POTHOLES that have come into our lives.

No matter which country we live in, we are faced with potholes at some point in our lives. Like it or not, they are there. In many cases they are there to stay. Nothing in our power can make them go away. Potholes do cost us a lot of money in the Billions of Dollars each and every year. But if the same thing is happening each and every year and we are doing nothing about them, what are we going to do about it? Do we act on it or just ignore it? After all, what are we paying taxes for? Aren’t taxes supposed to be used to fix roads in general, and potholes in particular for us to stay safe while driving instead of it lining someones pockets?

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POTHOLES are unsightly, uncomfortable to ride on, increasing in numbers and very bad for the automobiles that run over them. They are very unpleasant to look at and share a bad taste. Since they are ever increasingly becoming more common on highways, by lanes, country lanes, pedestrian crossings and in the suburban roads, they are in fact putting a dent on the economy by destroying the axles of trucks, puncturing the tires and forming invisible cracks on every nook and corner of our cars, trucks, vans, scooters etc that includes its suspensions. Mechanical parts of automobiles do breakdown when they are exposed to excess stress. Some are visible, many are not. Thank goodness nowadays we have AIR suspensions to take care of the shock that is being propelled upwards from the tires onto our bodies. But there is only so much a shock absorb-er can do. Then there is the fatigue limit which can come into play when the threshold limit of stress is exceeded. Who is responsible and who is to blame? Someone is getting paid to do their job of maintaining the roads. This position may also come in with a fancy title, benefits, other perks and pension. But that’s not the point of concern. Potholes have shown up. How are we going to get it fixed NOW, not later?

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Do we need potholes and why are they there? The answer is we do not want them, but they are there on a positive note, maybe to act as artificial speed bumpers or breakers that control speeding cars or buses. In a way it serves the purpose of reducing accidents by dampening vehicles that are operating at high speeds on public roads. In many countries, there may be no speed limits, no laws and no enforcement of those laws. This is where these potholes come in handy and are considered a boon, since they act as speed breakers. On the other hand they cost us a lot of money in repairs, lost time and a boatload of headaches. This may or may not include muscle aches, fractured bones and dislocated discs. Trying to avoid a pothole can takes us head on to oncoming traffic.

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There are instances when potholes are filled in with water. This is an accident waiting to happen. It may be just a puddle or worse a pothole encompassing a manhole. This could suck in a child or a fully grown adult by drowning them. In case of a flooded area these may cost many lives by surprising them. Most potholes are formed by the wear and tear of tires on the roads, at the junctions between manhole covers and the roads or at the junction of two rough surfaces. Potholes also are formed from structures that are in disarray and in need of repair. They are mainly caused by delayed work, postponing repairs and in some cases by pure negligence of some. It may or may not be intentional. No matter what it does affect the lives of the masses in some form or other.

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In countries where corruption is rampant, potholes seem to take the upper hand. As a result of it the rider who rides their automobile to and from work is putting their life on the line commuting. Since there are no laws that are being enforced, any death, dismemberment or fatalities that arise as a result of this pothole is usually tossed aside. This results in the common Man suffering by going through this ordeal all by self. Also he or she has no means to see through the proceedings in court legally. This person is usually poor, a hard worker, dedicated to his work and to his family and is living paycheck to paycheck to put food on the table. The poor have always been paying the ultimate price of personal loss from the beginning of Mankind. The rich have always been exploiting the poor. The context in this case is that the rich Man or Woman has the power, money and control in him or her to bring about change to the community. But when big money is at stake strange things happen and nothing gets done on time due to inefficiencies in the legal system, and in the social structure of society where there is a major interplay of money, power, control and politics. Guess who the major player are? You guessed right. They are usually the rich and powerful. The common Man do not stand a chance in fighting them. To top it off, the cherry on the top of the pudding has corruption built into it.

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As citizens of each and every country, all of us are paying our UNfair share of taxes to support this ongoing system of power play, corruption and deceit. In the end nothing gets done or things get being put off for another day. If all corporations around the World paid their fair share just like anybody else, the Middle class may not have to chip in to fill in this void. Since the Middle class has no say in what the Rich and powerful does, all they can do is watch the atrocities happen by hiding in their closets. Voting is the only privilege that has been given to the Middle class, until THEY can get elected. Once the elections are done, they have no need for us. If the World was fair and if everyone was fighting the same battle on a leveled playing field, the roads would have been paved with Gold to last a lifetime, Vehicles would have been floating above the road wheel-less, and there would be no vast income inequality between the Rich and the Poor. The day is yet to come when Humans can co-exist and live comfortably. The day is yet to come when there will be no accidents on our roads and NO potholes to deal with. The day is yet to come when there would be no poverty, starvation, malnutrition and disease. The day is yet to come when we can see each other eye to eye and help out each other as brothers and sisters.

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Do not hold your breath because that day may never come. Because we are Human and as Humans we have always put ourselves first before others. We have always pulled ourselves up and put everyone else down. Words have always looked good on paper for centuries but the true reality is further away from the truth. And it seems to be fast fading away from us. Moving forward, let’s start by fixing up our potholes before we can start fixing ourselves.



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