Be a Freshman, not a ROOKIE.

Who said starting anything was easy. But to be the “go to guy or gal” all of us need to take that very important first step.Without this step we will be able to never leap off the cliff of success. There are also no guarantees. We are all freshmen or women at some point in our lives. No one was born a President of a company, no one an astronaut, and no one a doctor. All of us are born into this Earth as freshmen. From there we have branched on to learn, seek and apply. Our parents have given us our name, which religion we need to follow and which school to go to. They have done their job. Now we need to do ours. Now that we are grown up and matured enough, we need to make logical decisions that affect each and every part of our day to day lives. The World today is completely different from that of our Parents when they were growing up. It is also a very small World that is shrinking by the minute with the advancements in technology and Science. Today we do not need to have anything with us in our possession, except one thing : Our phone. Food will come to us. We can order anything from it.We should also be brave enough and educated enough to let go illogical or ideological ones that serve no purpose to us in this dynamic World.

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Learning s for life and we need to be life long learners. We need not to master everything but there is no harm trying to learn a bit of each. A doctor is not required to know how to fix a car or do plumbing. But it is on his or her best interest to know a little about each. So they do not get ripped up by people in those trades. This applies to each and everything we do in life. We do not need to know how to fix a toilet, but that knowledge is necessary to make wise choices. AS a matter of fact we need top know nothing. We can always pay people to get the job done. What does a CEO do and what does he get paid for? He or she knows the ins and outs of the company that he or she runs. They probably started at the bottom of the rung and worked their way up from a rookie. So they have been there, and done that. They know exactly how to solve any problem that arises for that particular product or product line. Being a CEO, they are constant learners, punctual and efficient. They have learned the skill of delegation. By doing so they can make better use of their rather than indulging in gossips which benefit no one.

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With the advent of each day, we need to be seekers of knowledge. We need to be learning as though it was our first day on the job as a rookie. This helps us ignite the passion for knowledge within us and this serves as a stepping stone to the next level by progressing step by step in baby steps. This is how we grow. WE make many mistakes in the process. We get to learn from those mistakes and know what not to do to avoid them in the future. No one becomes successful without learning something new or by committing any mistakes. Mistakes do provide us a helping hand in uplifting others. Once we ave come up to our desired level, it is our job to pull others up and not push others down. Sadly, The latter part of this is what we see each day. Leaders always push people up to enable each of them to be successful under their watchful eye.

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There are many people in this World who would act as your friend to suck you dry out of your knowledge but wouldn’t share a though with you. I am sure you know a few of them. When you need some answers to a few questions and you approach them, they usually turn a blind eye on you or even ignore you completely. By sharing our knowledge with some one, both parties win. But if some party wishes to not share the knowledge and wishes to take that knowledge to their grave, it will be a loss for us. Today live in a World which is highly saturated with knowledge or information. There is surely some information overload onus that is weighing us heavily. Most of which are junk. WE need to filter out what is useful.

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Also we spend many hours glued to social media platforms triggering both positive and emotions that dictate our day to day decisions from whom to vote to what to eat or what color dress to wear. Instead of being a freshmen and acting like on each day we need to be reading and updating ourselves more and more as time passes by. One fine day we will be called an “Expert.” What is an expert? In short,”an expert is a person who does the same thing over and over again for years without changing a thing”. This is my personal definition. I think it makes sense. Imagine a guy throwing a ball into the hoop from age 5. At age 25, that’s after 20 years of doing the same thing he better be able to throw the ball into the hoop with his eyes closed. Now this expert is put on a pedestal for all to cheer. He is also give a few Million Dollars and a long contract for doing this and to continue to do this. Does this expert thing apply to doctors or surgeons? Not really. But we now get a clear view of our journey from rookie to be an expert.

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Each of us are born a rookie, become a freshmen, learn the rope of the trade, then assume the wheel of the captain and only then take over the ship. Now you are considered by many an expert. on the other hand say we have been promoted from rookie to the captain after being in the job just for a few weeks, we wouldn’t be able to handle that large ship or its crew. We might even land that ship in treacherous waters into the rocky cliffs. Thank goodness there are many positions for rookies ans a handful for captains. If not we would be seeing more ships aground or sunk close to shores than the amount of ships that are sailing in our seven seas with grace, pride and a little bit of luck.




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