The beauty and practicality of BALDNESS.

  • NOTE : For information purposes only. Not meant to hurt or offend anyone.

Baldness is considered very romantic in many cultures. This assumption is based on peoples beliefs and the current trends in the World of fashion. There are many good things to be said about baldness. On the contrary all we hear is negativity. To understand anything in life we need to step in deep inside and probe into our very DNA. In most cases the owners have no say in it. They did not ask for it but they got it. They were not even given a choice of acceptance. Given the choice most would have refused. How Unfair? But in any dark spot there is the glare of light and a vision of hope and freedom. We are talking only about natural baldness here. It may be full moon, half-moon, crescent or anything in between. At least we all have something in common to put a smile on our face. This brings us together. Some love it, some hate it, depending on our perspective towards life and our view point towards it. Genetics does play a major role her. It attacks some and spares others into getting bald. It is non discriminatory. Hair disappears from our scalp for various reasons, the major factor being genetics for most of us. It has the tendency to skip generations as well. So don’t be shocked if it does not meet the norm. The rest of the factors are our doing which includes mistreating hair, lack or hair care, Excess care, lack of Scalp hygiene, and many more. You know your reason and I know mine.

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Have you ever seen a bald kid? Probably never. So as we age, our DNA seeks revenge for some unknown reason and prosecutes a few good Men like me who have gentle hearts and soul. They wouldn’t even hurt a fly. Metaphorically speaking. Maybe it’s midlife crisis. Why is it being passed don from generation to generation? Why am I bald where as my brother is not? Isn’t it very unfair for nature to choose its victims at random. We ate the same food, lived under the same roof, ate in the same plate, breathed the same air. Both of us started with long, wavy and shiny hair. Especially mine which was a sight to behold and my hair was the envy of my neighbors at some point, at least this is what I believed. At some point in our lives, things do get taken away by force. It does not make sense. But now I realize the importance of how nature talks to us and takes care of us, the people in the Baldness club in a much different way from the rest of you guys.

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Lets look into the pros and cons of baldness. First of all we all know that it is here and is here to stay with us. It is our job to accept it or reject it.  It would be much wiser to live with it than fight it. When were young all of us wanted to look handsome or beautiful. At that point of time I was a cute, and hug-gable bundle of love. Not that I am not today. But a bit more. Having hair is too much maintenance, time intensive and costly. Ask anyone with hair on their head. Nature at this point had provide us with hair that was the envy of everyone around us, back then. I wish I had taken up modelling back then, but today I regret it. But in life nothing is too late. Today we see bald men posing for perfume, under wears, aftershave, shaving products, deodorants, suits, ties and of course wigs, maybe even lingerie. Who knows what other opportunities might open up. So there is always a market for anything in life. I feel that it is never too late to jump in. I might.

So fast forward to today, at least for me: nature has decided to take it off so I can live Scott free without the effects of loss of time, energy release, extensive maintenance and the cost to maintain my hair. So in a nutshell, baldness is an investment in itself. We all know that time is money. Let’s do the math here. Humans have a relatively short life span. Imagine spending an hour of EACH day for the rest of our life on hair care. That adds up to a lot of years in wasted time and a lot of wasted money.

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  1. Completely Worry free
  2. Not worried about looks anymore. IT IS WHAT IT IS.
  3. BIG Time saver
  4. We need only a handkerchief to dry our head.
  5. No need for packing bulky towels
  6. No hair seen on pillows or on the bed
  7. No need to color or dye hair to mask aging
  8. No need to comb EVER. This is the best
  9. No visits to the barber. This itself saves you a lot.
  10. Haircuts and grooming are free. Do it yourself. ( It requires a one time investment of a hair cut / grooming kit US$30)
  11. Easy to wipe off sweat.
  12. No hair seen scattered on the floors throughout the house or on a comb
  13. No hair dryers required ever.
  14. This is the new trend in fashion. Even people with hair are shaving them off ( They see the advantages).
  15. This is very helpful while travelling. Just wash the head at any restroom near you.
  16. No need to spend money fancy hair accessories. Only a hat will do. (A one time investment).
  17. Do not have to look frequently in the mirror that too often, both at work or at home.
  18. One style, one look for life. There is no need to change hairstyles, because there aren’t many options for us.
  19. Linens do not get dirty as frequently.
  20. We get to enjoy DIRECT sunshine in Summer at the beaches. (In the winter it gets brutal). Shh” Shh”. Sun Burn is a whole another issue. Let’s not talk about it now.

Hair today, gone tomorrow: if you’re going to go bald, it’s probably best to develop a sense of humour.Related image


  1. Overhead light glare in a photograph. CAUTION: Do not stand under an overhead  light source, stay off light. Peripheral darkness may hold the key.
  2. Need to grow a mustache or a beard to distract their eye from focusing on our head. This hurts us avoid pain that hurts deep within us.
  3. People do envy us for having a maintenance free life.
  4. People may be jealous of us that they have to spend more time in the bathroom.
  5. Having hair is not cheap by any measure. It is is Multi-Billion Dollar per year industry. Mind you it is with a “B”. If everyone shaves off their hair on this Planet, it will bankrupt many related Giant Corporations.
  6. It is a DIY (do it yourself) Project. We need to learn to cut our own hair and groom ourselves at least once a month. But do not forget to brush your teeth 2 times a day and floss once a day. There is also a learning curve.
  7. No hairstylist in this World can help us, because there is no need to and there is no hair.
  8. Barbers hate us. We are in fact non-productive customers. Hair product companies hate us, because we never have to buy any of their products.
  9. It is the revenge of our DNA that has put us in this position. I can never forgive it for this.
  10. Bald people hate being in a crowd when the topic of conversation is HAIR. “How dare they talk about it?”
  11. They may not like people with full natural hair ( At least in their minds). It is quite understandable and perfectly reasonable.
  12. Winter does not help us in anyway. It’s a direct hit. The cold does bypass our microscopic hair and goes directly to the brain.

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Steps to take: 

  1. Do not stare any bald person on the head. It may hurt them psychologically.
  2. Do not talk about hair-care or the latest trends in hair fashion in front of them.
  3. Console them with positive thoughts and the benefits of not having hair on their heads.
  4. Avoid hair related topics in any group discussions. There might be at least one bald club member in that group. Let’s try to soften the blow. We know that we cannot help them in any way, so at least let us not hurt them emotionally.
  5. Compliment their style once so often. They may become your BEST friend, maybe even a BFF ( Best friends for ever).
  6. Do not take their softness or gentleness for their weakness. Please do not offend them. There are always two sides to a coin. Don’t let them flip.

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In short no one is happy with themselves. This is the main reason to discuss this point on baldness. People who are bald has just one style to contend with and face, so they are always happy. They may be the happiest people on this Planet. But I feel the plight of people with hair that is rich, full, glamorous, wavy and what not. They start their day straightening their hair, feeling the urge to look into their mirrors frequently at each passing minute of the day or night and also need to have a massive shelf space that needs frequent refills and updated through multiple subscription services. They want to look perfect in the eyes of others, which is perfectly understandable. But it comes at a cost. We should be never unhappy towards baldness but be proud to display our style. For it’s unique and we do stand out from the crowd. Wigs do not help in this regard. Baldness is supposed to increase self confidence, self esteem and bring about a strong statement about who we are and what we stand for. So why hide it. Time to cherish it and use this charm to our advantage.

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In a way, baldness is a boon in disguise for many. It has also become a silent fashion statement for many to express themselves in the new trend of fashion baldness. There is a beauty pageant in each and every country, there are car clubs, photography clubs, painting clubs, bloggers paradise etc etc. Why not have a club just for us: For who have them, a Baldies club with its own pageant. If we do not have have it now, we may have it in the future. At least we folks can join hands in consoling each others plight or uplift ourselves by looking at the pros rather than the cons with our focus on of our sexy look. The World is changing by the second. In due course the entire World may live up to our style and crave for it. Who knows? Everyone deserves to make their own statement in life. Why not make ours and live life in our own terms? Why not use our looks and our maintenance free life to propagate the fashion of frugality and minimalism? If we do not like it we can always wear a hat.

Bald men can look good! although this guy is Latin or Cuban or something...It always helps to have a tan headImage result for hair trimmers

We live in a world of excess and wasteful consumption. We are at least doing our part in refusing to purchase hair care products and cut our own hair. Imagine the amount of Plastic bottles that we are keeping away from our landfills and from our oceans. Imagine the amount of hair care chemicals and accessories that we have refused to purchase by refraining to use them. We would like to be frugal in our lifestyle and leave a footprint. And not a carbon print after we are gone. Who knows, we may even use our bald heads to advertise, just like a moving billboard. This may become the most economical form of advertising with NO Real Estate involved. This ad could penetrate jam packed trains, crowded fairs and Giant football stadiums. Bald people may come in demand to become models. It may end up being a part time job for many with many sponsors lining up to market their products to the masses. It is called “using our head”.  How come no one has thought of this idea yet? It might be coming to a head near you very soon.

In short baldness is here to stay. It has stayed with us for many centuries and will continue to do so for many more. We should rather accept it, use it and learn to live with it. What’s the alternative? Putting fake wigs on?





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  1. KD says:

    😀 Oh Selvan, I love your articles. They are so fun and make me smile – and THINK. Have a great day!


    1. I am glad you do. In life we need to think outside the box to help benefit mankind in anyway we can. WE must also put a smile on anyone whom we meet along our journey through life. Most important of all is to ALWAYS do the right thing. Plastics have made our life easier but have destroyed us in the process. Micro-plastics are seen right from the fish we eat, the clothes we wear, to the utensils in our kitchen. It is our turn to help our environment by doing our part by not polluting it. I feel that if we do take a step back from nature, nature will revive itself naturally, without ANY Human intervention. Thank you so much for your kind feedback.


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