Why aren’t we BREATHING?

Our Brain demands more oxygen than the rest of our body for it to function normally. Hence it requires more oxygen than other organs. It only weighs about 3 pounds of our today weight, but it demands more energy as well, hence its increased consumption of oxygen. But are we giving it the required oxygen that it needs. I don’t think so. All of us are set in our daily routine from birth to death. Once we are set we are very reluctant to make change in that routine. When we combine our daily habits and our daily routine with the rat race cycle we are in for a shock. Both seem to complement each other. In fact the reality is that this combination is not doing us any good.

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Breathing is the basics of life in conjunction with its intake of oxygen and its expelling co carbon dioxide. What happens when we are not breathing normally? There will be carbon dioxide that builds within the lungs. This in turn will alter the atmospheric pressure that exists within and outside the lungs, causing changes in the respiratory cycle. Lungs are there for a reason. It helps us oxygenate our cells throughout our body. Diminished oxygen to the cells does alter their functions at a microscopical level. Imagine our brain cells without oxygen for a few minutes. They would die a irreversible death. Our brain can survive ONLY for up to about six minutes after the heart stops. Each cell is important to us because each of them contribute to our very survival.

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We live in a supposedly civilized society but in reality we are living otherwise. Nature has put us in on this Earth with all that is required to survive naturally. It has given us lumber, Earth, Air, Water, medicine and what not to sustain our own survivability on this Planet. But what have we done instead. We have destroyed and polluted all those and replace them with an Artificially created life that is filled with loads of products, and pollutants that are both toxic to ourselves and to nature. In that process we are killing ourselves in the name of us being an advanced society. We have also been looking down on past civilizations as primitive and have accepted them to be so.

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Today we see that our Artificial lives have been filled with self induced stress that are bought out on our own. The stress of life itself will kill us these days. Greed, Jealousy, hatred, Ego, anger and other negative emotions have taken over our lives to its detriment. In doing so we are forgetting to breathe in air. We have thrown out old school morals that have been put in place by our ancestors, we have outlawed their teachings as obsolete by branding them as primitive and have embraced modern technology by learning to accept them as part of our lives. In light of this we have lost natural medicines to logging, lost valuable information from the past and have lost respect for ourselves and for our ancestors. For it it who had laid the foundation for our present day existence. Without them we would not even have been born or survived to this day. Their sacrifices must mean something to us. But it seems like it doesn’t.

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Stress has taken over our lives. It is our doing and we are paying the ultimate price through ill health, bringing in diseases like obesity, diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, cancers and what not in to our lives. Excess consumption and wasteful spending is the sole cause. This puts us into the debt cycle. With this comes higher stress levels. The air is polluted, the land is polluted and so are the water resources. Our body itself is a combination of toxic chemicals and micro-plastics. We are THE consumers, hence we can blame no one but ourselves. The less we consume, the less we can contribute to pollution. This is the only way we can get out of this mess and start breathing.

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We are living sedentary lives by over eating, little to no exercise, spending our life on a couch staring at LCD screens, and spending hours on end on social media. The sad part is we always look to get the closet parking spot to the mall entrance. This has led to a spurt of violence over a parking spot. Have we become this lazy even to walk a few extra steps? No wonder we have forgotten to breathe. Unless the body is put to work through exercising, the blood tends to pool, the lungs tend to be happy at rest and the heart beat slow. This is a sure recipe for disaster. All we need is to move and the body will take care of the rest. We also need to connect with nature to help make our breathing easier.



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