“NIP IT” in the bud.

Old habits do die hard. It’s a matter of mind over matter. But each of us can do anything we want to and achieve the results that we desire: ONLY if we want to. The same applies to anything in life. So the same goes for any habit that we have got accustomed to and have made it a part and parcel of our lives.

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In life each us us have our own comfort zones. This zone is  our personal space that we have created for ourselves. Our security depends on it. So we tend to fight any change that threatens this inner zone. We tend to get highly defensive about any change. We pass each day within this inner circle and are more apt in taking no risks at all. This keeps us in the loop of the same old, same old mindset with no chance of us ever getting out. To make change we need to fight change. To break a habit we will need to fight it. It is our own mind doing the talking inside us. Only we can help break this habit. No one else can help us.

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Tips to breaking a habit: Money is a big motivator for many. So should we use its power to help make change in ourselves and in others whom we love? The answer would be an astounding YES.

  1. Take a large empty clear plastic bottle. The key here is to see it’s growth visually on a daily basis which might serve as a powerful motivator.
  2. Make a slot in the cap. ( or purchase a set up as shown above).
  3. Close the bottle with the cap and then seal it permanently. It should be tamper proof.
  4. Each day when we get up we should be putting money in it, which was destined to be thrown out for this habit of ours.
  5. Since money can only go in and not come out we will watch this money grow.
  6. The bigger our dream of quitting, so should be the size of this bottle.
  7. At the one year anniversary, open the bottle and invest it wisely by not blowing it off.
  8. As we watch this money grow, so will we be improving our health, wealth and happiness. It all depends on our mindset to kick the habit.
  9. We have two choices: One to continue with the habit or to keep continue doing what we are doing that is within our comfort zone.
  10. This simple change may help us mend our habits by changing our old way of doing thinks to the new way of improving our own life. To do this we need to first plant the seed of change in our mind. Once we have done so we will need to tend to it until it grows and matures. Only then will it bear fruit.




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  1. richardyadon says:

    Bad habits are strong indicators of our personal comfort zones. They are easy to fall into and hard to break. Realizing you need to make a change in a habit is the first and most important step you can take.

    Richard Yadon | http://www.RichardYadon.com

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