What does our GAIT say about us?

As Humans we are bipedal. We had started on fours and landed up as twos. Running on twos are supposed to save us a lot of energy, supposedly. But are we walking right. We have used and abused our feet and body in multitude ways. We has postural problems ever since computers came in to being and to top it off we are all hunched back on to our phones. No ergonomic chair can help us unless we take care of our body and feet. Women abuse their feet wearing stiletto heels, pointed shoes and what not. Man also do abuse their feet by doing heavy lifting and other factors. In the end when a feet is hurt, the whole body changes in order to accommodate that injured toe, heel or the entire feet. Our posture changes as a result. Now the muscles do the adapting. In the end we have detoured our body to assume a new position through adaptation in order to survive the situation at hand.

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  1. The way we walk determines how healthy we are.
  2. It gives the telltale sign of our fitness. Hint: Obesity, injury etc.
  3. How do we carry ourselves?
  4. Are our shoes measured to fit? Do we have sore spots?
  5. Do we have any minor hidden disabilities?
  6. Are we in pain?
  7. Are we modifying our posture to adapt to the pain?
  8. Spinal deformities or injuries?
  9. Are we a Slow or fast walker?
  10. Our symmetry. A habitual heavy load on one shoulder may place that shoulder at a depressed level. An childhood injury can stunt growth.
  11. Postural deformities. Habitual posture can lead to this.
  12. Straight posture: a baseline may be used as a reference to assess current posture and thereby record that discrepancy.
  13. Developmental anomalies.
  14. History of bone fractures.
  15. Each step that we take can tell a lot about us.

Physicians and other Health care Professional are trained to watch and spot irregularities in our movement. When well trained, even minor aberrations can be spotted in its infancy. It may also save someones life. We all know that a Dentist is the Specialist of the mouth. But do you know that they are also trained in Medicine. Many General and Systemic Health issues show up in the mouth before it appears elsewhere. So Please get your pearly whites checked every six months and have them cleaned. Your mouth may be the Window that saves your life. Did you know that there have been Scientifically proven studies of heart disease that stems from the bacteria in your mouth. This may give you a compelling reason to visit your Dentist every six months. An Annual Physical examination is recommended with your Physician.

Most people spend more money and time on their cars to keep them flashy. They take it weekly to a car wash to buffing it up and add a sparkle to it. But, How many of us do dedicate ourselves by devoting the same amount of time and spending some money to keep ourselves fit and staying healthy? We are willing to spend tons of money on Junk food but not on real food. This is why the manufacturers are giving us what we are asking for. So whom do we blame?



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