How clean are our FINGERS and TOES?

Back then our fingers and our toes were free of shoes, Gloves and all sorts of toxic chemicals. Today we have housed them within shoes, makeups and gloves, where they are being choked and stuffed. Remember we are social animals who perspire through our sweat glands. Creamed and lotions do close these sweat pores. Guess what happens? Our sweat gets imprisoned along with other toxins, leading to fungal out breaks, infected nail beds and what not. Remember there is a medicine for anything. One to bring it on and one to take it off. Either way you know who wins always (Hint: The Pill). All we need to do is to give our skin a breath of fresh air for it to recover from our ongoing mistakes and to prevent repeating those same mistakes in the future.

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  1. Hygiene is paramount to our Health.
  2. Infections can be prevented by letting our skin exposed to natural air and sunlight.
  3. A daily shower is a must. This includes scrubbing in between fingers and toes.
  4. Nails must be cut at least once a month to size to ensure and sustain cleanliness.
  5. Feet must be bare when walking inside the house. Socks do help retain moisture.
  6. Natural surfaces help massage our feet y applying pressure to pressure points.
  7. Diseases can be prevented by what we do. Nails can tell us a lot about our systemic Health. Do not cover it up with makeup.
  8. Less to no visits to the Podiatrist.
  9. Cut your nails and trim it on your own. Public places such as barber shops may harbor bacteria which may lead to infection in some cases. In others it may be plain unsanitary.
  10. Use less to no chemicals to reduce your exposure to toxins found in most Cosmetic products. Use natural and home made products to your benefit.



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