Why are the MALLS FULL and our HEARTS EMPTY?

Ever been to a mall ? Having you ever seen any mall’s parking lot empty at any given day or time? This is happening 365 days a year. What are people buying, I would think?  How many TV’s does one want in their home? How many gadgets does one need? Gadgets do get obsolete within a month or so after purchase and becomes worthless. Our Electronic waste is skyrocketing in the landfills. They (Malls) are basically wooden boxes with unwanted STUFF in them? If so why are we flocking by getting attracted to them like magnets? Are they giving away anything for FREE? Once we get there we are fighting like toddlers to get a parking spot. Once inside we are promised with massive limited time savings. For fear of missing out(FOMO) we start to dig in and purchasing what we want with the money we do not have (on Credit mostly).. In that process we are losing our very identity as Human beings and are getting transformed into animals.   With change of behavior, the principle of survival of the fittest sets in.WE start fighting over products in store forgetting that we are Humans first. The instinct to gather more and more at all costs for later use kicks in. This may be a survival instinct to ensure our individual survival. We have been conditioned to love products and to use people.No wonder our hearts and wallets are empty. Meanwhile are homes are filled with the void of happiness but filled to the brim with stuff to impress others. Since we do not have the money to buy these stuff we dig ourselves deeper into the hole of unnecessary debt. From here on it will be a guaranteed downward spiral.

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Today we have the option to shop round the clock online or shop till we drop in the stores. Either way someone is getting richer by the minute passively behind the scenes and we are are growing poorer by the minute actively. No wonder the entire World is running on debt, a massive one. With this massive consumption comes pollution from manufacturing, packaging and transportation. So each and every one of us are individually responsible for climate change such as in the case of Global warming. If we have decided to still continue to ignore all signs and proceed down the lane, nature will bite back. I am sure it won’t be pleasant. It may even bring an end to Life as we know it. Nature has a way of recycling itself every few million years or so. I believe that at different points in our history, The Earth has wiped itself of all Life and have brought itself back on many times before. It too has started with CLEAN SLATE by wiping off each and every Life on it and by bringing on new and improved version of us each and every species. When we compare this with products. “New and improved” means the old was Junk or just a prototype to test the waters.

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So how do we as Consumers keep the Malls empty and our hearts full? To do this we need to uncondition ourselves into unnecessary spending sprees.

Before making any purchase we MUST ask ourselves:

  1. Do I really need this? Need and want are two different things. Need is the basic of what we need in Life to pass each day. Everything else falls into the category of wants. “Want” is a inner craving.
  2. Does it create a positive impact in my life?
  3. Does it bring me happiness?
  4. Will it put me into debt or take me even deeper?
  5. What solution does it solve for me?
  6. Is this product that important to me or my family?
  7. Will it bring our family closer ar split it apart?
  8. Do I want to part with my hard- earned, after- tax money, that has come to me after all those personal sacrifices?
  9. Do I want to bring in more STUFF into my Life?
  10. What are the pros and cons of buying it on impulse?
  11. If it is “absolutely essential”, can I get it much cheaper on the web.
  12. Why are we supporting Big box stores? They are old school taking up more and more space that have been created by chopping down trees. Moreover they are power guzzlers. They need massive energy to operate, create more traffic, more manpower needed and comes in with massive rents.To support all these the cost of the product they sell have to be high at least to justify the rent for those stores.
  13. Will this product bring Life to us or will it destroy us?
  14. Will I be using it 5 years from now?
  15. Is the product useful at all in the first place?
  16. Is it manufactured using slave labor, child labor, Sweatshops or a product of Human exploitation in poorer countries?
  17. How much does the CEO of that company make and what are it’s shareholder values? It’s also good to know the companies stance on Humanity and the positive contributions towards it. How does a particular company support environment and address pollution?
  18. WE need to know that products individual contribution to pollution during its manufacturing process.
  19. Do we value a Human much more than this Product?
  20. Does this product do any good for overall Humanity?

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If the answer to any one or all of the above questions is NO, then it does not belong in our hands. We shouldn’t be buying it. By doing so we can keep our wallets and our hearts Happy. It is much more important than keeping the malls full. We need to prioritize ourselves in life: It is US or THEM? It is US or STUFF? It’s your turn. Pick your choice.








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