Let the “STEAM” OUT.

When we were kids, we were so innocent to cry it off with no embarrassment of any sort. This is because the World expects any child to cry with no strings attached. As we age we tend to curtail or hold back our emotions in our open and restrictive society. Men tend to hold back their tears but Women do not. They let it our relieving themselves. Here men are actually making a statement of macho-ism, but this does more harm than good. By holding in our steam, we are in fact putting a stress on ourselves and our bodies. It may also act adversely against us in many cases. Looks like both the sexes are designed differently to do their part in procreation of our species. Since our inner emotions play a major role in our lives, there are times when we may need to open up. Or do we? This may open up a boat load of other questions which may lead to inward battle.


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Life is filled with stress right from our birth. During our journey through life there will be many more to come. Only the fittest do survive. But to be the fittest we need to be taught from somebody? Who is teaching us? NONE. No one. We are on our own, buddy. Initially we learn thru trial and error. As we mature we start sharing other experiences, may have mentors and learning from intensive research through libraries, open source books and what not. Today we live in a World of information overload. This in itself can bring in stress. Stress is good for us in small quantities. It is built in us to enable us to survive. It gives us the fight or flight response. Too much of stress can and will kill us. Our body is not designed to handle it.


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Then there are external and internal stresses. Some we have control of and many others we do not. Some are our own making and many are beyond our control. We can only manipulate what is in our control. For anything else that is beyond our control we need to deflect it by learning to let go just like the windshield of our cars. If we tend to control the external forces, will be losing energy at an enormous pace only to find it unmanageable. WE are in reality very insignificant when we take into consideration of what happens around us, right outside our skin moving outward to infinity. Our life is so minuscule in the Geological time scale that we do not even matter any more. We are just a tiny speck of a grain of sand in a vast ocean. Tying ourselves to money will bring in much added stress. For example, if some one is too Wealthy, they need to worry about having to safeguard it, hire bodyguards round the clock and maybe even have to sleep with one eye open. Because they can trust no one. This gives us something optimistic for the rest of us to be happy about (the people with no money, rest 99 %). We are able to sleep well because there is nothing to take which we do not have. WE are the ones who are truly living our life. No paparazzi’s to worry about. Life just goes on.


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Life throws a lot at us, so does society. Society does dictate our very survival whether we like it or not. This is the way it is. Every Human being wishes to be accepted by society for who they are. But society has certain conditions that are to me met for them to be a member and to be accepted. The key comes down to money. A bank rewards the rich wit interests and dividends, but smacks the poor with with over draft charges, minimum balance charges and many others. This poor guy is living paycheck to paycheck, spending most of his life at work and trying to put food on the table for his family. Why screw this guy over? There is a lot of external stress at work her bringing in more internal stress into this guys life. It’s completely beyond his control. Why is a CEO rewarded with bonuses and other perks while the mine worker is barely making it deep underground digging for coal to heat this CEO’s house during winter. No one ever  worries about this mine workers health, the conditions he is working under nor his capacity to feed his family with the little he gets every week mining. A lot of steam does build here for the guy toiling deep underground in 102 degrees plus heat while the other guy is relaxing in his home office above ground at a comfortable 75 degrees with a cigar in his mouth.


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Steam also builds inside each of us each day. It’s inevitable and has become a part and parcel of our lives. So what do we do to prevent that steam from getting inside us? Once its inside us what do we do to get rid of it? Once inside what damage can it do to us? How can we cure ourselves? What can we teach our children from our experience? These are very important questions that does bring in very valuable answers.  First we have to seek to identify those before we can answer them by nailing them. We know hot steam can burn us. We need to cool it down using inner tubes before dumping it out. The best thing is to stay out of its way or prevent meeting it in the first place.



A few tips:

  1. Plan your life. Eat healthy. No junk foods. Exercise. Have a social life too. Be Hygienic- Brush, floss, rinse, Groom yourself, have a shower, change into neat clothes ( Daily: NOT weekly)
  2. Be educated on different aspects. Prioritize your life. Do hard tasks first and then move on to easier tasks. Get things done by checking them off.
  3. Be a life long learner. Learning does not stop after school.
  4. Learn from the experiences of others.
  5. Have a mentor who is willing to teach you. They have been that same path before.
  6. Identify to prevent stress in your life.
  7. Learn what lets it in and what throws it out.
  8. Once we have it, how do we control it and ultimately eliminate it.
  9. What can we do to prevent it from entering our lives again.
  10. How can we teach our next generation of this menace.
  11. How and what do we learn from its effect on us?
  12. What are the positive and negative factors that has influences us through its exposure.
  13. Would we like to invite it into our lives again?
  14. How would we handle its comeback?
  15. Prevent its negative energy on us.
  16. Learn how to be debt free. Debt is modern day slavery.
  17. Don’t get married to the chain of bad debt.
  18. Spend less, work more. Have multiple hobbies. They are stress relievers.
  19. Frugality and minimalism is a gateway out of stress.
  20. Being happy with what we have and of what we are: Self content.


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No matter what we do in life, stress does create steam  and brings it into our lives. It’s not with in our control at all. What we can control is how we react to it and how we are apt to manage it before it wrecks havoc in our lives. Bringing simplicity in our lives by following frugality and minimalism helps a lot. It also does save us a lot of money and brings with a completely different mindset of simple living with a whole lot less stress, maybe even NO stress at all.





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