Starting the NEW YEAR with a clean slate.

All of us have made past mistakes and learned from them. We still continue to do so by making new ones. The past years mistakes are yesterdays lessons learned the hard way. Moving forward these need to be used as our baseline to go to the next rung up. As each year pass our priorities change so do we. With each change comes responsibilities, new goals and objectives. We need to meet deadlines, meet new people and new challenges. We cannot run away from them but must face them head on. We may try to run, but we cannot hide. At some point we will need to face them and conquer them. If we do not conquer them, they will consume us. Each New Year we are also faced with the Fear of unknown Origin ( FOUO). Since we do not know what is in store for us just around the bend, fear overtakes us and tries to control us in all possible ways. Then imagination sets in, guiding us into a trap filled with failure and doubt. To avoid all this, lets wipe our slates clean on January 1st of each year to help us move forward in the right direction.

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Here are some suggestions:

  • Polish our habits: Drop off the old unhealthy ones and develop new and productive ones.
  • Mend relationships by talking it out
  • Develop new friends.
  • Be courteous, polite and well mannered.
  • Mutual respect for all: Respect everyone as we would like to be respected.
  • Help the less fortunate.
  • Make mistakes, make a lot of them. Learn from them so as to not to repeat them intentionally over and over again, just because it is within our safe zone. Failure sets us in the right track after many attempts.
  • Yesterday is gone for ever. Today is a second chance. We may never see tomorrow. The present is all we have got. If this too passes, we have lost it all.
  • NEVER EVER GIVE UP. Fall and get up. Keep doing it until we have accomplished our desired goal.
  • Take well calculated risks
  • Praise people who have earned it.
  • Bring out the creative side of you: Develop a hobby.
  • Spend more time with real friends and family: Not virtual friends on social media.
  • Spend no more than two hours of each day on activities that is not productive or useful.
  • Too many unknowns, let’s work with what we know to know about the unknown.
  • Never belittle anyone We are all the same. No one is superior and no one is inferior. And never burn bridges behind you because we may need to cross back using the same along the same path.
  • Consume less, pollute less.
  • Learn to cook. It will save a lot of money.
  • Be life long learners. We may learn a thing or two.
  • Have a mentor or be one or be both. Learn from somebody, because everybody has learned from somebody. There is no harm in learning.
  • Be an inspiration to someone and be their role model.
  • Learn to earn and save money. Learn not to blow it on unwanted stuff.
  • Know that our car and house are big liabilities.
  • Learn something new each and every day.
  • Spend our time wisely. Because our time on Earth is finite.
  • Maximize our presence on Earth by making each second count.
  • Shy away from gossip. It helps no one. It’s just a waste of time and energy.
  • Choose smaller plates and even smaller portions. in the end, It’s a battle between our mind and our stomach.
  • Always have a positive mindset.
  • There is no problem in this World which we cannot solve. Take it easy and think.
  • ALWAYS think outside the box. What you see is not what you see. Don’t believe everything you hear or see. Use your life experience as a guide.
  • If we do not want to help anyone, at least let’s not hurt them. Stay back and let them do their thing. Only get in the way if we are offering our help with good intentions.
  • Eat healthy and avoid junk.
  • Spend money on fresh food so we do not have spend money on medications which provide us no guarantees anyway.
  • Live life daily with no regrets. Do only what you love.
  • Carry a cotton tote bag and refuse plastic bags. It may help us save our Planet.
  • Save natural medicinal plants by learning about them, because Pharmaceuticals exists only for the sake of profits. Remember, Most medications are designed not to cure but to mask the symptoms of any disease.
  • Learn about Alternative medicines which have sustained our ancestors for generations.
  • Did you know: HUMANS are the most dangerous species to roam the Earth. We fear ourselves more than any other species. We need to keep this in mind when we travel to places and meet people. Be alert.
  • Learn to connect with nature by traveling and learning about different cultures, their traditions, their food, their customs, their language and their clothing.
  • Be open minded to learn more of something. Do not follow the media. They are open minded, but they want you to have a closed mind.
  • We need to be rational and logical in our thinking. If we do not think for ourselves, somebody will help us think to benefit themselves.
  • There are no experts on this World, only self- Proclaimed ones. Each of us are an expert in our own fields and in our unique way of thinking.
  • Each and everyone of us is as unique as each and every life form on this Planet. No one is lucky with their stars lined up. We have all started this Journey together on this Planet and we will all end up in the same spot.
  • Money is only accepted on Planet Earth. We will not need it underground. So it may be wise not to sweat the stuff to pay more in taxes by spending our entire life working. All we will have in our hands is lost time and plenty of regrets. Self sufficiency is the key. We need to know when to start and when to stop.
  • Drive less, Walk more.
  • Get daily sunshine, a breath of fresh air, cherish the sights and sounds of nature and eat the right foods. If we are not connecting with nature at all by staying in our cubicles all day, in our cars and in our homes, we may be missing out on life altogether by imprisoning ourselves within the four walls.
  • We have all forgotten to breathe in. Stress has taken over our lives. Time to breathe in and deep.
  • We cannot change the past but we can change the future.
  • We also get many chances in our lives. This is why there is tomorrow.
  • Start the New Year and start each day with a CLEAN SLATE.

What are YOUR suggestions? Let’s learn from you.



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