Take your time, but PLEASE HURRY.

Does this sentence seem to contradict itself? Yes, it does. But we see it all around us and experience it throughout our lives. We will also need to see it through a different light to seek its full potential based on the circumstance that we are in. WE are taught to respect each other since the early days of our lives. This is what our ancestors have taught us. We are also taught to be polite, generous and courteous. By having a mutual respect for each other, appreciation of cultures, the way of dressing, rituals and traditions, the flavor of food, the sound of music, the scent in the air and the resonance of different languages are appreciated even more. Humans are a unique breed due to its higher intellectual capabilities. We have also considered ourselves at the top of the food chain. Without our intellect, the ability to create new languages, building towering skyscrapers with our hands, shooting ourselves into space and doing all things that seemingly are impossible, would not happen at all. Right from deep space exploration to diving to the depths of the Ocean or even exploring underwater caves requires higher intellectual power in terms of planning, calculations, references and timing.

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As a species we are mostly harmless, but at times we are our worst enemy to each other. This is not nature. This is in fact a conditioned or acquired trait that we learn from society. Hate is one such trait that is bestowed upon us by family or society or even a combination of both. None of us are born into this World to Hate anyone. Our birth in itself is brought about through love. Without love we wouldn’t even be here. We are the only species on this Planet that drink the milk of another species. Did you know that? Does this say something about us in regard to the exploitation of not just our species but others as well. In Human terms we would call it “Exploitation across species”. We have indeed crossed this line without getting any sort of permission to do so from the species who are getting exploitation. Isn’t this slavery? We are domesticating animals against their will, and killing them at will. Humans seem to have the final word on this Planet. We make our own laws. We also break them as needed when it need to suit our purpose. Law s are designed for the masses by the people who have money and power. This enables them to control everything they wish to take control of . In this process this elite few enrich themselves. It is Who who holds the power, money and control, controls everyone else. The rest of us are all puppets in this drama of life, meaning the 99%. We are being controlled by the invisible strings of the Man made law.

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Our “supposedly” higher intellect has led us to enslave our own species, exploit Women and Children, elicit violence against each other, use each other when needed and dump them when the work is done, backstabbing, cheating, hating others because they don’t look right,  Greed, Jealousy etc are some of the deeds that we follow through in our day to day lives. Is this civilized? We call ourselves and advanced Species. But we are acting totally uncivilized and barbaric to each other. It looks like the early days of Mankind where people used to fight for food, mate, shelter and clothing. Even today we are doing exactly the same situation similar what might have happened 100,000 years ago when Man first walked on Earth. So where did the word Civilized come in?

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Human mind is very strange and at the same time highly sophisticated. It is the most powerful computer in the World. It does anything that it wishes to do. It sets a goal and it goes for it, then achieves it. Our mind may be very small and weighing about 3 lbs, but it is capable of accomplishing anything if feel like. It gives us the power to build anything much larger than us many times over such as high bridges, tall skyscrapers, mega oil tankers, underground bunkers, building underwater, building homes in Space or even inhabiting another Planet. Anything is highly possible and nothing is impossible. Many skyscrapers seem to even defy the laws and principles of Physics. We are also able to put our mind in the nano-scale in building micro components that find its application in various aspects of Human life.

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Life is not always in black and white. There is always a grey scale which may not always be in the right. But to make things right and get the work done, this grey scale holds the key in making this happen. There are many times in our lives we may have needed to manipulate something in this dark zone to facilitate the job getting accomplished verses putting ourselves and others in the zone of confusion. This benefits no one but a few. It may be have been all about survival back then but today its all about what benefits us. We seem to be not caring about anyone but ourselves. This is what is being played out in corporate greed, and in the field of finance and banking. Life throws at us many situations. Some of which are comfortable, many uncomfortable, some are soft to bear and others are hard. But with the intention of getting through the situation, we had to do what we had to do to pass through the green channel. Then comes one hurdle after another. Sometimes we may have to be soft but tough also, both at the same time. How do we do this?

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In life certain things contradicts itself. It is the way life works. It is the way of life. It is our doing and we have done this to ourselves for centuries. To come out the other end of life’s maze in one piece, we need to face obstacles of all sorts, deal with different personalities of people, contend with hoops and loops, dance to different tunes, sometimes taking it by grinning and bearing it, taste with our hands, and sometime we may need to play soft on the outside to get the job done. Our species has been given the privileged to have the brain that holds amazing power. Only if it is used right. Today from all that we see around us, we see that we are using it for everything else that is not right. Seeing ourselves in a different light may shed light on ourselves to correct our own imperfections. The most important thing is to recognize its existence before we can proceed to correct it. Life does contradict it selves sometimes. It is our job to see it from a different angle and correct it. Only when it is corrected can it see the light of day. If not, it will drown itself in the darkness of ignorance.



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