Life as such is made hard and complicated. It is our doing. Once the basic essentials of life are taken care of, everything else falls into place automatically, unless we want it more complicated than it is. It is US who complicate our own lives.  Less is always more. Anything that we WANT more than what we actually need is what I call “EXCESS BAGGAGE”.

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We have embarked on a long journey through life on a one way street. There is no turning back. During this journey we have many choices and decisions need to be made. This is just like planning for a trip on a map. There are points where we need to rest, sleep and eat. Simplifying our life takes the stress out of life itself. Keeping it simple is the key.

Valuable Tips:

  • Have less bills coming in. The less it is the more you will have in Life.
  • Debt is only good when it is used as an investment vehicle. When its used to purchase stuff, they fall into the bad side.
  • Prioritize your life. Don’t complicate it.
  • Trust and keep a few good and loyal friends who are true to you and to themselves. Not everyone is going to be your friend out of 7 Billion people on this Planet.
  • Trust your guts and your instincts.
  • Simplify your life by wasting energy on things that don’t matter much and which do not contribute to positive living. eg: Time spent on Social media, Gossip, following the news media etc.
  • Keep a few accounts open.
  • Be frugal and a minimalist. Don’t be a spendthrift.
  • Be honest and open with everyone, but always be cautious.
  • Passion, persistence and perseverance will help us attain our goals.
  • The attributes of our Honesty and integrity will carry us a long way to potential success in the long run.
  • Have a hobby or two. This will help you keep and stay busy always.
  • Have just one or two credit cards.
  • Your Home is not an assert, it’s a liability. The smaller the home the better.  A condominium is even better. For a monthly fee your exterior is taken care off including lawn moving and common area maintenance. This will leave you with plenty of free time.
  • Work at home. Save on clothing costs, time lost, and transportation costs. You get to work in your pajamas too.
  • Consume less and pollute less. Buy only what is essential from a list. Do not make any impulse purchases.
  • Do not waste food. Buy only what you absolutely need.
  • We do not have to impress our neighbors at all. They are running their lives and we are running ours. We need to impress ourselves first and only us always ( Nobody else).
  • Hold on to your wallet tight. Everyone wants a part of it.
  • Do not complicate Life. It stays much easier that way.
  • Spend your money on experience and NOT on stuff. Stuff gets obsolete very fast.
  • Help the less fortunate by donating canned food. This might be safer than throwing money out to strangers.
  • Volunteer
  • What we sow is what we will reap. What goes around does come around. So don’t burn bridges behind you. We may need to cross the same bridge later on in life. Meaning leave off any relationship in good terms.
  • Smile, be courteous, polite and respectful to everyone who you come across each day. Smile and the World will smile back.
  • Choose your friends very carefully. It may make or break you.
  • Happiness must come from within and not from excess consumption of stuff.
  • Never compare yourself with anyone. Each of us are travelling on our own path.
  • Be content with what you have.  Be Self sufficient. Be Happy.

Please feel free to pass it on.


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