Are WE (Each of us) contributing to pollution?

Yes, Yes and Yes. Pollution starts at home and must end there. It must not be allowed to leave home. Food wastage is a major problem that stems from unchecked habits early on. It also begins at home. We need to teach kids not to be wasters and to be productive citizens in our community. Each of us are either directly or indirectly responsible for it since we are massive consumers of material things. This requires prototyping, manufacturing, transportation, warehousing, logistics, tons manpower and wasted time. Post consumerism also costs us. To get rid of waste products and products that we do not want anymore cost us. Storage facilities cost us. Landfills and recycling cost us. The answer to save ourselves from this mad rush to materialism and to save our planet is to take the approach towards frugality and minimalism.

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Imagine the amount of waste that we are dumping into our garbage container and in the recycling container. Analyze this for just one month for your house only. Multiply that amount by 12. That’s maybe close to a ton of waste on an annual basis. now factor in the Whole World with 7 plus people living on it. This is only solid waste we are talking about. Many other types of waste are being unaccounted for. We do not even talk about it, because there is no metric attached to it for purposes of measurement. These are gaseous waste, sewer, and air pollution. These are measured based on our guessing abilities to show the public a number they can digest.

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Plastic bags have been banned in most states, but they have a tendency to cross state lines and political boundaries. We live on one blue Planet, we are all dumpers of wasteful consumption, we are consuming useless materials each and every day and hoarding our homes and cluttering our lives. If we are living on the same Planet, eating the same food, drinking the same water and living on the same surface, why do we have different laws pertaining to environmental protection for each state, and each country. All of us know that the ocean and air currents are gladly transporting pollutant miles away from it’s source for free. So What happens in one place does end up in an-other’s shores. So what happens in Japan may end up in the shores of India. What happens in the U.S. May be breathed in by someones lungs in Greenland. Fish caught in Norway may end up on the plates of someone in Thailand. We are one Planet with ridiculous rules that apply to waste disposal. Waste disposal is a Multi-Billion dollar industry too.

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Imagine being in an airport lounge, where there is a smoking and a nonsmoking section. The only way to differentiate between the two is just a sign which says smoking and non smoking areas. Since the smoke is not contained, it does flow freely from the smoking to the non smoking area without any effort. The nonsmokers do not seem to care nor to complain. The smokers go about their lives polluting the Planet by doing their part. This is the World we are living on now. So why have different rules when we can nip it in the bud. Polluters need to pay for cleanups and a preventive measure is to be in place, TO PREVENT.

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Why are we putting a ban on plastic bags, Why not prevent manufacturing it in the first place? Why are we chasing the pacific garbage patch, why not ban plastics all over the World and replace it with a biodegradable alternative? Why do we consume plastics in the first place and chase them all over the world in the name of cleaning up and trying to make a difference? Make a difference by not using plastics at all, drastically reducing consumption or not letting go of that plastic can in your hand in the first place. Letting it go and chasing it all over the World is plain stupidity. Prevention is always better than cure and this cure is never guaranteed. It comes with wasted money, wasted time and wasted efforts. All we have to do is not to let plastic leave our hands.

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Time to clean up our home on this Planet by getting rid of STUFF and stop its never ending consumption, and our Planet itself. Time to apply the principle of frugality, minimalism and prevention. We are “THE” ONLY polluters of this beautiful Planet.We have created this path toward destruction. We  are not only dying a slow death, we are taking all other life forms with us. Time to stop it and clean up our act. Invest in experiences that come into your life and not on stuff. Spend time with family and friends, laugh out loud or cry with happiness once in a while so that the whole World can feel your voice and respond back.



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