Why do we need BLACKOUTS?

We have not been exposed to darkness or blackouts since the invention of the light bulb. Darkness is basically and fundamentally the absence of light. Today we have light 24/7 round the clock and is non stop. Most countries have something called blackouts at certain times of the day and night in order to conserve power, Especially during peak times. Of course this is the time when we all need it, but it is all this time when the demands is more. To reduce strain on the grid this blackout is essential in order to sustain the entire system and keep it running, at least it seems like it. It may be considered a necessary evil. Most of our power comes from coal fired power plants which wrecks havoc on the environment. We all seem to not care about it nor do we ever think about where our power comes from. As long as the light comes on when we flip the switch is all that we care about. Nuclear power brings with it tons of nuclear waste. It also comes with serious hazards. Solar, hydro and wind power seems to have trouble gaining market share for various reasons. You know what they are.

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The point is, if we keep burning fossil fuels more and more round the clock, where do they go. They have no place to go but to choke up our lungs and stay within the confines of our atmosphere. It does not escape into space. Now we see why most kids and adults have respiratory ailments, allergies and what not. This is not in one country that we are seeing this and talking about. This is prevalent in each and every country. Remember, once we start to pollute, it becomes a never ending cycle. It also become habitual and addictive just like consumption. Consumption and pollution go hand in hand. The more we consume, the more we will pollute. The trade winds and ocean currents will definitely help us in carrying the pollutants far and wide across the globe with no effort on our part. All we have to do is to consume a lot and throw the rest into our oceans, rivers, lakes, streams, ponds and bays. Even our landfills will help in feeding stray birds, help breed bacteria, viruses and other diseases that come with it.  These birds will also help us hasten its transmission. Are you with me? Do you think we should still continue our addiction of excess consumption, supposedly civilized lifestyle and contribute to pollution at all levels.

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The World at night : Artificial lighting

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In this electronic era, we have in fact also become a sleep deprived society. Why is that? We need to blame artificial lighting that is available to us ALWAYS. Many diseases are bought out due to lack of sleep. As a result of lighting we are required to work round the clock with minimal to no sleep. This leads to a myriad of health problems. In turn this health problems support our healthcare system and the pharmaceutical companies. So we are at least helping someone here rake in profits by destroying our own health. Excess and prolonged exposure to light has its own negative effects on the body such as its effect on sleep cycle, deep sleep and sleep rhythm. It may also affect the normal firing of neurons within the brain itself. Cells do not get the rest it deserves. Sleep is basic to Human life without which we would be running around with less energy or may end up underground. Artificial lighting also disrupts the night sky by interfering with astronomical observations for both citizens, Hobbyists and Professionals in the field.

Image result for night migration of animals

Image result for night migration of animals

We have also become a very connected society that is glued to every gadget imaginable from TV’s to smart phones.  Gadgets have become SMART but what about us? As a result of this we are checking emails, using social media platforms, using chats and going live with anyone and everyone whom we know and do not know, as and when we please. As long as electricity is on , we are on. This becomes an endless cycle as a result. We give no rest to our eyes, our body or to our brain. Our posture is hunched back with all muscles in disarray. Even our fingers get no rest. Face to face communication has become non existent so have true emotions and true relationships. We get on-demand entertainment at our beck and call. Negative emotions abound. What are we doing to ourselves? I now feel that we need blackouts for various reasons as stated below.

  1. We need to communicate to no one sometimes. This is the time, this time is to and for ourselves.
  2. Spending real time with family just talking and communicating.
  3. Time to have face to face conversation
  4. Conserves energy at home and saves the already stressed up grid during peak times.
  5. Gives us the time to recharge.
  6. Gets our eyeballs off of digital screens.
  7. Time to get some sleep in the dark.
  8. When power is on we are on, so why not shut it off so we get to use the downtime.
  9. Get to know our neighbors and develop true friendships and catch upon new and existing relationships.
  10. This may help the planet by having blackouts at different times in various cities across the Globe.

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Birds and mammals do migrate great distances using the position of the stars, planets, Galaxies and by using our own Earth’s Magnetic fields. They are in search of feeding grounds, mates, new house for their kids. Now that we have bought in Electricity and the light bulb, there goes their navigation systems which are in essence linked to Earth. This gets out of wack. Instead of birds migrating in a straight line, artificial light creates a major detour. Moreover we have Planes flying right into their migratory path. To confuse them even more we have all kinds of rays, laser beams that are pointed to the skies. Thus we have the ability to create all sorts of sound waves, such as radio waves and different waves with different wavelengths using electricity as its foundation or a starting point. We have even managed to use Doppler sound waves in submarines to possibly disrupt whale’s migratory path.  Now that we have done a lot of damage to ourselves and to our Planet in all possible ways, we must be tired by now. Time to get off the grid at least a few hours of each day and let nature do it’s thing by trying it’s Luck in bringing back our Planet to how it was, many centuries even before we were given a chance to inhabit it. I think we have done a good job in polluting it to the fullest. Now it’s time for ourselves to step back by having blackouts so that our Planet can recover itself.




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