Power of HUGS.

HUGS are much more powerful than we think. WE have been taking it for granted. It may also have an unknown Medicinal value just like laughter. Some may like it while others may not. It’s always good to check before committing the act. WE have always hugged our loved once be it Husband, Wife, Mom, Dad, Brothers, Sisters, Uncles, Aunts, Cousins Our pets, etc. But we have never hugged a stranger nor have we ever invited them into our home or into our lives. Each of us have an invisible ring around us that starts from our Heart and ripples outward in concentric circles. Each circle has a significance to us and its inner relationship of us with the outer World that surround us. The people closest to in our lives hold the key to our inner self and are part of our daily life. The next outer circle are our acquaintances and our friends. The next outer ring fall into the category of everyone else on this Planet.

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With each advancement outward from the core, the relationship strength varies a lot. Its like the relationship between the cell tower and our [phone. As we are close to a cell tower the signal is much stronger and as we move away from it , it gets weaker. This same analogy applies to us as well in all our relationships with the outside World, whether it is personal, Professional or Business wise. Any relationship can thrive only when it functions as a two way street. Having respect for each other, open communication, planning together and an innate trust are THE factors that bind this relationship together like a spider web. Without this binder, any relationship will crumble. It takes away stress and brings in love. No wonder all of us are attracted to pets. This is why when we see one we subconsciously smile from within our hearts. This opens us up from within without even we realizing it.

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Our nervous system is conditioned to fire upon touch and is loaded with sensory receptors that trigger their arsenal of emotions that go with it. How many of us use all our senses. Many of us do not even think. We are waiting for our Government to help us but they are in turn helping themselves. All of us need to think outside the box if we are not to be taken advantage of. All of us may have friends who may smile at us in the front but stab you in the back. We also have seen many personality types, different characters, people with instant mood changes, people who say they will do one thing, but in reality does something else.These variations are acquired within us as we travel through the journey of life. It is acquired or learned behavior.

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Take an infant for example. He or she is completely innocent until they grow up.Each of us were there once upon a time. COMPLETELY INNOCENT.So what has happened to us. WE have got burnt, back stabbed, beaten, showered with hate, cheated upon etc. What does this do to us. We begin to lose trust in fellow Humans and wish to stay away from them. We do not even make eye contact these days in public places. No wonder the gadget manufacturers are continuing to help keep each of us apart in our own tiny individual islands. Friendships are broken, families drifting apart and trust non existent. We spend more time keeping our emotions in check instead of using them. WE have been conditioned to spend time with electronic gadgets and social media that we have even forgotten the basics of touch, feel , love and all the emotions that go with it. WE have placed our emotions on house arrest.In fact we are arresting ourselves by avoiding Human interaction. Face to face Communication is at a stand still. The amazing art of holding a pen, a brush, a newspaper, a book etc have all become obsolete or extinct.

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Hugs are more intimate than a business like handshake. A handshake is made at a distance meaning  it states our type of relationship with that individual. It is completely different than a Hug. The Hug is much more intimate and trusting. This shows the closeness between two beings. The behavior is completely different when we observe them in between couples, close friends and on the outer circle “strangers”. Anyone whom we do not know through some sort of acquaintance or introduction fall in to the category of strangers.WE do not hug a stranger, or even shake hands with a friend. Each type of  our acceptance of others says a lot about our relationship with them This can only be seen physically . We are neither mind readers or readers of emotions. This in this case becomes off limits to our capacity to connect.

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What does a Hug do and why is it more powerful than a simple handshake? A handshake has just been accepted to be a formality or a symbol of Professionalism in the Business World. So this type of relationship stays in the business arena. Hugs on the other hand displays the level of intimate connectivity between two parties which are like I said, bound by trust, togetherness and openness. What does hugs bring out in us. Since it has an emotional component, it has power in it which can ONLY be felt, but not seen. This is what makes it super powerful in terms of relationships and its emotional connection. Only close friends and inseparable couples are able to decipher the code of this intimacy. For the rest it may be just an act of connection or may fell just like a handshake.

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Whether it is a handshake or a hug, without the involvement of our emotions, without the firing of neurotransmitters, and without an inner commitment of two parties to connect with each other with no barriers what so ever, this Hug or a handshake may just as well be a formality. This formality changes everything because a couple, a friend and a stranger do fall into the same level of connectivity. At this point it has no emotions attached to it. At this juncture it strictly becomes a business and the parties involved become mere acquaintances. A touch changes everything. Of course it has to be consensual and mutual. It also has to be emotionally felt.



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