The Power of TRUTH.

Truth remains the truth no matter what. Truth always triumphs. It is also pure. It cannot be manipulated nor corrupted. It is what it is. It is also in plain sight for all to see. There are times in our own lives that we will be tested for our honesty and integrity. It is with this truth that all other parameters are measured by.  Either it is a truth or a lie. There is nothing in between. Truth is the binding force of the poor. A rich person can buy their way up the rungs, where as the poor cannot. The only backup for this poor person is his steadfast belief in himself and his code of ethics. When the rich climbs up or falls, they may have to pay everyone on the way up and also on the way down. This is how the World works. No court on this Planet can manipulate the truth because truth is what the whole system is based on.

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Most of us have selective hearing and a mediocre memory. We only listen what we want to here and only if it benefits us in anyway. There are many things in this World we do not want to see it happen nor to know that it is happening behind the curtains, in closed doors and under the sheets. With lie comes all aspects of deception, bribery, corruption and deceit. They are all in fact married by birth and go hand in hand. With Truth, we need to be no ones subordinate, fear no one and stand up with out head held high. We also need not have to have much memory in our minds hence we need less storage. When someone lies, they better learn to have a consistent story, and they also should be equipped to have a very large database to pull the files from. This gets very very expensive. Since they need to remember very well and without fail, to whom each story was told to. Their memory need to be SUPER sharp to pick out and narrate to each scenario as they play out while it gets to be played back. Truth will and have always prevailed in this World in spite of all the hidden atrocities that have been committed against it.

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Anything that we do in Life has a right way or a wrong way to do it. Many will choose the right way but a few will choice the other path. Laws are created by the rich and powerful for the rest of us the 99%. So guess who breaks them and who utilizes them to their own advantage. They would definitely not write laws to disrupt their own businesses. Money, power and politics are the way of life these days. We can add one more thing to that category, which is control. Who controls whom? There are many in the current justice system who gets no justice at all and are prosecuted for crimes they have never committed. So where is the truth here? There is none. This is where bribery and corruption takes over. To add to that note; it is who knows whom that matter and remember there is always money at play here which does work behind the scenes. So truth may not always triumph. Injustices are served for many who are serving time. The matter of truth does not exist here. Here the power of truth may be taking a back seat with, money, power, connections and politics taking the drivers seat. They decide where the car would go and where it would turn.

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A person committing any crime may have only one purpose in life: To feed himself and his family. But all of us know that it is not the right way. The ideal way for him or her as society determines is to get an education, find a job that pays well and he continues to work till he dies. This is THE ideal scenario. But Life is not ideal for many due to their upbringing and their circumstances. But we cannot blame everything on our own past nor the circumstances we were in. We need to put in some effort to come out of it. We should not be expecting the society to feed us, clothe us or shelter us. We need to have the fire within us lit to help us get out of the mess we are in. We need to start looking outside the box. Only by doing this can we seek higher grounds. We cannot blame our life problems on others. No one is responsible for us except ourselves. We are THE captain of our ship. We determine if our ship will float or sink. Truth does help the ship float. A lie will always be a lie no matter how we cut it. Once a person continues to lie, he or she loses credibility among the public and from the people who surround them.

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In my own life I had gone through my hoops and loops and hurdles just like all of you. We all needed to put in that time, that effort, make sacrifices and everything in between to make things happen for us. Only we can do it. No one will do it for us. I was forced to in my own mind to  drive a yellow cab, have distributed newspapers on the streets and in fairs, worked as a dishwasher in various restaurants. I did not do it for anyone. I did it for myself. I did not do it to impress anyone either. Because it was my life and not someone else’s. If I did not do it, no one else would. I have been cheated on, lied to, spit on, not treated well, back stabbed, taken advantage of, etc. Today I thank myself for going those difficult ordeals back then, because today I am tough to handle anything that comes my way in life. I have picked up subway tokens on the railway tracks (Anyone remember the 3rd rail ) so I can save up money for food. I have lived in rodent infested warehouse with no heat and hot water during the dead of winter for a period of two full years. Why did I not get a better place to live in? Because I couldn’t afford it nor did I care. It was the story of my life playing out. It was the story of my survival. There were times when I walked up along glass walled restaurants on  a cold and wintry night looking and salivating at food presentations that were displayed on plates that were placed neatly on a white table cloth. Nearby sat a vase with a red rose in each and a set of candles well lit. Neatly dressed couples were holding hands. All I had in my pocket was $3 to buy me Chinese food for the night to keep me warm. So I kept salivating all the way with the thought of warm food on my mind. With great reluctance I walked and slid into my frozen mattress after doubling up on my socks, my pants and my shirts. My socks serves as my gloves for the night and my bed sheets supposedly kept my head from freezing. Off did I go to sleep dreaming of a warm room and warm bed that I might have some day. There were times when I would have towel bath in fast food joints. Having burnt up calories just by living on bagels for free, I think I am still in shape. The bagels were free because one of my room mates used to work in a bakery and were throw-offs. When it rained my navy blue raincoat from London Fog was my winter coat. It did have a blue acrylic velvety lining. Of course, it did look pretty even though I did not. I was turning blue and purple alternatively. This was in fact keeping me alive.

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Today I am fortunate to have a warm bed within a heated house. Even my shower is hot. Even today those struggles show up in my memories and this have made me tougher than I was back then. But one thing has remained the same and have stuck to me. I still value that $1 even today. I had been used and abused many times by many during that period. Which made me think and believe that truth had no place is World and it is way it is going to be moving forward. There are many honest and truthful people in this world still today. But we hardly see them, because everyone seem to be going the wrong-way. The sad part is, The past had tried to force me through shortcuts and in helping make my life easier. But that is not me. I could never budge nor change my ways of deviating from my path of righteousness. So I chose the longer and time consuming route which had many steep cliffs, deep valleys, hidden crevasses and traps of unknown origins. Fast forwarding to today, I feel that I have made the right choice in choosing the right path even though it was a very difficult one.

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Lying is very easy but it comes with lots of strings attached. We may never know who is behind us. We may need to look over our shoulders twice and may even need to keep our eyes open during sleep. We all know that this is impossible. But you get the picture. Lying would have brought me closer to the goal much faster but I was unwilling to sleep with my eyes open. Being truthful to ones self and to others is all what life is about. Stealing others property, money or assets for which they have put in their whole lives, in itself is a sin of righteousness. Would we like anyone to steal from us? Of course not. Others would expect the same from us. If we want to go out and make money, we are free to do it. no one is stopping us. We are our own limitations in our own lives. We have set this limitations for ourselves and to us on our own accord. If we wish to live a life that is truthful to us and our inner self, we need to set goals and act on it. We need not have a crowd mentality and follow the masses. We need not do what they do. We need to do what we need to do and what we love to do. Because it is our life and not theirs. We need to learn to stand on our own two feet and stop comparing ourselves to others. If we do so, we are losing our own identity in the process and assuming their identity. At some point we will be losing the truth that exist in our lives and we will soon start following a fake life that was never meant for us in the first place.

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The takeaways:

  1. Live your life by your rules and your terms
  2. Never compare yourself with others.
  3. Never give up your individual identity by assuming someone else’s. Never compare.
  4. Lying is easy and truth is hard. Lying loses credibility and truth helps us sustain our  own integrity by it standing up for who we are.
  5. Do not cry wolf even for the fun of it. People will tend to reject you.
  6. Not everyone in this World is going to be your friend. Friendships are not made, but it just happens for it to be authentic.
  7. Hardships do make us strong and helps us learn to be independent.
  8. Do not trust everyone, but always trust yourselves. If you do not trust yourself, who will.
  9. We need to be the architects of our own lives, we cannot expects others to create our life.
  10. Stay on your path to truthfulness, so you may have no reason to look behind your back often or to sleep with your eyes open.
  11. As long as we are clean on the inside, have done nothing wrong or have not harmed anyone, we are assured to have a perfectly natural sleep.
  12. Stress may keep us up at night, but nip it in the bud.
  13. Struggles are in fact hurdles that are meant to test us achieve our inner dreams. They make us tough in managing anything in life. They are also great teachers.
  14. The faster we go up in life the harder will we fall. Who said staying truthful was easy?
  15. Punctuality, passion, persistence, perseverance, commitment, honesty, integrity, truthfulness, etc helps us stay in our path to be the person whom nature has put us on the Earth to be. This will help us answer our purpose in life. Remember, the easy Path in life that is lured in with a short cut under the pretext of a promise is always the hardest to navigate.


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