How important is your PILLOW and MATTRESS?

WE spend most of our life sleeping on it. So why not choose the best and the one that is right for us ? Sleep is the most important activity that we do. It is in fact a part and parcel of our lives. Without which none of us would get a chance to recharge. Our very survival is also dependent on our sleep. Our cells also need its share of rest to perform well the next day. It need to get rid of the toxins each day and fill up their gas tanks  with nutrients. Our physiological functions also depend on our sleep for their well being. Lack of sleep does affect each and every part of the body. Just like our cars, we too use up fuel. We need to keep replenishing it daily to keep up with the energy spent. Imagine a day when we had only a few hours sleep. We get groggy, tired, restless and irritable. On the other hand getting 7-8 hours of solid sleep does recharge us overnight giving us a refreshed feeling in the morning.

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We all need a pillow and a bed to rest comfortably at night. The warm feeling when we slip in between the sheets is rather cozy and relaxing. We literally spend 1/3 of our life sleeping. That’s still a very long time to sleep considering our  very short lifestyle. However, we have rather cut short this even further due to our extended night life and a sleep deprived lifestyle. We work more and more to relax less and less. If that is the case where do we have time to sleep. So we load ourselves with drugs which may include coffee, tea, energy drinks, and illegal drugs to keep us awake. In the process we are definitely destroying our health at various levels.

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When our body is in motion, we have the momentum to perform many activities until our energy levels drop. This is how our body communicates with us. But we usually have conditioned ourselves to ignore its distress calls for rest. When its time for the body to rest, it calls upon itself to send signals to the brain. Now we are forced to act on it due to the fact that we have reached the low energy threshold to sustain any activity.  When we lay down our body begins the slow process of  relaxing the muscles, and keeping all vital organs functioning to keep us alive. When we sleep, we are in fact a dead body with the exception of having our vitals working round the clock to keep us alive. Dreams do pop in. They are merely the extension of our daily lives but being played out at subconscious levels.

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Both the bed and the pillow are vital to our sleeping posture. Improper head rest can lead to aches and pains in the neck muscles. A bed which is not properly supporting our body at various points or following our curves may lead to internal stress on both our skeletal and muscular components including the spinal cord and cervical vertebrae. Since ancient times beds have been made with weeds, cotton, jute. They were literally home made and it served the purpose to them. Many even slept on hard ground with their arm as a pillow. Today all of us have the luxury to sleep on any bed with different degrees of hardness: from soft, extra soft, firm, extra firm, contoured, foam with a memory and many many more. No bed is perfect for all. We need to choose what is right and comfortable for us. No salesman can give us that perfect bed that we are looking for. We need to try it and test it ourselves at home. A bed is not a product that we should be purchasing with our eyes closed. We are not purchasing it for the looks nor to impress anybody with the decorations it has. It serves a useful purpose. Advertisements have done a very good job in up selling any bed. Since we will not need to buy a bed each and every year, it is wise to do our own research, try it our in our own homes by sleeping on them under different conditions. Only then make a purchase.

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Similarly Pillows come in all shape, sixes, contours, textures and colors. A pillow should be able to comfortably support our neck especially at the nape of our necks. When we sleep sideways, it should be able to carry our postural changes accordingly and adapt to its dynamic transition. Brands do matter only for the manufacturer on how much money they can make off of it. But to us the consumer, we need to choose what best suits us and what fits to our comfort level. Beds and pillows need not be expensive for it to suit our purpose. It surely is not the price which counts but the way by which it supports and comforts us that matters the most. Spending $10,000 on a mattress or $500 on a pillow is insane and is not recommended at all. For a pillow is a pillow and a mattress is a mattress. Once we close our eyes, we would not even see any difference because it is pitch dark in there. Now do you see any difference? Any bed that is comfortable to our body and any pillow that is comfortable for our head would do the job. The purpose of any advertisement is to steer consumers their way and to make the sale. This is what they do and that’s why they are there for. It is our job to be educated.

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If we let them educate us in regard to all the features, the latest bells and whistles we will be definitely paying a whole lot more for the “so called” features. So before we make any purchase of any product, by gripping your wallet tight, we need to do our homework, test it out, give it some thought about making that purchase and then make the right decision on if that purchase is warranted. This will help us in making sure that we have the right product at the right price that is to our liking. In this process of shopping around, we must have saved some precious Dollars. We can also sleep tight knowing that it is OUR purchase and not a purchase that we were pressured into by a salesperson. Now we can sleep much better each night.



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