RELIGION: A Blessing or a curse.

Religion was born out of the fear of the unknown. RELIGION IS MANMADE. People wanted to have a sense of security for themselves and their families. In times of need people needed guidance from our creator. Since there was no one who had seen Him or Her, images need to be created and idols made to have a visualizing effect on the believers. Religion is also based on belief. We believe in something and it becomes a reality within us. With the dawn of Mankind, Man feared lightning, thunder, earthquakes, volcano and floods. This might have been the starting point of believing in something supreme. As Human beings we always have been looking for inner security and to do that we have been looking for some external source to hold on to or latch on to.This is security on a psychological standpoint. There is only one imaginary creator but so many religions? Why, you may ask? And all religious writings lead to one common point. So why have so many different opinions and stories that have arisen from multiple institutions?

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Religion is a very delicate topic to pick for discussion purposes because everyone wants to steer clear. But as a view point each of us have our own opinion towards it. We all agree that there is a Supreme creator of this creator, of the cosmos and of us. That is ONE imaginary creator whom none of us have seen. But it is with this belief that all religions have sprung. Religious writings were written over generations with the little knowledge that they have had on that subject. A collection of ideas have become a book Now this book could be used for mass propagation of this ideology. Who has written this Book? MAN. Was the intellect of the Man or Woman who wrote this book the same as a Man or Woman today? Of course not. Thought processes do change as civilizations come and go, people do change as their experiences in life changes and as technology and Science advances old thoughts do die hard, if not for its propagation through religious fanatics who are steadfast on their personal beliefs. So does their ideas, perceptions, imaginations, fantasies and stories. How do we make a child understand something easily? it is through stories and pictures. This is how things ave propagated around the same ideology without changing the essence of it. IN reality the story sticks to our minds when we are fed the same story over and over again. Now we tend to start believing it ourselves. Mythological figures, stories and comics have given us plenty of imagination to succumb to.

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So is it a blessing or a curse to humanity. It is both. One is on the good side and the other is Bad. On the good side: As a kid we look to our parents who give us food, clothing and shelter by taking us under their wings. We are all born the same way. But the main point here is who tells us which religion we are to follow, what rituals to perform, what scriptures to read and which religion to devote our life to? The answer is our parents. Then comes society on the outer circle. So religion is passed on from generation to generation through our family. So belief is instilled in us right from birth. Hence we have all been brainwashed into this cult. As we age, we learn to make logical choices on what to believe in and what not to. As a result many turn into atheists. This imaginary rules put forth by God as stated in many scriptures do some good to children, because it instills in them the fear and consequences of their actions. That is the FEAR of GOD? Why should we fear God, if he is there to protect us? This is how our society had put us in place: Through Fear. We are also supposed to fear anyone with authority, our teachers, priests etc. Now see what happens behind closed doors under the blanket of religion. Things seem to be happening too often and in too many places. Many religions are being born each and everyday. It’s like new businesses popping in each and every day.

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On the bad side: Religion has become a BIG business raking in Billions of Dollars in revenue each year. WHY DO WE HAVE TO PAY MONEY to a religious institution or in other words “to see God” ? Is it a ticket ? The heads of these and the people involved are paid very handsomely on and off the books with other hidden perks. So they are in fact paid a salary through payroll just like in any other business. But there is no right or wrong in this business so they get to hear no complains on their job nor is there any product to assess the quality of. They also get benefits for servicing the public. These religious institutions run schools, hospitals, charities and what not with Profit in mind, but are categorized as non -profits in government books. They have rounded up large tracts of land and buildings that are in prime locations of cities over many centuries, for which they need to pay no property taxes. Because they are non profits. They also may have their hand in other businesses as well as investing. Do you know where your charity money is going? Mostly to administrative costs. You know what those costs are, don’t you? This is free money that might end up lining some ones pockets, meanwhile the much needed money may never reach the needy. WE hear of it in the news all the time. Religion and business are two different things that are supposed to be in the opposite ends of a room. But today it is combines to form massive business empires with their hands in everything we know and many we do not know.

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When we look at the history of religions, we see that all the founders had founded their own religions under their own names. Do we know which religion did they follow? Did they follow any religion at all?  If so would they have followed somebody else’s religion at some point in their lives before starting their own. This sounds like starting a business. Religions all over the World were founded by its founders in one place and have migrated to other parts. We also know that there were forced conversion of people from one religion to another either by force, or by paying them money. Both were at play in most countries throughout history. Many have died in the process through various atrocities for refusing to convert. Even today the same traditions are kept alive behind the scenes, off from the crowd and in the darkness. Religion has killed more people on this planet than all the wars combined. No religious founder had ever advocated violence, but that’s all we see today happening all over the World. WE have divided ourselves by creating various barriers based on religion, caste, class and even by branding Humans just like us as Untouchables. I am sure if there was a creator, he or she wouldn’t put up with this nonsense. What gives us that right to divide and rule people? People do it because they know people DO NOT think and the strategy works.

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There is some power that lies beyond our capability,  beyond Science to substantiate the evidence and which we cannot even comprehend. Meditation takes us there to that higher level that is located within each of us. We do not ave the need to look beyond us and look to others to find the answers. The answer is within each and everyone of us. All we have to do is to connect and find it. This is the invisible and virtual power that holds us all together on this Planet, Keeps all Planets aligned and in their own path in their orbit, keeps the entire cosmos functioning in harmony, and keeps all the Suns lighting up their own Galaxies. It is this Supreme power which has no name nor a face to it. It is in the name of this Power many on this Planet are earning a living under the cover of religion, be it making idols of worship, publishing pamphlets, building huge religious buildings, with some making a name for themselves and some others listing themselves as Billionaires. To summarize it all, our own belief has transformed the common Man into believers who are willing to pay their life savings blindly to some institution that has come their way.

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If we think a rock is God, it is. It is our belief in that rock. This is religion Our mind follows the path of least resistance just like water. It does go around rocks shaping them, and it also as the capacity to cut through them. This is two sides of the same coin. It can hold us gently or it can harm us. It’s how we use it to our advantage. All we need to do is to watch our backs at all times. If we don’t someone else will.




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