






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