This is where our home is.  It is built out of the very raw materials that it puts out to us. They include wood, stones, iron, copper, Tar, concrete etc, without which we wouldn’t even have a structure called home. This bright blue little pebble is our true home address. This is a common address for all of us with one Zip code: OUR PLANET. It is unlike anything else. It seems to be the only one that is habitable. Out of billions upon billions of Galaxies out there with their own Suns, it would be truly naive to think that we are the only beings out there in this dark and infinite space. There should be some life form just like US out there probably a Billion light years from us. With our current primitive technology we may never hear their voices if they do exist at least in theory and by our imagination.

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How are we able to float and rotate around an axis in a dynamic fashion in an orbit that is imaginary and has no tracks to guide it through space without bombarding into Billions of asteroids, meteorites, natural satellites and other Planets? How is this possible? There should be some sort of Geocentric force that is invisibly connected to the greater Cosmos that we may not know about.  What sort of force is that, which is much more powerful than anything that we know? Is it magnetism or something else. Then we have deep space sounds which have unknown origins.  It may be sounds that resonate from one place but we hear it from an entirely different direction just like an echo in a cavern. Is this possible to have this happen in deep space which is devoid of air for it to propel outward similar to an explosion causing a blast wave? Science has given us enough information with which we can understand our position in the Cosmos. It also tells us how insignificant we are when we consider the size of various Galaxies. We are literally invisible in our own Galaxy. What about within our own Planet?

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It’s really amazing to see how both the polar ice caps serve as a refrigerator for the entire World, thereby maintaining our temperature. Without the polar ice caps we would be toast. We may not even be able to exist. Having a refrigerator is not enough. It should be able to circulate the air around each and every corner of the Globe. This is where the ocean and air currents come into the picture. This also helps us in transporting pollution or plastic waste from one continent to the other across vast distances and across Oceans. it also transports huge volumes of sand across oceans such as the one we see from Sahara to South America and the Amazon rain forests. This is truly spectacular on what Earth can do, from creation to destruction.  Remember that it is just one tiny pebble floating in the vast darkness of space.

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Imagine that we are at street level now. Imagine a beautiful house in that neighborhood with all top notch marble, granite and other additions to it making it the most expensive house in the World. As a house its occupants are major consumers of products which include plastics, chemicals etc just to name a few. What do we do after consuming? We throw out the rest right in our backyard. We call it the landfill or sewer. In many instances waste is dumped straight into local streams, lakes, ponds, and into rivers. In the end everything ends up in the oceans. Fish consume these. Big fish eat the small fish. And we end up eating this big fish. This creates a complete cycle from consumption to pollution and then back to consumption. This is in fact garbage in, garbage out. What we put out is what comes back to us. This is called Karma. What goes around does come around, back to us. It may not come back to us immediately. But it will come back to us in some form or other at some time. No wonder we are seeing the results of all our past actions by way of us getting exposed to chemicals, tainted foods, Pollution, obesity, emergence of new diseases previously unknown etc. All of this are our doing. When we walk into a supermarket, what do we see? We see everything other than true natural food being sold. Because fresh food straight from the farm which are perishables does not bring in profits, processed food with increased shelf life does. So any store that we go into is filled with 99 % Junk and 1% may be real food, of which half may be Genetically modifies and the other fractional half may be Organic. The “so called Organic” that costs three times as much. Isn’t real food supposed to be Organic anyway? And why that premium cost?

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Our so called foods are loaded with coloring agents, flavoring agents, preservatives and what not. Nature has given us so much land to cultivate our own natural based foods. it has also given us the brain power and the intellect to do so. But what are we doing. We have learned to ignore nature and continue our focus by mass producing cheap and harmful foods to rake in profits. So when do we benefit from the healthful effects of a healthy diet. If food has been modified, treated with dangerous chemicals in the fields and then sprayed with preservatives just to increase shelf life, only profit seems to be the motive behind these activities. A farmer is not cultivating or farming his land to put healthy food on someones table. They want to grow in bulk quantities, produce it cheaply and speed up the process from farm to market and collect the money. This is the end goal. By speeding up things, they are using massive quantities of fertilizers that become run offs into lake, streams and oceans causing the degradation of Marine life, plants and animals. It also brings about many health concerns to all.

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We have in fact been dumping our own waste, all our lives in our own backyards. We cannot shoot it to outer space. Believe me , if we could we would have done it by now. So instead we have learned to dump into our oceans, bury them underground and in many cases we are eating the evidence. We tend to put a bandage on to it to cover it up. We hope that no one finds about it now. Profits first: Any corporation need to answer to its shareholders and their Executive board FIRST. Then comes the consumers. The board need to get paid their high salaries , bonuses and other perks. What about the consumers? What about them? They are just consumers. Profit First and Profit fast seem to be the buzz works in the arena of commerce and business. If money is the prime driving force, who would care about our environment? None. Every man is for himself. This is what it seems like. See the amount of toothbrushes that fill our Landfills each and everyday from each and every country on this Planet.

Our home is all that we have. Our home is this Planet. If we destroy it with all our activities for the sake of Profits, we are in fact speeding up our very existence. Earth has the perfect climate for its survival. Trees filter our air, Earth provides us food, Clothing and shelter. In  case we get sick, it also provides us with medicines. It has all been given to it free of charge. When something is given to us which is Free, we would not value it. This seems to be the case here. Once it is gone, only then would we realize our mistake. Until then we would continue burning fossil fuels, manufacture and dump chemicals, alter food, manipulate genes and bring about our own extinction. All of this is continue to happen in the name of advancement, growth, Science and technology.

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There may be a day when there is no healthy air to breath, no healthy food to eat, no safe water to drink and no safe place to stay. We will at this point become our own enemies. War will be created to access clean water and irrigate their crops. People will fight for food. Peace will be unheard of. We may in fact destroy ourselves as a race on this Planet. When that time comes, like many times before, Earth will recycle itself completely by getting rid of all life forms and destroying itself completely. At this point it will be a clean slate and a chance for our species to re-emerge on this Planet as a caveman. Then the cycle of iron age, stone age and the industrial revolution would start all over again. This cycle may continue to repeat itself until we truly realize our past mistakes and correct ourselves. If we fail to do this, we would be going in circles until we get it right.




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