Our EYES: OUR Window.

Without our eyes we become completely blind to our surroundings. Even with our eyes we have become blind to prioritize on what is important and what is not in our lives. We are also know to abuse our eyes to bright light from the screens, flashing lights, flickering from TV screens, sleeping less, and over eating. An unhealthy diet in combination with excessive screen time can wreck havoc on our eyes too. It is said that our eyes are the windows to our soul. We are connected to nature through our eyes and through our senses, without which we will all be blind. Nature has the ability to soothe and heal any disease, but only if we let it do its marvel. When our eyes are shut off from this World, our senses picks up the tab  and heightens its alertness. So lets keep our eyes open and  learn all we can by giving our eyes the attention that it deserves. We have all been taking our eyes for granted. We will never value something unless and until we lose it. This applies to anything in Life.

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The color of our eyes comes in many variations. This is what makes us US. It also gives us an identity to ourselves. The very set up of the eyes and its inner mechanism is something to admire. Nature has done its part in creating this amazing camera. Now its time for us to take over charge and do our part in keeping it healthy.

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Health Tips:

  • Avoid excessive light.
  • Limit the duration of exposure.
  • Limit TV and screen use.
  • Gaming may be addictive. May prolong exposure time.
  • Wear dark glasses (approved and certified) for protection from the Sun.
  • Eat healthy food.
  • Wear work glasses when working with sharp objects and toxic solutions.
  • A hat with a visor might help limit Sun exposure to the face.
  • Get enough sleep.
  • Exercise your eye muscles to increase circulation.
  • Keep eyes healthy by washing off dirt.
  • Don’t stare at screens at a stretch. Once in a while close your eyes.

Please give us your Health tips as well.



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