We may be from the old school but we have endured through many adversities in our lives. We may also be called old and stupid because we are fragile and vulnerable, but remember that we were young just like you, once upon a time. It takes some smartness, guts and the know how to get from way back then to where we are today. We have seen the Pre-internet era where life went on normally as well as THE internet times of today where life thrives in an artificially created World with great difficulty. This World demands having things fast, cheap and easy. Back then people moved much slower and had systems executed at a snails pace unlike today.

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The World sure has changed and so have its inhabitants who call themselves Humans. But to appreciate the two sides of the same coin (one old and the other new), it is only wise to explore their mindset along with their expectations and requirements of daily life. The grandfather does not and will not have the same mindset as his grand kids. Even the thought process may not be the same between a mother and her grown up daughter. Today we see that people have lost their very identity, morality and the ethics of everyday living. Living true to one self and others have become a thing of the past. Greed and Jealousy have taken over minds. Money has corrupted us all and the old honest life is moving away from us and fast. Today we see value in things and not in people. We stand in line to get the latest gadget but we forget to go for our Physical or to see our Dentist on a periodic basis. We spend more money buffing up our car to look pretty for others  that we forget to buff up our Health. Our priorities in life have changed drastically and is heading the wrong way.

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We will need to use the good from both sides. No one is wrong and no one is right. Like in life there is both good and bad. We need to choose the good over bad. We also need to learn and apply. We also need to be life long learners. We need to adapt ourselves to learning from the old knowledge and apply its relevance in the new life of today. Portions of that may be obsolete. This is where the modern mindset, the way of thinking and technology fills in the gap. Eastern medicine has helped many recover from deadly ailments for centuries before us, but we have shut the doors on them. Instead we are forced to heed to Western medicine and face all its associated side effects head on. Profits soar for the hospitals, pharmaceutical and insurance companies. But for the patient what soars are their headaches, boat load of side effects and big bills. There is good in what ever we learn. Why not use the best of both Worlds? It’s easier said than done. When we have too many cooks doing the soup, things can go sour. This is what we are seeing around us in these uncertain times. The system seems to be playing along with it. Meanwhile the patients are paying a hefty price with their health.

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Technology has connected us very well but when we dissect and look into its inner works, we see the deficiencies. Families and friends are connected very well but not connected at all. Every one has a gadget in their hand even at the dinner table. Face to face communication have come to a standstill. People have more virtual friends than real friends. We expect the fastest delivery of stuff to our doorstep and we expect it to be 100 % free. How is that possible? Someone somewhere is paying for it. We are eating fast foods and processed foods which are available in plenty in most supermarkets. But where do we find fresh and natural foods? It does not exist. 99.99 % of any supermarket is filled with low cost junk food available for consumption for the masses. It is designed for mass consumption. To be profitable, they have to be cheap to manufacture and have increased shelf life. This means they are loaded with tons of chemicals. To get real food we need to pay much more in the form of so called Organic foods. Why do we need to pay a premium price for REAL food? Is it because we as consumers are accepting what is being presented to us?

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Back in our evolutionary days we ate real food with bare hands. Today we are eating junk food with fork and spoons. What is wrong here? Where have we gone wrong? Our writing skills in the modern era has gone digital too. But what about writing with a pen or reading a physical book.  Have they disappeared for good? Looks like it. Back then we used to calculate simple math with out minds. Then came the calculator which made our mind a vestigial organ. Even today our computations are being done by computers instead of minds. The smell of a new book and the touch and feel of its pages did give us an incentive to learn. The digital screens of today does not invoke any of the same feelings as the touch and feel of a book. The screen seems to have no character or a flavor to it, let alone the usefulness of its content. We also have the vast open book of the internet that is unlimited, open 24/7, on demand and infinite which has led  us to this information overload. Can our modern brain process those information at the rapid pace at which it is coming in? Do we need all this information or should we pick and choose? It is anyone’s guess.

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When generations join hands we can accomplish a lot by learning from each other and respecting each others positives and neutralizing the negatives. Because this is life all about.  Making use of the pluses and learning from the minuses. Life is a balancing act that comes with no guarantees. It’s what we make out of it.

Let’s Connect and learn together.






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