LEGACY of our footprint.

Our footprint will say a lot about us long after we are long gone. But what about NOW? Our legacy stays with us right from our Birth to our death and beyond. Many people would like to leave a legacy to their family in terms of Wealth, but have they considered leaving them a legacy of character building. Meaning how they lived, whom they had helped, how they made others feel, did they live a humble life and how they treated others. In the end, it is Our character that remains along with the memory of what we have done for society. Humans have become a dominate Species on this Planet by using force and fear to control everyone from animals in the forest to controlling our own Species. Is this modern day slavery? Today we fear another Human being (who looks and speaks just like us and has the same feelings) than we would a tiger, a lion, a crocodile or an elephant. We have become our own enemies and thus we have come to fear ourselves. We fear being cheated, being jealous of, being hated, being mugged on the street, being taken advantage of, being despised, being outlawed, being discriminated, etc etc. Today we are also leaving more digital footprints than real ones. We have too many virtual friends and no real friends. I guess we will be leaving many fake legacies behind too than real ones.

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In Life, we have all been chasing the money trail because this is what our family and society has taught us to do. But we need to look outside the box to find who we are and of our true and innate purpose in our own lives. Our parents have given us our names, told us which religion to follow, which school to go and in many instances told us which profession to practice. Those were their decisions and ideologies based on what society had thrown at them. So they had made decisions that would be good for us but were not available to them when they were young. Now that we have aged, we have had our own share of life experiences, made our own mistakes, been used, and cheated. The marks on our backs will tell us the story of us getting back stabbed, cheated on and what not. This is called experience. Our individual experiences in our own lives bring about how we run about our daily lives, but it does not change our true character. This is the character of us that we need to set in stone for future generations to learn from. For this is us. They need to use this stone to step on and propel themselves even higher in their own lives. They do not have to follow every aspect of our lives, but it may serve them by holding us as their role model.

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Legacy can come in the form of namesake, wealth, knowledge, possessions, expensive toys such as Fast cars, Second homes, Mansions, Huge Bank accounts, expensive watches,  exotic vacations, Helicopters and Private jets. But what supersedes it all, is our True character. Without character that is acceptable and honest, we are nothing. It will give us no purpose to live, because it will have no purpose at all. Our true character defines us for who we are and for not what we have in terms of Wealth. We will be respected for it. We do not have to ask for it, but it will come our way without saying a word. Respect need not be demanded but will need to surface on its own accord. True character stays true to ourselves no matter what. It cannot be taken away by anyone like material Wealth. It is a part of us from birth to death. In fact it is us. We can change our character for no one, not even for ourselves. It is engraved in us. We can try to fake it but it always reverts back to its original factory made default settings. In short it is indelible and stays with forever.

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All the money in the World can buy us anything material, but a person with a bad character cannot move mountains through deceit or deception. Loyalty must be earned and cannot be forced. Word does go around about each and everyone of us. Ultimately the whole World would know who we are and what type of person we are. At this point this becomes the legacy of our footprint that is etched in the walls of society, permanently. Now the choice that we need to make for ourselves is do we need a good review or a bad one. It is never too late to mend our ways and change ourselves by putting ourselves on the good list verses being on the bad list. The key here is we cannot change the past, but all of us can change the future. Do we want to accomplish something the hard way or the easy way, do we want to accomplish something legally or illegally or do we want to accomplish something by harming someone and benefiting from it. If we wish to use someone to accomplish what we want, how can we sleep at night having done someone harm? How can we look ourselves in the mirror or face the society?

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Dinosaurs and our ancestors have left their footprint many centuries ago, but we are still curious to know how they lived , what they ate, and to in short we want to know all about them. We are amazed at the cave paintings, the pottery and the beautiful monuments that they have left behind for us to enjoy. This is all that we have in hand to work with and this is their legacy. Now that we know that our ancestors were watching out for us by leaving their tracks in the sand across Geological time zones, what are we going to leave back as a souvenir that marks our legacy in the footprint of time for future generations? It better be a good one.



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