Happiness by definition is just the state of mind that we are in. We all have a scale to measure liquids, solids, gases. grades and dimensions. We also have rankings and levels everywhere. But do we have a scale to measure our own emotions, especially that of our happiness? I think not. It does not exist, because we have not prioritized it. We have prioritized material success over everything else. Our definition of happiness rests at par with the amount of material wealth that we have accumulated or by the virtual “so called” success that we have supposedly attained. This may be reflected in our sense of euphoria that rests on our individual financial security. When was the last time you had laughed till you dropped? Where is the key to your happiness?

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So are we equating happiness to money. If that is so why are so many people with tons of money unhappy in their own lives. Is all the glamor, the lifestyle and their exotic relationship or association with famous figures fake? Are they a prisoner in their own homes fighting depression and other demons by themselves and outside it is just a show biz? This might be the case. Why is a poor man miserable living on the streets? These two scenarios are both sides of the extreme spectrum on opposite sides. Too much money and too little money, both will us to be unhappy. By nature money attracts people. Once that money or social status is gone, society will discard us like a rag doll. No wonder each and everyone of us are trying to make money by any means. This is very sad, because the common man do not stand a chance in this war of status.

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Imagine driving on the highway in your car on a very cold, dark wintry Monday morning. Everyone is fighting their way through traffic on their way to work. When we look at the look on their faces, none of them want to go to work, but HAVE to. On the other hand imagine the same scenario but on the opposite direction of their journey from work back to home on a sunny, warm day that too on a Friday. Friday completes the weekday Everyone’s mood is up beat looking forward to going to the beach, spending money, spending time with family and friends, parties etc. We can see that our current situation does change our inner mindset. It all depends on our own innate self. It also depends on what we want to do with our lives and what we want to spend our time on.

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Every country has a plan to budget. They have a budget for everything under the Sun, including War, Health, Childcare, Family Planning, Estate, taxes, Celebrations, Holidays etc, etc. But No country seem to have a measure to measure the happiness of its citizens, meaning for EACH citizen. The country may be rich , but what about its citizens? What if the state is rich but the people are poor and living in misery? What if the rich do not pay any taxes and the middle class pays taxes for all to fill in this void? In this case the rich gets to enjoy the freedom to have more money, meanwhile the middle class has to work just to pay the taxes to cover all. So you already have the answer to: Who is Happy here and who is not? Income inequality is an all time high in all countries. Men are STILL being paid more than women for the same job and title. Why? This is 21st century and not 6th century.

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Poverty rich country is still poor for the past many centuries and are still continuing on the same course while rich countries seem to get richer. It looks like we are openly shunning them for being poor. We are knowingly and willingly willing to throw tons of food out through food wastage into our landfills on a daily basis, but are reluctant to send them to those in need in poor countries. They have ended in poverty because they were looted out of their wealth centuries earlier and thus branded poor by the same people who have looted them prior. When does the grey line of rich and poor ever come close? or will they? I hope it does soon. Poverty brings in disease, starvation and death. Why is this still an issue in the 21st century? AS Mankind, We have made tons of advancement in Science and technology together but why are we not rooting out poverty and providing the basic HUMAN need for food, clothing and shelter for all. We still seeing homelessness, drug addiction, depression, increasing crime and poverty in the streets of both industrialized nations and poor ones. Why? Are we not happy with what we have got? Is someone not happy with $100 Million Dollars in their bank while another is trying to get their next meal on the street?

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There is no end to our quest for money. If someone has $10 Million, they want $50 million? Just like money can we measure our own individual happiness? Just like our love for money can we as a country measure the pulse of our nation through a HAPPINESS INDEX? The GDP (gross domestic product) of any nation in most part is measured by it’s consumer spending. The more they spend this number shoots up denoting that his country is doing well with its businesses, both domestic and abroad. What good is any country if it is rich on paper and its citizens are not happy and are living in misery, living paycheck to paycheck, deep in debt, Clipping coupons, stealing, fighting for their next meal or trying very hard to send their kids to school because they have no money. What good is a low Happiness score for any country? If we do not have this (HI- HAPPINESS INDEX) for each country, time to create one. What good is living each and everyday filled with money worries, sadness and struggling to survive? We are not living our life at all. Time to keep our brain happy by eating healthy, exercising, implementing positive thoughts and following it up with positive and productive actions.

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Each family, Each country, Each state and even each municipality should have a (Happiness Index HI), a scale by which it measures the happiness of its citizens. If the citizens are not happy, neither will the society be, the future generations be nor will the country be. If EACH AND EVERYONE OF US cannot be happy in the very place where we live, there is no point putting it on paper for the whole World to see. Every morning we hear the performance of stock market round the World and the pulse of Global banking round the clock. But have we ever read the pulse of our citizens to determine if they are happy or not. We have no say on how any government runs. We have no say after voting for anyone, because everything ends with our vote. But we have a say in how we live our lives and how we choose to live : HAPPILY. This is up to us. No one can help us in this regard.


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