FEASTING with our “Eyes”.

Our eyes see what our mind sees. Our entire World is connected very intricately with each other. From species to species, this phenomenon is very evident. We need the presence of bacteria within us to survive and they need us as a host to survive in. Here we see a symbiotic relationship at work. This is what nature has intended for us. But what do we do instead? We create chemicals such as hand soaps and other harmful detergents to wash off the very same dirt, by destroying their relationship with us. In the process we are losing our immunity to exposure of both beneficial and pathological bacteria. Back then we used to play in the dirt barefoot and walked on the grass bare foot. Before entering our homes the natural Earth is washed off with water. We also walked inside the house barefoot. No shoes. Shoes are supposedly modern and considered to be civilized. But the contrary holds good and has been practiced for centuries before us. Science has shown us that walking barefoot is our way of connecting with Earth, its elements and the bacteria that is associated with it. By using sanitizers, we are having a clash with nature head on. What does nature do? It fights back by taking back our immunity to fight diseases. Our choice is to live with nature or work against it?

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Our eyes are meant to see things in the natural light and also in dim light at night. We need to feed our eyes with healthy and natural food, not junk that we get from supermarkets marked 100 % Natural or Organic. How does a consumer know just by plain sight whether these statements or branding is true. This is a business and is run like one. Just like anything else, FOOD Certifications can be purchased for a price, of course. BUT our Health cannot be. It all comes down to our diet. If our diet is healthy we become healthy too. That is Garbage in Garbage out. 99 % of all that we get in supermarkets are processed or junk food. The rest 1 % may be considered real food . Of which less than 1/10th may be natural. So what are we eating? Junk is cheap and made for the masses. Why is REAL and NATURAL food costly? If everyone consumes the same REAL and NATURAL food, wouldn’t the cost of growing it go down? So why don’t we demand it as consumers? Is it because we have no other option to eat real ” FOOD” ?  If something is not real food, then it must be poison which can destroy our health. If we give it the chance, it will kill us. Sadly, we are letting it happen by consuming processed foods laden with chemicals. If we eat junk, that’s what we will be made of. If we eat ONLY healthy and natural foods, we will look, feel, healthy and stay wonderful throughout our lives. We may not even need to have liposuction, breast augmentation, tummy tuck, Botox, other fillers, makeups, lotions, creams etc. If we are naturally beautiful, why do we need to consume artificial products to beautify us? NATURAL Water does hydrate our cells. By hydrating it, it keeps our skin healthy naturally. Water plays an important role in skin health, then comes vegetables and fruits. How many of us drink NATURAL water each day? Most of us drink sugary drinks, Coffee, Tea, energy drinks and bottled water to keep going. We are paying a premium to purchase it. Moreover we are exposing ourselves to sugar, artificial flavors, artificial colors, tons of preservatives and what not. Why do we need to support these giant Multi- National, Multi-Billion dollar companies who are feeding us this poison? ALL we need to do is to drink NATURAL water. This is what our body is designed to have. So let’s give it what it wants. Instead we are feeding it garbage.

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Our eyes also need to be treated with respect. We have been taking it for granted right from birth. We do not give it the rest it deserves. Back then reading real newspapers were the norm. Today with so much information overload our eyes do take a beating. It is also the one who is usually overworked and underpaid. Without our eyes all we see is darkness in there. We are abusing it by exposing it to LCD screens, powerful LED lights, sleeping less and less. We have also become workaholics who need no sleep. All we want to do is to stay away by fighting the sleep cycle and disrupting the circadian rhythm. But nature works on the contrary. It is trying to put us to sleep because our body telling it that our cells are tired and need rest. What do we do? We ignore this warning by drinking Caffeine, gulping in energy drink loaded with chemicals and by indulging in certain medications to keep us awake and going. At some point we must sleep or we will die. Now that we have no problem staying awake, we will definitely have problem sleeping. We cannot have it both ways all the time. To get natural sleep we will need to take sleeping pills. So there are pills to stay awake and a pill to sleep. No wonder we are and have become a World that is addicted to medications. We have all become drug addicts either voluntarily or involuntarily, by choice or by force. To have a healthy mind in a healthy body, we must eat healthy, sleep on time, wake up on time, sleep and wake up at a fixed time each day, maintain our hygiene and stay active. Each organ will thank us for it.

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Now comes the best part “Food and Eyes”. Both are highly interconnected. We all eat with our mouth, taste with our tongue, listen with our ears and see with our eyes. What if I say we need to feast with our eyes, You wouldn’t agree. In Life, everything is about presentation. We go to an interview well dressed, , Our house is kept clean and not dirty, we do not go to the beach with suit and tie but shorts, we need to be well groomed and well dressed for that occasion. Likewise food need to be well presented to us.  Food that is rich in color, aroma, texture and flavor brings out the best of everything that a recipe has to offer. This bring in the taste into the body by stimulating all the five senses. This in turn increases salivation and multiple other responses within our body that we cannot see. Finally we are able to enjoy this food that has been well presented to us. To have all this lined up as ducks in a pond, we need eyes to see. We need an eye that has clear vision, an eye which has the power to appreciate food and more importantly on how it is presented to us in a platter. We also need to have a creative side of us that can be put into motion to facilitate the admiration towards this presentation.

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Food that is presented with all its color, aroma and flavor becomes an object of true beauty in the eyes of the beholder, for example in the eyes of a customer in a lavish high end restaurant. It does not have to be a restaurant at all, It may be applicable for all food that is home made. Home food does bring in all the attributes that serve the feast right to our eyes, even before it has a chance to reach the mouth. A well presented food is made with true love, mixed with passion, a pinch of creativity and has an aroma like nothing else. This wave fills all the rooms with imagination, expectation, anticipation and the very act of waiting for the food, itself brings in excitement to the brain and its associated neurons. Once the nose transferred the signal upward to the man upstairs, the brain, everything else falls into place. To see it all, our eyes becomes the captain in moving the ship forward to a beautiful, healthy and a fulfilling meal.

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After we are done, the memories still linger on. The excitement is over but it’s residual effects remain. Our stomach may be full, but our thoughts are still active with the memories that are vivid and etched in our brain. The presentation is what, that stays long after the food has been digested. So our Eyes and our food has an intricate and a delicate connection between them. One does not exist without the other. Just having a mouth to eat is not enough these days. We need to have eyes to see it, relish it and admire it. Without this food is just food that is meant only to survive. We throw out food each day into our landfills without any hesitation, while half of the World goes to sleep hungry. All of us know and are well aware of it. But we continue to go about our daily lives saying : That’s their problem and not mine. So where’s the solution? They have eyes too, BUT they have no food. We are enjoying lavish buffet food while they are trying to seek out their next meal. 

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As a species we are meant to help each other. Food is a basic requirement for all of us in order to survive on a day to day basis. Our house is filled with food but there is famine in someone else’s house. How are we going to react to this? Are we going to continue to ignore them and go about our daily life as through nothing is happening? Or are we going to do something about it? I do not have the answer. All I have with me is the thought of  hunger, the look on their faces, the thought of another soul going without food and the thought of another Human Being who is just like us.





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