WHAT have we achieved: From Sunrise to Sunset?

We were taught that the Sun rises in the East and sets in the West. But it’s not exactly what happens. The path of it’s emergence and exit does change with the seasons and with respect to Earth’s tilt. We have all been taught to believe what was taught to us when we were kids. But Science does change, knowledge changes and so does technology. We need to keep up with the times by being lifelong learners. Once we stop learning we will sink. There is no question about that and all of us would agree strongly with this statement. We were taught to go to school, graduate from College, get a high paying job and become part of the workforce and keep paying taxes until we die. This is so old school. This has also become so obsolete. The new school is to be well educated in order to become much smarter by looking outside the box. The new generation of youngsters are defying the norm and creating their own path by way of announcing incubators and startups. Most won’t but some will pursue their dreams. Those who do, do so wanting to make the most of their allocated time from dawn to dusk by assessing their own merits and demerits. Who said there were guarantees in life?

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So what do we do when we get up in the morning. We do our morning chores, drive our cars to work or take public transportation. In the evening we trace the same footsteps back home and this same cycle continues day in and day out. Is this what we call a civilized or modern living? Being on the treadmill of the rat race? Say we reach work in the morning and come back home in the evening. What in our mind have we achieved today? Are we simply trading our time for money? Or are we just wasting our life away finding no purpose in it? Or have we fallen into a system from which we cannot get out? Is it sucking the energy out of us daily? To find our answer, we need to look deep inside ourselves. Once we can answer this question for ourselves, because it is our life. I am sure we are not living anyone else’s life so far. Nature awaits us outside our cubicle. It’s beauty awaits us for it to be touched and explored. The sights, aroma and sounds too are awaiting us. This rat race has been holding us as its prisoners for too long, with no end in sight. We will continue to be in its grip and power for many more years.

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As the day ends by coming to a close and when the house lights up after dark, we need to have a feeling or a sense of accomplishment that comes only from the hard days work. We should also have the satisfaction of making someone smile. It may not sound big to us. But it means a lot to many. All we have to do is to smile and we get the same in return. It may not even cost us a penny. Travel and learn. Taste new foods, start appreciating new cultures, traditions, languages, rituals and dresses. Be open minded and explore the World around us. Don’t be like a “frog inside a well” with close minded thinking. “Traveling does bring each of us closer together by refining the boundaries that ill define us”.

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Live life to the fullest each and every day. Do what we truly love and commit to making a difference in someones life. As the power in us ripples outward, it does touch the life of many all around us and around the World. This is the power of one and this is the power of us. Yes, each and every one of us. Yes, each of us can make a difference. But it always starts with ONE. So lets start with us as number one and start counting to make each day count. It does not matter how long we live in years, What matters the most is have we lived our life fully and with no regrets. Have we lived and enjoyed each and every minute of our unique life on this Planet. If not we would be leaving plenty of regrets behind. In life all we get is one chance to make our life worthwhile. When our time is up, it’s time to pack up and leave for good.

So let’s make each day and each second count. Time to Stop trading our Life (time) for money and have money do it’s thing for us. Buy us time to live Life. At the end of each day we need to ask ourselves: What have I done worthwhile today (other than work), where I had made a difference in my life and in the life of another Human Being? This is what makes us HUMAN. This will also give us the answer for our own purpose in Life.




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