In today’s World of “Bigger the better” mentality, downsizing may be a challenge for many. Let’s take a look into our requirements of daily living. Simplicity in how we live may hold the key to our longevity and our inner happiness. Materials does not brings in happiness but takes it away. We can only eat so much that our stomach can hold. Likewise we need only so much which we can hold. Too much of anything is POISON. Now, Let’s ask ourselves these questions:

  1. How much money do we need for us to be Happy? How big of a bank account do we want to have? (Mind you it’s Not need). Most of us would answer: THE BIGGEST bag. Will a bigger house satisfy us? Not likely.
  2. What type of cars do we want to drive in and have it parked in our 5 car garage?
  3. How BIG of a house do we need?
  4. Would 10 Bedrooms and 7 Bathrooms suffice?
  5. How many acres do we want around our house?
  6. How much money are we willing to throw away each year in the name of property taxes?
  7. Can we afford to have a person to maintain the landscape and take care of the pool and the outdoor spa?
  8. We all like to have green lawns in front of our houses. Don’t we? This comes in with Gallons of wasted water, a Ton of toxic chemicals on our lawns and a lot of wasted money, all just for our house to look good for strangers and of course our neighbors.
  9. How much square footage of the house are we looking to have?
  10. What is the annual cost to heat the house in Winter and to keep the house cool in Summer?
  11. How much space (in sq.feet) do we need to sleep in? The right answer IS probably 6 feet by 4 feet. But for many a 5000 sq. foot mansion is what they want. Our individual needs and wants may differ.
  12. Do we like to clear the snow in our driveway by ourselves or to hire a service.
  13. How much does it cost to run our homes? Things do breakdown sometimes. ( In reality, Many times).
  14. Do not forget the spring and fall cleanup.
  15. Our home IS a money pit that sucks us dry. The bigger the home, the bigger the cost and bigger the expenses. Bigger mortgage also keeps us cash poor to run our everyday lives. Now our life starts running on credit cards.

Our home is not an investment like how we have been led to believe. It does not put money into our pocket but takes money out month after month and year after year. Downsizing and saving the difference may be the ONLY way to retire for many. But not many will. If each of us saved all that money we have paid on just the property taxes for all these many years, that would be a very big chunk in itself to retire on. Anyone having a mortgage on the house will create a much deeper dent on our finances for years to come because this is money that comes out.

If we STILL want that BIG house next to Wall street Tycoons and Business magnates, these may be the reasons:

  1. May be the subject of our image or lack of self esteem.
  2. Proving to be successful by the display of Wealth.
  3. Have the throw away money to impress others.
  4.  To prove a point that exists between success and failure.
  5. False sense of Self accomplishment and Self procurement.
  6. In the books we become property rich and cash poor.
  7. Increases net worth on paper.
  8. May be to showcase.
  9. Creating an image of lavishness and its affordability to others.
  10. Owning a large mansion and its toys may be our way of keeping up with the Jones-es . It will for sure annoy the hell out of people who envy us, are jealous of us and for people who hate us.

What does a Small House do for us? To be self sufficient: We may need just 4 rooms- Living, dining, kitchen and bath. The smaller the better. What do we save? We learn to live frugally with less to no material stuff. When we connect with the Sun for solar power, use natural spring water from the mountains and eat healthy with what we find around us, we are doing ourselves and our body a favor by living the way we are supposed to. We cook at home with the amount that is needed. So there is no food waste. Heating, cooling, property taxes, waste disposal, water, sewer, red tape, permits, inspections, and lots of material “stuff”. The costs for all these drop exponentially. All these would disappear. Our wallet will be heavier with no bills to pay and our heart MUCH lighter. We might even ask: What is stress? In fact we have de-stressed and de-cluttered our lives to live the natural way. Meaning to live off of the land and to live with nature, NOT against it. Life thus gets much simpler.




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