Imagine our life with NO POCKETS.

Imagine a World with no pockets. We have only two hands. Where would we put in the items which we cannot hold in excess while on the move? This is where the pockets come in handy. They have been with us for ever and we have been spoiled by them. In fact we still take them for granted just like anything else in life. Too much of anything in life is poison. it will spoil us in some way or other. Then there are inner pockets and pouter pockets. Did you know : Pants have inner pockets and shirts have outer pockets? In some pants, it comes with one small inner pocket inside another bigger pocket. There are many variations, multiple shapes and various designs. We may not like their looks but they are there for us, giving us a helping hand round the clock. Be it for pocketing loose change or to hold a pen, they are there.

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Without pockets we would be lost. They serve every aspect of our life. Make it a point not to ignore them. We may not be able to take anything with us when we depart from this World, but while we are alive these pockets make our lives much easier by holding things for us.



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