Born INTO an existing system.

What is a system and how did we get into it? It was not by choice we are in it. A system is set up to have a smooth flow of events that brings in money from dawn to dusk or even round the clock for the privileged with money and the ones with the right connections. It enables the so called owners of these systems to have control, and keep that control behind the scenes by manipulating the strings unseen. Do we know who is controlling us and our life from behind the smoke screen? If we do not know, then they sure do have a very long hand. Do we know who controls the monetary system and the current currency system? Why don’t we have one currency for the Whole World? There is no need to have third parties such as currency exchanges, traders or brokers. They are making money for themselves with our money just like the banks. The system is also set up by the elite few and is designed for their benefit in mind. A system also enslaves everyone who becomes an integral part of it. Unknowingly many of us have fallen into this quicksand and are unable to get out of it. Most of us will need to work day in and day out until we die to put bread on the table. What the system requires of us is the keep working, keep spending, keep taking on debt, paying the interest on the debt, paying taxes for everything and to keep this spin wheel rolling throughout our lives. In the process we are automatically enrolled as honorable members of this rat race, which is in fact a race to no where.

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Back then our grandparents and our parents paid the price for being on this race. Today we are doing the same. So will our future generations. Welcome to capitalism. It’s all about the money. We have all head this many times. This system is designed to mint money for an Elite few using the sweat, blood and tears of the millions who are in it against their will. Many of them work just to live paycheck to paycheck and to pay their bills.  This is a system that rewards the rich with hidden perks, and amazing benefits that most of us only could dream of. On the other hand it prosecutes the poor and the middle class by having them live just to work and pay their bills. A system also takes money from one and gives it to another often without input from the taxpayer or the voter. Things happen behind closed doors where decisions are made far far away from the maddening crowds and far away from the citizens voices. These voices are never heard because there is no strength in them.

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The World today is all about money, power and connections. Why are we obligated to pay for all sorts of taxes, and tolls? Who we know is much more important than our own identity. With the right connections, and having the right information at the right time, one can get things accomplished just with a phone call or a simple email. There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes than that meets the eye. Walls do have ears so no one does ever talk their talk nor walk their walk. Every step is well calculated and taken with great care. In a democratic society, everyone has the right to vote. Once voting is done what happens? This is the end of the line for the citizen. This person has no say in what happens to his or her country’s budget, spending, it’s debts and the salary of Government officials. He or she should have a say in it because if a country is in debt, this person should have a say in how his government runs. So In reality this persons only function as a citizen is to Vote and then needs to back off. So what’s the point.

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Mankind has come a long way from the cavemen of yesterday. Science and technology has shaped our past for us to in this future. Moving forward we may even inhabit other Planets within our own solar system, then we may work outwards towards other Galaxies. We have made great progress at the expense of others lives as well. Human exploitation has been the norm since the dawn of Man. Sadly, this exists even today. Our system has given us our highway system, our bridges and tunnels, our airports, our cars, trucks and planes, Water treatment, Energy, Fossil fuels, alternate fuels, Junk Food vs REAL food, communication links, advances in Medicine and Dentistry, increased life expectancy, Life saving medications etc etc. These are the systems which we have created for ourselves to streamline everything and to facilitate interstate and international commerce. We have a Healthcare system, Transportation system, Educational system, Communication systems, Tax system, Banking system, etc. With the rising cost to maintain these systems, are we getting the best quality in return? Take our Healthcare system for example. They exist to make money. They are a business and are corporations listed in the stock exchanges. But are we getting the best of the best in return? Our system costs are the highest in the World but Maybe. Someone somewhere has paid a price to be a contributor to society by offering their money or time to these. This may or may not benefit him or her either directly or indirectly, someplace or somewhere. Systems are in place to cover the basics of life namely, food, clothing and shelter. Anything other than that is excesses that are meant for commerce, meaning spending money and paying taxes to keep the ball rolling smoothly.

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Are we just puppets with strings attached? Who is controlling you and me in this complex Global system?

Failure to adhere to laws and regulations, refusal to pay taxes etc has penalty and consequences attached to it. It is definitely not a leveled playing for the rich and the poor. Both are governed by different sets of laws. Obviously the rich are favored to be given the most favorable laws that best suit their requirements. They may even get to pick and even have a say in it. The law may favor someone and it may be detrimental to others, but it exists for the sake of principle. Law makers could be the law breakers as well. Laws are put in place by Man, meaning it is artificial in nature. So anything goes. Guess who controls whom? As History suggests, the rich has always had the upper hand in controlling everyone else, including the poor and the Middle class. Income inequality is at an all time high with the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer. Prisons and Non-profits have become money makers. Corruption unseen. Will the system ever help the common man? I doubt it. What about you? What do you think? It is very good that we have systems in place. It makes our lives much easier. This is in fact the blue print of our society. We could use it as a road map to move through life or do not use it altogether. Meaning we will be missing out on the good things that it has to offer. Now we have a choice to make; either we are in or we are out.


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