Why are we COLOR CODED?

We are surrounded by color. The most important thing is of our ability to see in color rather than in black and white. Nature is amazing for having created marvelous cells, neurons and for have given us the ability to perceive, tap and see color in all its infinite glory. What if we saw everything around us in Black and white? What if we couldn’t see at all like the cave dwelling life forms that reside in caves deep beneath out feet? What if we never knew light just like them? Darkness is just the absence of light. The deep space is a vary dark void filled with countless Galaxies which has their own Suns. These are their respective nuclear reactors. Without these Suns our entire cosmos would be devoid of any light and we would have all been born in total darkness, would have lived all our lives in total darkness and would have never even known that there is something called light.

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Now that we can see well in 3D and in color, do we ever appreciate what we are seeing or having the ability to see it? NO, we do not. A person who is blind wishes to have a second chance to see. Since most of us have this handed to us by nature, why are we abusing it. We are glued to digital gadgets 24/7 right from our phones to laptops to everything in between. It is definitely not good for the eyes nor the body. As a result of this acquired habit we are rushing to pick up our phones as soon as we hear a ting. We have lost sight of our posture. We are living sedentary lives with multiple virtual friends and no real friends whom we can talk to or to trust. We are wired by nature for touch and for intimate communication. Neither of which seem to exist these days. People and society are drifting apart. Communication has sped up multi-fold, but there is no communication within a family. Our acquaintances have become our new so called friends on social media. In fact nearly 100% of them are strangers. We dedicate 15 hours of each day spending useless time with these gadgets but do not even have a second to spare with our family. Depression and other medical issues seem to be the norm. People are popping in pills just like candy which seems to show that there is a magic pill for every ailment that is out there. Drugs are there to mask the symptoms of a disease. It is not designed to treat any.

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Now that we can see with laser sharpness, and can distinguish one color from another we should be able to appreciate and enjoy what nature has given us. Instead we get  going about our daily lives by taking it for granted. So why are we colored differently? Since prehistoric times ever since Man came into being, he or she was born into one Geographic location and died at that same location. This was our life. This was THE place of our birth and the place of our death.The mode of transportation like the one we have today was non existent. So the color of our skin matched the environment that it was born into and was designed specifically for that particular environment. This was to protect us from the harshness of those environments, be it desert, mountains, snow or vast open wastelands. Fast forward to today,we are able to travel at breakneck speeds from one part of this massive blue marble to another in a matter of hours. I call it EARTH- HOPPING. We are able to have breakfast in Hong Kong, Lunch in Chennai and Dinner in Nairobi. It has become a very small World indeed. Since we do not have the camouflaging abilities such as the one we see in chameleons, we retain our birthright color throughout our lives. We have no control over it. We are what we are. We have come into this World this way, we would leave this World the same way, unless we desire to get a cosmetic makeover.

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There is discrimination based on color even today even though we do not superficially and openly see it. But it is there for all to see. Most of us do not believe in it and most of us do not even like it. Whether we like it or not it is here to divide us and take over our very lives.  BUT only if we ever let it. It has been there for centuries and have caused multiple divisions among our own species leading to death and what not.  This is also a tool that has been used to divide and rule as we have seen throughout our history. But even today we seem to be following the exact same ideology as our ancestors. Hate is not naturally given to us, it is acquired. It is instilled into us. It is what we are taught from birth by our parents and from within family. Everything stems from our own homes. Society is not to be blamed for this, but each of us are. No country was taken over by peace. It was always by war. War is BIG business for a few and Peace is not. Peace do not bring in money but war brings in BIG money. Every country has a defense budget but no country has a peace budget. I wonder why? Division by color has been wrecking havoc on Humans for centuries and we do not seem to learn anything at all from our past mistakes. As Einstein has been quoted saying: When we do the same thing over and over again expecting a different result, we are stupid indeed. Hate propaganda seem to adding fuel to the fire. Change is inevitable as time goes by, but there are many who are hardheaded, and thickskulled to let go for fear of loss of control and for the fear of losing their ideology and their identities. Things can only get better when we start to look outside the box and realize that the entire World is changing but us.

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Times have change a lot from 10,000 B.C. We need to grow up, start appreciating what we have, learn to respect each other and enjoy our food, music and what not. Under the skin we are all the same. Skin is the largest organ in the body and it does not discriminate like we do. It performs its daily function of sweating, taking care of invaders and in the end helps in our very existence. That’s its purpose in life. What’s yours? Today we see that the entire World does fit in our smartphone. We can buy anything at any time of the day or night, talk to anyone in any country round the clock and even buy a Mega Ship online. We can even reside where ever we choose to live, even in outer space.Our HUMAN Mind is able to do anything and everything, bigger and better, making the impossible possible and discover the unknown by diving to the depths or by trying to conquer space. In spite of all these abilities we are still unable to put the subject of color behind us and move forward. Many are unable to accept a person for who they are. There is no way that we can change our color like a chameleon for purposes of satisfying someone or to get a particular high paying job that is supposedly reserved for a particular person of color, shunning the rest by closing the door in their face.

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There was a story about a child who was asked which colored horse is stronger. The child immediately replies” Black”. This child might have analyzed various aspects of his or her own life and must have come to this conclusion. So we are in fact conditioned by society and our families from early on. This is what that affects our day today decisions of what is right and what is wrong. Many of us are what we are based on what we have learned from our childhood. These are either learned, acquired , forced or conditioned upon us. This includes the topics of color and religion. No one is born into this World to hate someone. WE are all HUMAN with the same genetic makeup, and we all started our lives from just once cell to this beautiful multi-cellular organism we are now.  And remember that we are only renting this space. In the end it does not matter whether we are white, black, grey, brown, yellow, green or blue. We all end up in the same place: SIX feet under for nature to recycle us back to Earth. WE will become part of Earth as its elements. This is the end of the line for us. All we can do in reality is to leave a legacy for our future generations by handing them a clean Planet and a clean mind.




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