SUCCESS works in the Dark, FAILURE Slaps us in Public. Why?

What is success and what is failure? They are positioned on the extreme ends of the spectrum. They are also related to each other and one cannot exist without the other. There is no success without failure and vice versa. So why do we as a society embrace success and shun failure? Even though they are actually partners in their marriage, they seem to repel rather than attract. Our society bases our success or failure based on the amount of money we have and the material Wealth we possess. A persons character, honesty, or integrity doesn’t stand a chance in this battle. This is what society has asked of us. If we show our society the money, they will talk back. Id we do not possess it our society will discard us like a rag doll. This is the reason, most keep working all their lives chasing money. In they end they forget to live life.

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So what’s the purpose of having wealth or money at the age of 95 when we cannot even enjoy it. Life is supposed to be a balance of everything. It’s like a side dish. It is meant to be touched and tasted but not to meant to be made a meal out of. By working thought out our lives trying to make something out of money and paying our bills, what have we accomplished, other than, work, earn , spend and pay bills. By doing so and repeating the same day after day, month after month and year after year all we will have to show for in the end are the wrinkle on our faces, a hand filled with tremor, a faded vision, wasted muscles and diminished overall health. Now it will be time to use the same money that we may have possibly saved to probably bring our body back to health. This is with no guarantees what so ever.

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So chasing our dreams and trying to hoard currency may not be what determines our success or failures in our lives.There is more to life than working and paying bills. Success is virtual so is failure. So in essence both are put in place based on our thinking and based on the final outcome of our individual efforts. Success does not come out of the closet that easily. It takes years of hard work, passion, persistence and perseverance, the 3 P’s. In spite of following the principles of success, there are no set in stone guarantees. All we can do is to try. If we do not try at all, it’s automatic failure. But instead, if we had put all our best efforts and failed. At least at this point we can say we have tried our best but failed. But failure is not an end. It is just the beginning of many more happiness and sadness to come. It is a journey to success, if at all we reach there. Many don’t, but some will.

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The key between the path to success is to fail fast and learn from it. We should not be making the same mistakes over and over again. In that process we may need top pivot and change directions frequently. We may need to time test what our predecessors have gone through and apply them to see if it does work for us or not. It may or may not be applicable to us also. But we definitely need to stand our ground and put in the time in order to accomplish what we want in life. If we are willing to do the job, take risks, face detours, and adapt, there is a higher chance of success to failure.

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Most people who are in the business of trying again and again must be commended. For they are the ones who will be our future inventors and innovators to our society. These are the people who will never give up that easily in the face of failures. When failure knocks on their door, they embrace it by befriending it. By doing so they have earned a true friend who would later be the contributing factor to their future success. Life is not all about pass or fail. It is about trying to be the best of what we can be. This is purely based on what we want to do, where we want to be and what our true passions are. Where our passions rest will be where our success begins to take shape, grow their wings and help us soar high above than the rest of us. To fuel it, our true and honest efforts are essential. This helps to thrive growth and sustain it.

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Failure is imminent in anything and everything that we do in life. For most of us failure is not an option. We have to make it work no matter what. Looking back at our life, we will be able to appreciate what we had gone through to be where we are at this point of time. Failure is a true teacher. It slaps us first in the face and then it uplifts us later. Meanwhile success may seem endless. It uplifts us to the top and then it drops us at any instant. We may be on top of the World at one point and on the bottom at another. The key is to get up after each fall  and keep trying and trying until we have accomplished what we have to accomplish. If we do not get up, we will lose our only chance and then we die. Life is not a bed of roses. many have come up in life from very humble beginnings. Today many demand entitlements and expect things to be handed to them in a platter. Life does not work this way. We need to start from the bottom rung of the ladder and climb up the ladder one rung at a time. There may be slips and falls in the process. WE may ascend too quickly or take our own time. No matter what when we fall we will fall fast. We need to be prepared for each and every scenario imaginable that life throws at us.

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Let’s be prepared to take life head on by challenging its course in our lives. No one is immune to its ups and down. So lets learn those mountains and valleys just as a sailor does with crests and troughs of water. Once we learn the pattern of ups and downs in our own lives, we will be able to tackle anything that comes our way. Our success or failure, the outcome of it is entirely to us. It depends on whether we are using those to step on or throw them away deeming it as obstacles. Obstacles are hurdles that come across our path. We can either climb over it or detour and make our own path.



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