Do we want to keep RUNNING?

There are times when we feel like not running at all, especially on a cold, dark and a gloom wintry morning. We wish to cuddle under the blankets and get a few more minutes of sleep. Instead what do we do. We are awakened with the thought of going to work. To hop onto the rat race wagon, which takes us to work and then back. Repeating the same ritual over and over again throughout life. What if you had all the money in the world, Would you work? The most astounding answer is No. In reality it is a big YES. The reason being, no Human can idle their life away. It would be a complete waste of his or her life. Life has to have a meaning. Even people who are retired or semi retired have picked upon hobbies or things to do on a day to day basis. This keeps them active, fired up, sharp and young.

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So work is good when we want to do it voluntarily and not for the sake of earning money. Having Plenty of money to last a lifetime can also make a person sick. With no reason to get out of bed, having a butler at hand 24/7, a maid, an assistant to take care of everything else, a chef, a chauffeur etc, this person will be a prisoner in his or her own home. With no sense of daily accomplishments to feed the mind, obesity, boredom and a whole host of illnesses will set in crippling the person. This does not mean we should be running throughout our lives or even chasing money. If that’s all we expect to do in life (chasing money), our life would become worthless and meaningless. Our inner soul wouldn’t see a purpose in our own lives and the greed to acquire Wealth will end up being the only reason to work and live life, without even living life at the moment. By over working, we tend to shun all happiness of the current moment, focusing on only the future.

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Society has given us this roadmap to retirement which is in fact an empty promise. Most of us will not even make it there. The concept is: Work now, sacrifice the moment, pay taxes and plan for a fantastic time in paradise 50 years from now. Is this the idea of winding down? It sounds very grim. So what about now? Are we living to make use of today or are we going to forego what life has to offer us today and go in search of a far fetched and a very uncertain goal. Most of us are conditioned to follow this path. Each of us are free to do what ever we choose to do. But we need top step back, think and act on what is right for our particular situation. Once today is gone, it’s gone for ever, and tomorrow is unknown. All we have for sure is the present moment.

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Life should be a balance because it is a balancing act which can take us where we want to go. All work and no play will make us a slave to work and nothing else. Our life would be full of regrets in the end. We may have nothing to show far. Money is very important in our daily life, but it’s not all there is to life. We can always make money, but not time. Time is finite and cannot be purchased. Live life today. Today is not there to be postponed for tomorrow because tomorrow may never arrive for us. Look for meaning and a purpose in life. Once we have this, everything else will fall into place. We will know our goals, our objectives, what we need, what we want, what is important, what is unimportant, and we will start prioritizing our lives. If we do not know what we want our of life, our inner being will have no clue and will take us along a path with no destination.

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Some things to think about:

  1. Value time over money. When time is lost, everything is lost.
  2. Time is finite, maximize it with useful tasks. Get rid of energy sucking and time wasting activities in your life such as gossip and negative emotions. It benefits no one.
  3. Retirement is a far off  destination, choose one nearby.
  4. Live each day to the fullest and in your terms.
  5. Don’t live someone else dreams. Live your own life by creating it, love what you do and live every moment of it.
  6. Have a hobby or two to fall back on. Watching TV is not a hobby.
  7. Balance life. Life is not all about work and money. After all how much money do we need to cross the river?
  8. Do you want to be running in this rat race for ever?
  9. Are we living life TODAY? Or are we living on hopes for a distant retirement?
  10. Are we postponing Living life for another day? If so, we need to rethink.
  11. Are we living life at all?
  12. What are our plans for our ideal life? Are we living that life? If not., we may need to reconsider our current actions.
  13. What is our purpose in this life? Will we want to leave behind a legacy?
  14. What have we accomplished in our life so far and what do we want to give back to the World moving forward?
  15. Are you comparing yourself to others? Be original. Just be you. Create your own Life. They are living their lives. Live yours.
  16. Kids: Are we paying for everything? Do they have any stake in their own lives? Are we spoiling them? Can they stand on their own feet? Time to plan for your future. They will plan theirs (at least they are supposed to).
  17. Nothing will be handed to us in a platter. We will need to dream it, act on it, earn it and achieve what we want. There are no handouts and there are no free lunches.
  18. We are THE architect of our own lives. Plan it and live it. Because there is only one life to live.


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