Are we HUNGRY enough?

All of us have dreams and aspirations in our lives. But are we willing to go the extra mile to get it? Do we have what it takes to achieve it? Are we willing to take risks? Are we willing to change at all? Just having a dream is not enough to survive in this World, we will need to pivot and change based on what life throws at us. Life does pull us down from time to time as its way of testing us. But if we succumb to it, we would sink. In turn we need to push ourselves up against this gravity in order to achieve our goals. Note that I did not say Success here. Because success is defined by self and our society in which we live. Success is usually measure in material Wealth. Success could be spiritual or self fulfillment as well. It doers not have to be material. For our brain to function well, it need to get 7-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep, Nutrients from a Healthy diet and a well nourished supply of Hormones. Diet is everything. It will make us or break us.

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The Hunger I have quoted here is about the inner fire. All of us have a fire burning within us from the day we are born to the day we die. Without this inner fire, we would all be dead day one of our lives. This inner fire at birth is the inherent will to survive by beating all odds. Are we willing to keep the fire stay ignited? Would we give up on our dreams? This can be answered only by answering these questions from within our own self. Giving up is easy and a no brainer. Anyone can get it done. Failure is very important throughout our lives , because it teaches us something. Each time we fall we do learn something from that event. This is also a survival tactic. it’s like once we have got burnt from a fire, we will know not to do the same mistake again by putting our hands to the fire. Mental Hunger and Physiological Hunger are two different things on the opposite ends of the spectrum. Mental Hunger brings in new inventions, fires up fresh ideas and brings the best of ourselves outside to the surface from deep within us when we least expect it. Physiological Hunger is plain hunger that is relieved by eating food. We need both in order to survive.

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When I was little, My grandmother used to say ” A tiger will eat grass too if it has to, because hunger will drive it to do anything”. Similarly the hunger that is present in each and everyone of us is enabling us to feed ourselves no matter what. This helps us with our own sustainability in life. This does not mean that we should commit crimes to satisfy ourselves with material wealth or money. This just means that we need to put in the best of our efforts in achieving all our goals in life. In the end once we achieve it, we can perceive the value in it for which we have worked so hard all our lives. On the other hand if things or opportunities were handed to us on a platter through money and connections, we will have no respect for it nor for ourselves. We would definitely undervalue it and would have no satisfaction of having overcome that hurdle.

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In life if we work hard for some thing that we wish to have accomplished, there is no better feeling than to have this accomplished by ourselves with no help from the outside. This is the ultimate feeling of bliss and harmony no money can buy or no words can describe. Its truly amazing. So how hungry are we, both you and me? Each day brings with it its own set of challenges. By jumping all the hoops, loops and hurdles, we can be rest assured that it will be along and tedious bumpy ride. But at the finish line we will see the accumulated satisfaction of having crossed this line with our own individual efforts.

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Of course mentors do matter. They are the ones who have crossed this same finish line before us. So they have beaten through the same path by following the people before them just like the people who had stayed the course before them and so on and so forth. So anything that we do in life we will need to seek help from someone. No man is an island. United we will live, and individually we will die devoid of having knowledge, culture, language and what not. There should be hunger inside each of us to learn, work and play because each of those for the very part of our daily lives. WE are on to competition each and every day to be better than someone else. This is to ensure our very survival. So to live, we need to keep that inner fire of faith, trust and loyalty to our-self burning deep within us, in order to accomplish things in our life that we have always dreamed of. If this fire ceases to exist we too will soon vanish with unfulfilled dreams.

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Ideas have led to inventions that have changed our very lives in society. Discoveries have been made by diving to the depth of oceans and with exploration of far off galaxies. All this was accomplished by great sacrifices of time, energy, effort and money. If we did not have the courage to lose sight of land, we would still be thinking that the Earth is flat and if we are foolish to think that we are the only Humans on this entire Cosmos, there would be no space missions. We are a curious breed by birth. This curiosity helps us find new areas of uncharted territories and make help make new products through innovation and fresh ideas. All of us have brilliant ideas. But if we do not use them it does no good to anyone, not even to ourselves. It just stays as ideas within our minds, unless and until we put it into action through manufacturing, marketing it and ultimately bringing it to market, so the masses can buy it and use it to their delight. They may even enjoy it. Similarly, if we do not fire up and use our inner hunger we will be unable to accomplish anything for ourselves and for our society.

Like Laughter, our inner hunger is contagious too, be it mental or Physiological. Satisfy it. As the saying goes, Use it or lose it. Pass it on before it gets obsolete or vanishes.



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