BIG PLATE: Small Portions.

The Human mind is wired to accumulate food during summer in preparation for winter. It is also getting prepared for possible future starvation by way of accumulating fat in various parts of our bodies. By doing so it goes into survival mode. That was then and this is now. Today we may never face starvation. We have plenty to eat and plenty to throw out. Today we are over eating and over wasting food. Since there is plenty to go around, food has been taken for granted. Since food is very cheap these days most people do not even think twice about wasting food. This is the number one problem facing all nations. Every single grain of food is much more valuable than gold because it take much more effort to grow that grain than to pull out gold deep from within the Earth. It takes love, passion, effort, patience and a lot of water to bring a crop from seed to harvest. With Gold all we need is a licence to go digging and a whole lot of connections political and otherwise.


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Why do we throw out food daily and have food wastage in a massive scale all across the so called industrialized World, while the other half of the World is cramped with famine, disease, hunger , malnutrition and death? On one side there is surplus and on the other there is scarcity? There is something wrong with this picture. These both scenarios are being played out on the surface of the same Planet. What is wrong and where have we gone wrong?  Would we love to share our food with someone?  Maybe not. Looks like it. Is it that the poor nations need to fend off for themselves in their quest for food? Will the so called rich or industrialized nations help them at all?  The poor nations were rich at some point during their history and the rich nations were poor at some point. This switch in economic status on both sides were brought about by strategies of divide and conquer. The poor nations that were rich in natural resources were subdued, forced to against their will, looted, taken over, divided and colonized, enslaving everyone in the process. To make matters worse they were also branded as ” Third World”. This is what our history has shown us so far. Nothing seem to have changed even today. We have never learned from our past mistakes nor will ever learn from them. Mistakes have been swept under the rug under the cover of darkness. It still exists but we do not see them. It does work in silence. We need to ask ourselves: How much can we eat at one time and how much do we need in order to survive? Because all our future actions are based on this answer. What do we do with the surplus food? Do we throw it out in our landfills or transport it to the needy?


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Obesity and malnutrition are the exact opposites of the same problem. Either it is availability of food or the lack of it. Do we choose to be rather obese and throw out food than feed someone with the same food that we choose to dump in our landfills? We have all the transportation infrastructure that we need to move things from one place to another. So why not transport it to the needy? Is there a problem? Yes, the problem is money. Every one wants to make a boat load of it in their short life for himself or herself and will even die trying. By hook or crook or by any means possible. It has all come down to the word “ME”. Everyone is worried about “ME” and not worried about anyone else around them. It is a very selfish World indeed.


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The question back then was how much do we need to eat. Today the answer is how much we want to eat. Each of us are able to afford any food that we want since we can afford them but here are also many who can’t. We also get to taste food from all over the World. We can even have it flown in directly to our table fully cooked, of course at a cost. Once Sugar came into the picture, the confectionery business began to take shape. Today we see that most diseases stem out of over eating than under eating. Sugar has become a poison. Anything in moderation in life is good and safe. Too much of anything will definitely becomes a poison. This includes money also.

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Now that food is ready and we are all preparing for the Holidays, what type of plate do we choose for our breakfast, lunch and dinner. Most people would pick the biggest plate possible in order to stuff themselves. Each of us know our own body better than anyone else in this World. Even our doctor would not know us enough. We should know our limitations, our capacity and our tolerance to food and the tolerance to each other. Just kidding. Our stomach also has limited capacity just like the gas tank in our car. It will be at some point a “Full tank”. We can only eat so much. When the tank is full, our brain sends us the signal. If we still keep going we are going to flush out all of what when in. Just like in life, there is a limit to everything that we do. Anything in excess will cause destruction in one form or the other.


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Picking a smaller plate has the following advantages:

  1. The small plate looks and feels big in our hands. It also tends to hold less food.
  2. Our mind plays mind games based on an illusion of size and proportion between the two. Supposedly big plate, less food.
  3. We eat only what is necessary and what our body can handle.
  4. We take on our plates only the amount of food that we NEED, hence NO food wastage.
  5. Might get a fuller feeling than by choosing a bigger plate with the same exact quantity of food.
  6. We limit our indulgences.
  7. We develop a sense of self control over the food we eat.
  8. Might help lose excess weight, lose a few pounds and contribute to us staying in shape.
  9. We have set our limit for the day and we get to choose the amount of what we eat.
  10. Easy to carry a small plate around when negotiating curves in buffets. It’s also easier on our hands.
  11. Small plate, more table space.
  12. Might live longer. Moderation is the key.
  13. The Farmers do not have to produce more, less wasted crops, less fertilizer, less water consumption, less manpower, less fuel costs to transport, less retail space, produce locally and consume food locally to reduce. The key is to produce only what is needed, reduce waste, eat healthy and eat in moderation. Of course by eating small portions in small plates.

It also has it’s own set of disadvantages:

  1. We might lose out on tasting everything that is showcased.
  2. More trips to the table and back.
  3. Might lose control and switch to a bigger plate, especially when we see others with bigger plates. It’s a matter of self control.
  4. Smaller plate offers more chance to spill food.
  5. We may feel left out and uneasy if everyone around us have big plates. Size does matter.


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Holiday time is that time of the year that is filled with festivities and celebrations. It has also become a time of over indulgence and excesses. This includes the food we eat, the wine we drink and the goods that we consume. Holidays seems to have lost its true meaning of family. Today we have everything material in this World BUT for the family part. Humans have become more attached to materialistic “Stuff”. We have also lost our priorities in life. WE have learned to LOVE STUFF and USE PEOPLE (instead of the other way around).

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These days everything is BIG because we expect everything supersized, with the exception of our wallet. Hopefully by choosing a small plate at the dinner table over a much bigger one would help us in controlling ourselves to over eat, over drink and over spend on food. This may also help us to be thankful for what we have, being considerate to others and by keeping everyone else in mind while celebrating the Holidays. Please remember that not everyone is lucky enough to have a family around them, a heated home in winter with warm food being served round the clock.


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There are many out there who are homeless, out in the subzero weather, freezing with no coat, desolate, isolated, and outlawed. They may not even have a family. They may only have a small plate in their hands with initials on them but they may have a warm heart that is on the look out for a warm room to sleep, some hot meal and a place to stay for the wintry cold and freezing night. I know how it feels for I have faced parts of it. In the end we are all Human. We will all be staying together for just a short while, for we are ONLY renting this Planet.



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  1. Wonderful message to be carried.


    1. Thank you Sir. The key is to completely avoid food wastage in each and every home on this Planet.


      1. Judicious usage of food.


      2. Less consumption EQUALS less pollution.

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