BEGGING for food in the 21st century. Isn’t that sad?

In a land of plenty it is a shame to see someone starving and begging for food. This is totally unacceptable in the 21st century, in my humble view. Today food is very cheap and plentiful. There is a lot to go around for everyone irrespective of their ability to afford and pay. We have come a long way from the first harvest that had happened many centuries ago.  But sadly we are seeing people die of starvation even today. Many of them try to beg for food but are unsuccessful. This has led to the demise of many. On the other hand we throw out food in massive quantities into our landfills each and every day. This helps no one. Instead of throwing out this food, why not we give it away for free to the needy. We spend tons of money on unwanted stuff that are collecting dust in our homes and in public storage. Why not do our part in changing this age old problem of food scarcity for millions?

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Each and every day restaurants, eateries, supermarkets, hotels, cruise ships, airlines etc dispose off their unused food into dumpsters which head to landfills to rot. This process of bacterial activity produces more toxins which end up in the air we breathe and the water we drink. So who is benefiting ? None. Instead why don’t we create an organization that collects the food from these know sources and transport it to the needy half way across the Globe and sometimes we will be even surprised to see that our neighbor next door may be that needy person as well. Since the origin of this prepared food is known, and since we know that the food is prepared in a sanitary environment, it could be certified by an independent agency for free distribution across the World. The same holds good for fruits and vegetables as well.

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In the supermarkets of today, they have certain specification of the length and width of bananas and the color and girth of apples. When they approach a farmer or co op, these specifications are made available to them before they do business with them. Only those fruits and vegetable that meet their strict specifications do pass the test before being shipped to market. The ones that don’t meet these specification or guidelines, are literally dumped and thrown overboard into massive pits to rot. This too benefits no one. Supermarkets are giving consumers what they demand and we the modern consumers are so picky. We want the carrots to be of equal size, regular shape, classic color and must be comical. Anything out of this norm, we will reject. This applies to all produce. We are conditioned on what an apple must look like or expect to see how a beet root is shaped. This is all conditioned in us over the years by the supermarkets. Anything that is misshapen, irregular or anything that looks abnormal are immediately tossed aside and discarded. In other words, these are perfectly healthy and edible. From what I know someone had started an online for this market as well. Who knew adversity would bring something promising. And on a positive note, people are beginning to notice.

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Instead of sending massive missiles loaded with toxins between continents, why not we empty out those chemicals and use the same to transport these undesired food in a refrigerated condition to those who need it the most. At least this will bring us peace of mind that we are helping someone somewhere far away and start appreciating what we have. When an inter-ballistic missile is send across oceans to other continents, it only brings with it death, destruction and suffering. But when we send food, we are well received and appreciated. This may be the best way to accomplish Peace in all parts of the World. JUST by helping one another. It does not cost us anything. War only helps an Elite few, but food does helps millions. 

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Now, you might ask why am I choosing food as a topic to write about. Because this is the only chance for many who are in dire straits dying of starvation in many parts of the World. Who am I? I am a little guy just like you who is a concerned citizen of the World. My job is to bring awareness to the masses. I have come up with this idea and am sharing it with the World. My hope is that someone would take notice and help make it a reality. What had sparked the fire inside me? I was faced with an incident that happened around the corner from my office. I was heading for breakfast last Saturday morning at a local diner. A lady was waiting outside in the cold with a backpack in hand. She  approached me and asked ” Sir, Can I ask you a question”. I said “Yes”. She said ” I am homeless and have not eaten for the past few days. Could you buy me a cup of coffee?” I said “I definitely would” even without thinking and asked her “if she would like to have a sandwich along with it too”. She replied “Yes”. I approached the cashier, made the payment and had requested them to please give this lady a cup of coffee and the sandwich. She was very happy and had wished me a Happy Holiday. I wished her the same and left. But the smile on her face lingered on. I still see it. It feels good to give and help out. In essence this is what we are wired for. Today we seem to be heading in the wrong direction. It’s all about “ME” and “I”. Isn’t that selfish? I would think so.

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Is this the plight of many and how are we going to solve it? Are we going to find a solution for it or are we going to turn a blind eye to a problem that has been there for centuries? The have and the havenots. The rich and the poor. The rich and the Ultra rich. If a person has $100 plus Million net worth, after all the material purchases have been made and all the desired satisfied, he or she may not even feel to get out of bed. Because at this point there may be no purpose in their lives. In short, Too much of anything is POISON. On the other hand if this same $100 Million was split among 100 people with each getting $1 Million, it has the power to change the lives of these 100 people, their families and their communities for years to come. In this case, this money is rightfully put to work for the benefit of many and not just for one. The same applies to food as well. Buffet dinners are shown to be wasteful. Anything in moderation is good.

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Since we have a roof over our heads, warm clothes to wear during winter, a warm bed, a heated home and plenty of warm food to eat, are we willing to offer some help to the less fortunate? This has been a question of debate for many. Technology has given us many of the answers to all our questions, but it does not seem to have an answer in order to solve this problem of food scarcity for the poor and the needy. Hope one of us will.





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