Benefits of a SMILE.

The simple act of smiling can bring joy to others and onto ours. It helps take the cloud off of our heads and bring in the sunshine.

Image result for smiling man with no teethRelated image

  1. It makes us happier inside and out.
  2. It is completely FREE.
  3. It makes others happy.
  4. A smile is courageous.
  5. It is good for our health.
  6. It can lighten us up and has the power to relax us.
  7. Helps take away stress.
  8. Helps put a smile on a strangers face.
  9. It can brighten our lives by getting back lost relationships.
  10. It may even lengthen our own lives.
  11. Once we smile, people are forced to smile back at us.
  12. It can neutralize a situation.
  13. May brighten your day.
  14. When combined with laughter, it may create miracles.
  15. It’s also a good medicine.
  16. Try smiling for no reason: It does make you feel better.
  17. It may take the edge off.
  18. Smiling at someone may help bring that person out of their bubble.
  19. Maybe even a conversation starter.
  20. It takes no effort at all.

When we pass on our smile to others, we will Soon see that the whole World is smiling back at us. Once all of us get going we may all get addicted to it.


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