What can we learn from our ANCESTORS?

Life does go on and has gone this far for millions of years back in time. It will also continue its course moving forward with or without us. Just like us our ancestors too have learned from their own life experiences and also have learned from their own forefathers before them in order to survive. Fast forward to today, food is available in plenty and everything from water to diapers are delivered to our doorstep at a moments notice. We are in fact spoiled. We do not have to hunt for our next meal nor have to fight for food. Our ancestors too did face difficulty but have survived by overcoming each and everyone of them. We too will follow suit.

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So what can we learn from our ancestors:

  1. Stop complaining  and get things done. Adapt, improvise and survive.
  2. Learn to respect each other within our own group. Also respect others mutually.
  3. Learn to live frugally thru minimalism.
  4. De-clutter our lives. Make time NOW, not 100 years from now. Rat race is a race to no where.
  5. Materialism has taken over our lives. Get rid of the unwanted stuff in our lives so it does not suck out and drain the energy from our very life.
  6. Respect different cultures, rituals and ancient traditions.
  7. Stay together and work together. As a solo traveler, danger lurks not far behind. There is strength in numbers.
  8. Respect personal space. Do not cross the line.
  9. Learn from olden forms of natural medicine. They are much better for our body than the so called modern ones that are loaded with tons of side effects and drug interactions. Not to mention Medical errors, over dose, addiction and what not.
  10. Simple living.
  11. Neither being a borrower nor lender.
  12. Living within or below our means.
  13. Saving a little at a time along the way. Remember there were no credit cards then to overextend our purchasing habits.
  14. Being happy with what we have in life. Respecting elders for who they are and for their wisdom in life. After all they have been through the same path before us. So they know a thing or two before us.
  15. Gratitude. Being grateful for what we have.
  16. Subservient.
  17. Being simple with what we have.
  18. Being non materialistic.
  19. Living a life free of greed, jealousy and other negative emotions.
  20. Not being rushed. They did not have a clock or have deadlines to meet.
  21. Be a traveler and be well educated.
  22. Be open minded to accept everyone as who they are.
  23. They grew their own food. They worked hard and ate what they grew.
  24. No junk food and No related diseases.
  25. They had plenty of exercise so they did not need a set time to exercise.
  26. Ate fresh fruits, berries and rice.
  27. They were cohesive within their families and tribes.
  28. They took their stand together as a group if threatened.
  29. They stitched their own clothes and were very skilled in all forms of art and crafts.
  30. When new inventions came in, they learned to accept it with caution.

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Life is dynamic. So we too need to move with the times without forgetting where we had come from. We should also not forget the core principles of life. Respecting ourselves and respecting all those around us is one of them. We also need to live a honest and ethical life with emphasis placed on our own integrity. We should not be compromising that attribute for anything else that may try to derail us on our own track. Staying true to ourselves and others will say a lot about us. Manners seem to be fading in recent years. Only time will tell what our successive generations will face, will need to adapt to and to change for their own survival, just like we did.




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