Are we drinking WATER at all?

Water is the most precious of almost all commodities. Without which we would not exist. Our civilizations would not have risen from river banks and coastal areas. Our cells would wither and die in a matter of days. We have polluted every water source imaginable. There would be a day, not far away that wars would erupt for lack of drinking water. As Humans we have taken water for granted. We open our taps we get pure and supposedly safe drinking water instead of air coming out of it. We have learned to waste water in every way possible from watering our lawns to have them look beautiful, to raise cattle for slaughter( this requires large quantities of water), mass farming draining our natural water supply, extensive pollution of all water resources (including our oceans), and we now have even tapped into our reserves ( the vast reserves deep underground) called aquifers. What does this tell us? It tells us that we will do anything to get water for ourselves which includes war. This is what the next war will be about: Water.

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Our body needs “X”amount of water each day to stay hydrated in order for us to live. There is no set amount. It can vary from person to person and may depend on the degree of activities that we perform on a daily basis.Irrespective of this we all need the vbasic amount of water each and every day, if we are to survive. Our cells need it, so do we. This is what keeps us alive. Since we have not been in famine mode both for food and water in a long time span, we have conditioned ourselves to take them for granted. We also truly believe that it wouldn’t happen. We expect to open the tap and have water instantly. Similarly when we breathe in we have air. Unless something goes out completely, we will not appreciate it.

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Our society has become truly a consumer driven society bringing in demand for soft drink, colas, energy drinks etc, which are loaded with chemicals, coloring agents, preservatives and flavoring agents. Why are we drinking something that looks pretty, tastes great and is loaded with ALL artificial stuff and to top it off we are paying top Dollar for it? It’s the power of marketing and its power to transform our thinking and succumbing to its mesmerizing effects. All of us have fallen into this trap. Soft drinks and power drinks are a Multi-Billion dollar industry raking in profits year over year. There are no health benefits to such drinks. Even our tap water would do a much better job for us in terms of our health. The best part is we do not even have to pay for it like we do for bottled water.

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How do we know bottled water is safe? Water from some source is bottled up in PLASTIC bottles in some warehouse for months, subject to variations of hot and cold based on different climatic conditions. Plastic is a mixture of many toxic chemicals including the most talked about BPA. BPA is just one of the many chemicals in plastic. Most plastics are derived from petroleum and a few which we have never heard about which are plant based. Since this is more expensive to manufacture and produce, we have learned to use petroleum WASTE to make water bottles and soft drink bottles. THE CONTENTS OF THESE BOTTLES ARE VERY DANGEROUS SO ARE ITS CONTAINERS. Each of us should do our own research on these and come up with our own individual conclusions. Then we need to act on those on to whether to use these or to avoid them entirely. Most of us prefer glass bottles to plastics. Most of us prefer REAL water to fake water ( bottled water and drinks). So why not drink the real water from our taps, if they are healthy, safe and fit to drink? We are drinking natural water to survive and not to make a fashion statement. Does holding a plastic water make a fashion statement? If so it is doing its job. Our job as Humans is to drink natural water and to shun artificial ones, disguised as 100 % natural, Organic, pure and healthy. This is fox in a sheep’s clothing. This is modern advertising at work.

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Now let’s dig into the effects of heat on these containers and subsequently on the contents. Heat and light does degrade plastics and may cause ill effects on its contents by breaking down plastics. We all know that plastics are loaded with chemicals.  Now you get the picture. When we drink the contents, it gets transported to our cells and get deposited at the cellular level making it nearly impossible to flush them out during our lifetime and beyond. So we need to be very careful on what we put INTO our body. For it is OUR BODY. We need to take very good care of our body, because no one else cares about our body better than us. So what we put into it matters.

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Next we focus on environmental degradation by microplastics. Most containers that hold all soft drinks, power drinks and water are made of plastics. Because plastic being a petroleum waste, it is cheap, plentiful, rapid and easy to manufacture and mold at very low costs. Besides, all the chemicals that are being added to all bottled drinks and bottled water are designed to increase shelf life. This may bring them to the status of being non-perishables. You know what that means. Microplastics are a result of plastics being broken down into micro particles through environmental exposure by degradation and dispersion. This happens far and wide, which includes all our oceans, our land, our landfills, the air we breathe, the seafood we eat and ultimately ending up within our cells. It may also alter our basic physiology and hormones, leading to chemical imbalances in our body. The damage may go as far as modifying our genetic makeup affecting future generations of our Species.

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It’s time to embrace clean, natural and safe drinking water, to shun away from all artificial drinks, keeping ourselves and our cells away from plastics, educating ourselves by looking outside the box and keeping ourselves away from harm’s way. By doing so we will avoid paying heavily on bottled drinks, helping our environment and in the end staying healthy. It may also help us to increase our personal savings by failing to support Artificial drinks and to demand getting NATURAL WATER that is 100 % natural, unadulterated in the hands of MAN, and which IS safe and pure. It may also bring in peace of mind knowing that we are doing something for our Planet and for all of us. Each of us have a stake in it, because IT IS Water and we cannot survive without it.




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