Time wasted COMMUTING.

OUR TIME on this Earth is very short in the Geologic time scale. It is probably measured in fractions of a nanosecond.  That’s small. Now lets apply that in our own lives. We spend 1/3 of our life sleeping. The rest 1/3 is devoted to Work. So we have only 1/3 to live our lives. Even that is being cut short by commuting from one place to the other, most commonly from home to work and back. The vast majority of us are spending our lives on the road in cars, buses and trains, in the name of work. So the ACTUAL amount of time that are left in our lives is very minuscule, which we devote to social media, shopping, cooking, partying etc. So are we living yet?

We are basically renting this Planet. We own no property because it’s not ours. Our time is all that we own, nothing else. When we depart we leave with nothing, not even the clothes on our back.

  1. Prioritizating ourselves is THE most important aspect of finite time management.
  2. Get out unwanted activities in our lives. De-clutter and simplify.
  3. Social media does demand a lot of energy and most importantly time. Once that time is gone, it’s gone for ever. It is in fact cutting  THE chunk of time from our very life time.
  4. Not everyone is our friend or will be our friend. Definitely not the Whole World. So we got to pick and choose the pearls of friendship from the vast ocean of Humanity. All we need is a select few who are true to us and to themselves. Have real friends and not fake ones. Use our time to be with the ones who care for us and the ones whom we care about.
  5. Learn to cook and save by commuting less. Save that time to cook and store food for the week. This will give us even more free time.
  6. A home office saves us both time and money. Today we see most IT companies allowing their employees to work from home. They save on office space, utilities and other expenses.
  7. Learn while commuting to and from places. This might do us some good to our intellect.
  8. Commuting less or no commute: It will definitely help OUR World by reducing our INDIVIDUAL contribution to pollution, cut out wasted time and zero the stresses of daily commute. NO Commute – No Oil – No pollution.
  9. Use alternate mode of mobility for very short commute: Electric bikes, e-scooters and even manual bicycles. Even better is to walk. This would be time well spent.
  10. Less commute equals more time that is available for our personal use. Use time wisely, because we only got one chance, one time and one life to live.



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  1. richardyadon says:

    Well stated. I read recently that the singer David Cassidy’s last words were “So much wasted time.” Sad that those would be anyone’s final thoughts. Knowing your purpose and true calling gives you an internal guidance system. This system tells you what is worth your time. Everyone should get in touch with their calling so they have no regrets when our time runs out!

    Richard Yadon | http://www.RichardYadon.com


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