CONNECTING with nature.

How many of us do connect to nature on a daily basis? Probably none of us. We are all stuck in this rut and on the treadmill of daily life called the rat race. It is a race to no where with a never ending race to work, spend and paying our bills. In that process we have forgotten ourselves, our very lives and the Earth on which we are standing on. Do we know what is under our feet deep inside? Maybe it is a large cavern filled with diamonds and gold veins popping out of crevasses on the rocks or there are gigantic crystal column of quartz. We may never know. We are chopping off forest by the minute to clear land for farming, raising cattle and for mining purposes. Hence logging has become a profession in itself where people are paid to cut the very same trees that we are trying to conserve through conservation efforts. Plastics are everywhere from the Oceans to the food we eat. Unnecessary and wasteful consumption is at an all time high. Diseases are on the rise.Are we killing our own species? Hospitals and Pharmaceuticals are raking in Billions of dollars in Profits. All for the sake of Money. The questions that we need to ask ourselves: How much money do we need to live our lives?

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So where have we gone wrong and what are we doing to our own Home? Our beautiful Planet that is unlike any other which is filled with life, filled with color and filled with vibrant beauty. Maybe it may have a much shorter life than the creator intended. With it our life follow, meaning each and every one of us. We are all to blame for the unimaginable size of the pollution that we have created for ourselves through our excess consumption, our disposable habits and our carelessness in throwing wastes right in our own backyard. There is no way we can clean it up. Since it is a next to impossible task we will never pursue it. To clean up wastes new Businesses have popped in raking in money as well. First we bring in the industrial age to satisfy consumers with goods they don’t need, then they do a great job in  disposing off everything into our landfills, polluting our air, water and land.So why manufacture in the first place. Why don’t we manufacture through custom ordering and let go mass production? This will reduce excess production, excess inventory and excess waste. WE will then start using only what is needed. Today we have TV sizes from 1 inch LED to 150 inch LED. All we need is to get the information that is necessary. The size of the TV does not matter, but it seems like for some size matters.

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Our landfills, our atmosphere and our oceans are crying at us. But we all seem to be looking the other way. Our beaches are ridden with needles, our food tainted, our air filled with micro particles and clothing made of plastics. We have even allowed plastics to be in touch with food by allowing Plastics to take over our kitchens. AS we all know they are derived from petroleum waste. It’s really shocking that someone had found a way to market it and capitalize on it by cutting through legal barriers and red tape. Obviously like anything else, there is a loophole some where that is yet to be plugged. Shoes and sandals are modern day conveniences. It also protects our feet from nails and what not. But our feet was not designed to be confined to any protective barrier. They were meant to breathe like our lungs and sweat like our skin. Instead we have imprisoned them by confining its movement of freedom. We seldom let them touch natural Earth. This is what nature intended for it to function normally.

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WE all know from different Yoga texts of the various imaginary chakras within the body. They all originate in the head , radiate in to the thorax and abdomen and transfer the  energy by heading towards the feet and on to the Earth. WE are all well connected to the Earth through our feet. Walking barefoot and connecting to Earth have been proven scientifically to have benefits to our overall health and well being of our bodies. our mind and body are connected in unison with the rest of nature. We depend on nature for food, clothing and shelter too in addition to medicine and what not. We will not exist without nature but it can and will exist without us. At that point it will have no enemies.

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When we enter our homes with our shoes on as seen in Western societies, we are in fact taking the germs from public bathroom floors, Subway germs, Chewing gum and what not into our homes. This tells us that we have not been taught basic hygiene from early on. In Eastern Cultures, it is customary to leave your sandals or shoes outside the house. After the shoes are off, the feet are washed thoroughly with water and only then are we allowed into their homes. This tells a lot about the culture and its importance to personal Hygiene. The floors of these homes are usually made of natural products such as bamboo or wood. In modern buildings concrete with wood facings seems to be the norm. Plants are a way of us bringing nature into our homes, thereby having it being part of us. When our feet touches the floor inside or the dirt outside our homes, it is being caressed by blades of grass, by gravel particles. It is also covered with germs and what not. Through this connection brings with it certain intricacies of our intimacy with nature. it does help wake up our mind, body and spirit. The aroma of the soil in itself triggers some sort of innate response. By exposing ourselves to natural elements brings with it certain natural immunity that could one day save our own life.

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In the modern World today, we have chemicals to wash our face, sanitizers in each corner of the house, liquid sap to wash our hands with, harsh chemicals to wash our bathroom floors and to freshen up our bed to make it smell better. These chemicals do destroy everything in its path and will ultimately destroy us. But in the process of us having conditioned ourselves in using it, we are losing the battle to fight simple infections, lost our immune responses and are paving our way to diseases that can take us out in an instant. Humans including our ancestors have survived for many centuries without the use of these toxins and have made it entirely by using natural products that are available easily in the World around them. The World that nature has given them and not from the World of manufacturing that we have created for ourselves.

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In this rapidly moving and dynamically shaped World, we are fast losing touch with nature through deviant behavior. We have shunned natural medicines to Allopathic ones. Not many know of the alternatives that are available to them such as Ayurvedic or Homeopathic remedies. The art of healing through these natural methods have saved lives for millennia. But today we have called ourselves “modern” by labeling these medications primitive. Big pharma has their hands in marketing what is profitable for them. So they have sunk their fang into these natural methods and its usage. As a doctor, they are obligated to give alternative means of treatment to patients. But if there is only one treatment choice governed by a monopoly whom would a lay patient turn to. No one. They are stuck with it and having no other choice, would be in essence force to choose what is available. We also have been eradicating all the medicinal plants that are found in deep forests through logging. They may be extinct by now.

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Now that we are losing touch with nature, we have new diseases in the making, the lowest quality of Healthcare, the best of technology, the worst of medications with tons of side effects. If we are pumping in Billions of Dollars into Health, why is our personal Health heading downwards so rapidly? Is it all about money? Is Healthcare a BIG Business that supports a few and is it taking advantage of the rest? If so why are we buying into it? Why are our doctors NOT taking to us about diet at all? Why is natural diet not being customized to us base don our individual requirements? Are doctors not trained in diet? Are they trained just to write prescriptions there by supporting Big Pharma?

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All of us have heard the expression, we are what we eat. Here we are eating medications like a child in the candy store. We are eating contaminated food that are found in most supermarkets. 99% of what we find in supermarkets are Junk processed food with unlimited shelf life and probably with no expiration dates. The remaining 1% is Organic which costs 3 times the amount. Why is it that what is Natural is much more expensive and what is Junk is dead cheap. It is kept on purpose for a reason. Profits. You do the Math and some thinking. Something got to change here. We are in fact poisoning our own Species to extinction.




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